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Selling to Schools provides expert insight, timely tips, and insider information about education marketing, school market research, and how to sell products to K12 schools. Savvy education sales and marketing professionals know it --now discover for yourself: STS means success in the education marketplace.

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Rapid expansion in adoptions and use of mobile devices in schools has the potential to impact almost every aspect of education. A new report, "Mobile Technology for K-12 Education," sponsored by Amplify, conducted by education market research experts at IESD, reveals details about the current status of mobile technology in our schools. The question is, what are publishers and developers who serve the school market doing in terms of their product marketing plans and their sales approaches as we move away from the a textbook centric K-12 sales environment to an environment where smartphones, tablets, and other mobile computing devices are the primary delivery envelope? Host Glen McCandless asks K-12 market researcher, Jay Sivin-Kachala, of IESD, to provide his perspective.
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