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Open up your ability to explore the infinite possibilities in your life talking with Delrae from Life Learning Center of Self.

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Now you are beginning to see how very important it is for you to really stop talking words to yourself, but, to begin to actually communicate with yourself so that you truly become in charge of your experiences. That is where you become... more

This plane of existence was created by all of us to have the fun of physical expression. It was not created to have any kind of emotion hold you hostage. Emotion… pain, unhappiness, sadness… all those things were simply... more

All experiences have a degree of weight to them. The amount of heaviness to any and all physical experiences have a direct correlation to how quickly, once you have asked for the change in your life. you start taking the action steps that take... more

You are making things in your life matter that should not. You are letting other's around you with their opinions and desires dictate to you how you should act within their life to make them happy and for some reason you are saying... more

I am spending a lot of time on the concepts talking to one's self vs the true form of communications with one's self. I know you use words that formulate into sentences and you then use these sentences as a form of talking with those... more

Only by communicating with self will you find your joy. If your mentor desires you to walk in their footsteps any choice that you make that counters their desired expression will be shown to you as a false choice for you. Anyone that has only... more

Today's show will explore the relationship between the physical and spiritual. Last week Delrae talked about the importance of sleep, not only for our physical bodies, but also for the soul. Today we'll explore other aspects about the... more

The relationship between your body and your soul just might surprise you. Do you realize that during sleep your body repairs and renews itself while your soul returns to the 5th dimension to reconnect and communicate with it's 'broader'... more

Life Strategist and visionary owner of Life Learning Center of Self, Delrae Jean discusses the difference between mere 'talk' and true communication, explaining that true communication is always with, and about, self. She reminds us...... more

You have spent your life talking, sharing, and not being heard. Now you are learning you will not be heard until you truly start communicating with yourself. So the first place you start is go back, go back as far as you can... more