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Self-Esteem Coach

Self-Esteem Coach


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The Self-Esteem Coach Liv Miyagawa helps adults with low self-esteem to believe in themselves and create the life that they dream of. Liv Miyagawa offers personal coaching, group coaching, self-esteem distance courses, and self-esteem home study materials. She is the author of The Self-Esteem Toolbox. Liv Miyagawa can help you to raise your self-esteem and gain higher confidence.

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Very many people in today's world are stressed and simply very bad at relaxing. Relaxation is a skill that is important to have if you want to raise your self-esteem. Being stressed is unhealthy leads to low self-esteem. To build self-esteem you... more

What is the difference between self-esteem coaching and confidence coaching? What can a self-esteem coach do that confidence coaches cannot? Why is it more important to raise your self-esteem than to raise your confidence? These... more

Your self-esteem is built up from all the thoughts that you have ever been thinking about yourself. Therefore, in order to raise your self-esteem you need to start thinking new positive thoughts about yourself. To put some new fresh thoughts... more

Liv Miyagawa, The Self-Esteem Coach, has just released a self-esteem distance course. This 10 week distance course can help you to raise your self-esteem in a fun and inspiring way. Liv Miyagawa will tell you about how the... more

Do you have relationship problems? If so you probabaly also have low self-esteem problems. If you want good lasting and satisfying relationships you need high self-esteem. In this radio show the self-esteem coach Liv... more

Why should try to raise your self-esteem? How would your life be different if you had higher self-esteem? Why is low self-esteem so dangerous? Listen to Liv Miyagawa, The Self-Esteem Coach, to find out the answers.

Learn about the 3 step of building your self-esteem as well as different self-esteem exercises that you can use during at each step. Liv Miyagawa will tell you all the methods that she uses to keep her own self-esteem high... more
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