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Episode 10: Top Ten SCIS hacks

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Self Care Is Sexy

Self Care Is Sexy


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Top 10 self-care methods
10. Get a new bra - Okay ladies, when's the last time you bought yourself a new bra? And better yet, when's the last time you got fitted for one? Huh?

9. Chief a morea - Pick out your favorite meal and make it for yourself. No guests, just you. You could look up a recipe online and make a whole night of it.

8. Flowers -  Go to the farmers market this weekend, or head out on a hike and pick some, either way get yourself a nice bouquet.

7. Create "I like I love I want list" -  Create a list of the things you like, the things you love and the things you want!

6. WLWB Mancala - Check out episode #4 it’s a fun DIY project that you can do with little to no money at all and it’s going to help you to strengthen that self-care muscle.  

5.Coffee cup with positive messages to your self under the sleeve part or on the cup itself! 

4.Set a daily alarm on your cell phone titled with fun personal self care messages. It started as setting myself a bedtime alarm. I titled it “sleep is for the sexy” and it motivates me to stick to my sleep. 

3. DO not disturb: set your phone on do not disturb during specific times. That way you have some peace from your phone. We live on our phones, it’s freaky.

2. Just Say “No” - If you’ve been feeling like everyone is getting what they want outta you, but you’re not, it’s time to start invoking your constitutional rights to free speech and to say no, say it firmly, don’t let people push it.

  1. Sleep - It is the number one for a reason, if you do nothing else for yourself this week, please get sleep.