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    Change For Life #3

    in Lifestyle

    How do we more easily change in a world that is constantly changing? If we consider that the earth rotates and time passes then no moment is ever the same. By this logic change for us as human beings should be seamless and effortless, yet we constantly struggle with change in our lives. However, we need to be clear that while change may seem difficult it is not the only factor, we also need to evolve. Understanding this distinction can and will make things in our life more effortless. Our insistence of assigning the wrong information to any given issue only solidifies the problem further making it nearly impossible to resolve. This wrong information inevitably leads to pain, discomfort, sickness, disease, relationship troubles, career and money problems all ultimately affecting our health and well being. 
    It is time to resolve these weaknesses and move past these silly little limitations that keep you from being your true self, that keep you from realizing your true potential. Connecting with the true answer or the core issue of a problem is the best way to unblock what is hindering you.
    I have helped thousands of people create change in their lives on the spot. And I can help you too. Check out the show and call in with any issue you might have and we can begin resolving it right on the spot. Lets get rid of your pain and silly excuses that are keeping you stuck. You can have change for life and today is the best day to start.
    God Bless

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    How to Contact Your Subconscious Mind

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever thought about the benefits of being able to contact your subconscious mind?  It is the subconscious mind which transmits information directly to the universal mind, and at that point, your thoughts begin to manifest into tangible creations.    To learn more, tune in to today's powerful discussion.  Imagine being able to create the type of life you have always dreamed about.   No special skills are necessary. You need only to have a sincere desire and determination to improve your current situation.
    Discover spiritual truths and techniques which may assist you in manifesting those long sought after changes in your life. Call us at (323) 375-3296 to participate in our LIVE discussions or share your questions or comments in the chatroom.
    You CAN create the life of your dreams. Visit our website http://www.spiritchange.com and let me know how I may help. Please follow this show and tell a friend about us!
    With much love, Queen Mother.

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    Saving money when shopping online

    in Family

    How to save money by shopping online, and how to do it safely.

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    Affirmation and the Gift of Self

    in Spirituality

    We continue our talk on “emotional affairs” by delving into the topic of “affirmation.” Affirmation is a great defense against emotional affairs. As we build a stronger marriage, we need to affirm ourselves and our partner. What is affirmation? It is not simply acknowledging the goodness in others or paying compliments to the one we love. It is much deeper and goes to the human soul.
    Today’s guest is Christina Hayden. Christina, sometimes called Cricket, is a homeschooling mother of 12 children, currently earning certification from the Theology of the Body Institute. Her life work is integrating the Theology of the Body with the Psychology of Affirmation, and the Philosophy of Ontology, the Philosophy of Being.
    Christina’s insights and knowledge cover a vast spectrum and she holds dear to her heart the relevance of John Paul II’s teachings as well as psychiatrist Dr. Conrad Baars, Dr. Anna Terruwe and Mary Joyce.
    Affirmation is important because without sincere / authentic/mature affirmation, it is not likely that we will be happy and whole. Prosperous relationships depend on learning to live the affirmed life. How is each of us affirmed and how can we affirm others so that they can know their goodness and worth? If we are not affirmed, we are operating within the context of deprivation. Christina will discuss the challenges of deprivation and offer some ideas on what we can do on our journey to becoming whole.

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    Magiccashlady & Magical Mirror Talk on Attracting Abundance

    in Spirituality

    Our call is about attracting abundance in every area of your life. We are Transformational Coaches for uplifting, enhancing and leading you into your own empowerment.
    On our call you will be able to immediately manifest your dreams and desires through our incredible processes of transformation.   Come join us for our phenomenal motivational and life altering call this week.

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    Ankh: The Way Of Life with hostess Seba, Adenike Anu AmenRa

    in Spirituality

    Ankh: The Way Of Life

    Ankh: The Way Of Life Broadcast engages the Kemetic system for revering, celebrating and perpetuating life. This program we explores domains
    and life-cycles of Creation from the Kemetic, African, and global points of view.
    For Healthy living- Celebrations and Ceremonies- Gardening, Growing food for our community- Culinary ideas and philosophies, Recipes, food preparation and preservation- Community building- Spirituality of Plants, Animals and the earth- Self Determination, Kemetic Knowledge of the Diasporas. Wholistic Self-Healing from the Maafa- People, Events, Information from the KemetWay Philosophy

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    A Talk W/The Person In The Mirror™

    in Lifestyle

    On this show:  The founder of  E-Harmony says, "on second thought, don't get married." 10 Dangerous things people do in relationship!  Relationship talk, stupid laughs, plus great music! Find out what's next on A Talk W/The Person In The Mirror™ is a music and talk show about life, love, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and whatever you want to talk about.

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    KemetWay ParAnkh with the Ta-Nefer Ankh Community

    in Spirituality

    KemetWay ParAnkh

    Welcome to KemetWay ParAnkh home of the Ta-Nefer Ankh Community, in celebration and practice of the contemporary Kemetic Way Of Life.

    Join us in celebrating Creation, the Way of Life, Pan-African Community, and Global African Spirituality. Our goal and objective is to create Optimal Life, Abundance and Prosperity, and a Life-Centered World for everyone and everything.

    Glossary: Ta-Nefer Ankh = Word Of Beautiful Living; KemetWay = the contemporary Kemetic Way Of Life; ParAnkh = House of Life.

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    What's Up? The MyGigNet Conversation and Where You Fit In

    in Music

    MyGigNet is a community-driven music initiative, for now, a storyboard for the many directions of musical conversation. It is becoming a seamless representation of the physical musical world, where applications reflect real areas of interest, endeavor, and enterprise -- venues, studios, agencies/management -- they interface and connect via the integrity of the relationships that point to them.
    The music industry is rife with bad example/influence on our productive lives. Industry emphasis is product-driven; MyGigNet is process oriented. Why? Because this speaks to the heart of relational integrity and how the dots get connected to create a real music infrastructure, one that's pertinent and personally or professionally useful.
    You can't be a teacher without curriculum or student. You can't be a band member without other players. You can't be a performer without an audience. You can't get ahead by being independent. You need others to complete the point of it all.
    What makes a gig? Two things: a place for expression and for connection. MyGigNet seeks to create the gig -- student, teacher, sound man, engineer, organization, program, therapist, aficianado, club owner, manager -- that benefits both individual and community, immediate and residual, out of our own process-driven efforts.
    Let everyone else fight over shrinking, product-oriented territory, presuming we are or want to be professionals and, if not, that we need lessons. Our success will come from building our own site, according to our own needs. Since we build it, we own it, not Rupert Murdoch or Mark Zuckerberg.
    What do you know or do. How can you help? What do you need? Bring it here and let's talk.

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    The Weekly Show Where You the Listener Determine The Topic

    in Culture

    Co-Hosted by: Ray Crockrel, an independent movie producer/director and author of "What's Up With The Brothers?"
    Check Back Frequently For Unexpected Schedule Changes Which Are Not Uncommon In The Everday Life of American Black Male Through No-Fault Of His Own!
    Real Black Culture at its finest every Sunday at 12:00PM PDT on LIVE BLOGTALK RADIO! Call-IN:  1-661-449-9333
    We strongly encourage and invite you to utilize this service in an all-out attempt to address the issue prevalent amongst not only black men but all men in general. The sharing of cultures is an essential form of communications that we as humans must keep abreast thereof.
    We are truly a global community in the "Age of Information." Based on the "Inclusion Theory" and "The Cultural-Competency Model" by Min. W.D. Patterson a clergyman and social scientist of human geography. Why not make the absolute best of it and receive qualitative and quantitative information? We pride ourselves in offering a service for people to make informed decisions about the most common issues in life's events.

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    God's Will is Our Good

    in Christianity

    Please note that there is a glitch for the first few minutes and I will attempt to correct the error. 
    Sometimes we worry about the force of evil.  Can it be victorious?  It sure seems like it can.  But the Bible declares that there is only one God,  Isaiah 44:6-8; and that this God is all powerful over any other force that may pretend to be God. 
    Nonetheless, we worry because we experience the challenges of everyday life.  We feel that we are suffering reversals under the power of something or someone who has power to determine our destiny.  But the Bible tells us that "...the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us."  Romans 8:18-27
    What to do about our fears and worries?  Matthew 13:24 43 tells us the solution given by Jesus.
    The psalm is our constant song: Psalm 116

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    Mike and Marc Show #11 July 17, 2011

    in Comedy

    Thinking Out Loud July 17th! Join Mike and Marc for a thorough flipping of established wisdom. Cutting through rhetoric and illusions they get to what you think! No illusion is safe with these guys on the loose. Experience straight talk - out loud - and a common sense perspective on life and current events. With special guests - The Mayor, Howie Horowitz and Cletus K Podunk.

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