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    Golf is the most generous of all Sports;Generosity is our true nature.

    in Golf

    Host Margarit Brigham welcomes Guest, Bill Sferro (Suh Fair O) Former college football coach and business executive with a passion for all things golf!

    In this episode we will discuss the topic of generosity and the sport of golf. Is Golf the most generous of all Sports?
    * From touring pros who give to charity.
    * Charities that use the game to fund raise using tournaments.
    * A look at the similarity of generosity found in golf and in life.
    * Has the game of golf been leading players back to their true natures without people realizing it?
    * Generosity is the flip side of Greed.
    * The influence of playing in natural, beautiful surroundings for an extended time.

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    How to talk to your children and respond to them about life stressors?

    in Women

    Many parents are experiencing more life stressors now than in the past when the economy was better. I am going to address how to respond to and explain things to kids related to job loss, foreclosures, moving, etc.

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    D'Anne Burley Show - Wake Up America

    in Radio

    D'Anne Burley and her co-host John Alashaukas will talk about stories that impact on your life, with movie reviews sports entertainment live interviews and more.

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    Simply Grizz

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to Inspire Me Radio (2-24-10 @ 6 PM EST) as our special guest will be Grizz Chapman of NBC's 30 Rock. He will be here to talk about his thriving career in Hollywood as one half of Tracy Morgan's bodyguard squad and share with us his battle with kidney disease and hypertension and how we should make our health a number one priority.

    A little over two years ago, Grizz ‘s life changed. His health mandated him to have to go to dialysis 3-4 days a week and adjust to living with kidney disease brought on by hypertension. October 2009 Grizz took advantage of his celebrity status to help raise awareness and monies for the National Kidney Foundation in NYC. At this walk (accompanied by Dot Com) they met the famous Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz and Grizz agreed to work together to help Grizz qualify for a kidney transplant since he had not met the weight requirement.

    December 14, 2009 Grizz revealed his situation to the world on the Dr. Oz show. He is “the new face of hypertension” as he shares his story with others. Dr. Oz’s show brought national and international attention to “Grizz” and his need for kidney in addition to the plight of many African Americans.

    Grizz‘s mission is to help others not experience his health challenge , early detection is the key. Join him on facebook Grizz Chapman aka Grizz on 30 Rock and or twitter him @grizzanddotcom

    Call in with questions or comments: 347-326-9747 or send an email to info@inspiremeradio.com.

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    with Guest Co-Host Laurel Bleadon-Maffei

    in Spirituality

    Today Megan is joined by guest co-host, Laurel Bleadon-Maffei of Illuminating Souls. They will be discussing living an intuitive life and creating sacred, heart-centered community. Listeners are welcome to call in to add to the discussion and/or receive intuitive coaching from Megan and Laurel.

    About Megan Gala, M.A.
    Megan is the Founder of The Love More Project. She is both an Angel Therapy Practitioner and an Angel Certified Practitioner, certified by Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue, respectively. Megan is a Reiki practitioner in the traditional Usui lineage and has studied channeling, manifesting and energy work extensively with Laurel & Wes Bleadon-Maffei of Illuminating Souls. In addition she has studied yoga for over 15 years and currently teaches traditional yoga and prenatal yoga. Megan has her B.A. in Film Studies and Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a M.A. in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University where she graduated magna cum laude. For further information or to work with Megan, please visit her website: www.TheLoveMoreProject.com. or contact her via email.

    About Laurel Bleadon-Maffei
    Laurel Bleadon-Maffei is a Channel for the Angelic Realms & Spiritual Teacher. Joyful, loving and magnetic, she is a teacher's teacher who is here to inspire Lightworkers to step forward into their life mission. She believes many are here to uplevel the vibration of loving on the planet, creating the next shift in the evolution of human consciousness. She teaches a variety of classes and workshops designed to help Lightworkers awaken to their gifts. She has a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and has also studied with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Laurel's web site is Illuminating Souls.

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    Wednesday Spoken Word & Poets Open Mic and Music...

    in Poetry

    Wednesday Spoken Word & Poets Open Mic come share your gift with words and have your moment to shine...The call-in#: (347) 215-6487, ESpiritE-Radio7 email: espirite-radio7@espirite-radio7.net feel free to email your track to go into rotation also if you'd like. If you would like a full interview contact Nesheba via email. Clean positive spoken word, thank you...

    So, come share your words of inspiration, encouragement, consciousness, positive, enlightenment, healing...Spoken Word artists bring us a wonderful gift that encapsulates life experiences, issues, community, family, community and so much more

    Please keep in mind that contingent upon how many spoken word & poets call in, each artists should be able to do a least 1 to 2 pieces. I greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation. Peace & Love Family...

    Oh, check out my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nesheba and thank you for your continued support by listening in and purchasing my book "What's It All About Nesheba?". Feel free to visit "Nesheba's Amazon Authors -Page" link located on My BlogTalk Show page in the "Links" section...

    So, sit back cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine...Enjoy some good conversation, spoken word, and music...

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    in Hip Hop Music

    Today we are just talking about everything that people deal with end everday life. On top of our regular week stuff. oh yeah we will play some music to

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    don royce roy.s w.u.t.z. (ready to take back our freedom)

    in Radio

    part 2*** we just open the pandoras box into the new world order , hear it for the core of the news frist with don royce roys w.u.t.z. get ready to take aim and fire a pond the truth . dont miss this dayview on the state of our u.s.a it,s time for us all to take notice on whats the real in def. action to make a reaction on to all our elite freedom . the liberty bell is ringing . but some of us dont hear it from the tears of life we will plant the seed of freedom onces and for all , its . in us we turst and my god help u.s. & gide one right ! faith that this will trun out in our happyness and way of every day life !amen**plus a deep look at what is fema and why will it afect u.s. all ??? lets look behind the eight ball were other did not look !!

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    Pamela's POWER ZONE with your host Pamela Jules

    in Finance

    Pamela Jules grew up in Fresno, CA and later moved to Memphis, TN where she obtained a degree in Psychology from Memphis State University. Pamela migrated to the Atlanta area and began working as a Life Specialist in 1999 and two years later became a State Farm Agent. Pamela has been providing solutions for families who have life, health, home, auto, commercial, flood, financial planning and bank needs since 2001. Inside Pamela's "Power Zone" you will receive Solutions for your Insurance and Financial needs. Join Pamela every Wednesday from 12:30 p.m. to 12:45 p.m.

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    The Booty Doctors

    in Romance

    This show is Adults Only. If you can see upcoming show details, log into your account and go to "Edit my account" then change the safe search feature to "disabled". Calling all men who want to know more about women, sex and relationships: the Booty Doctors are in! Are you sick of the booty call, but jaded by past relationships? We can help you understand women better so you don't get stuck with another bad relationship. We're also here to give you the inside scoop on what women really want (that you'll just LOVE to give them!)

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    in Entertainment

    This is coast to coast music show with hip-hop and R&B music.

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    HIV Ed and questions you should ask

    in Health

    In light of the recent World AIDS day I was asked to do a show about a growing problem, particularly with our youth. I ask that you get your teenagers, friends, and family to all listen to this show. This will be an opportunity to learn facts, ask questions and prevention and testing options.
    Jennifer Keller, the Program Coordinator for Women In Motion. She's an authorized HIV Education and Prevention Instructor certified through the American Red Cross. WIM has been in existence for 6 years and has educated and tested thousands of people. But more importantly is they help people make healthy lifestyle decisions.
    Women in Motion, Inc. is a non- for-profit, Indiana-based organization that provides education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In addition, it provides education on other topics that lead to unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, domestic violence, obesity and other sexually transmitted diseases. The program targets primarily women of color; however, believes that people of all races, including men, can benefit from its services. It is the only organization of it's kind that focuses on African American women. Women in Motion promotes making healthy lifestyle decisions!

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