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  • Creating Sanctuary among Chaos: Less Stress for the Holidays!!

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    Some of us love the festive time, some of us can't wait for it to be over!  Whichever way you feel, join Master Educator Cindy Garreton and Advanced Practitioner Terry Bowen as they take you through ways to cope with the season ahead and how to create sanctuary amidst the chaos.
    They would love to hear from you too!  Please get in touch by calling in or emailing terryspiritual@gmail.com with your questions in advance!

  • the great gathering of the children of Yisrael

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    the fulfillment of 2 cthronicles 7:14

  • Get Juiced About You Work And Turn Your Life Around - Alison Hamlin-Hughes

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    In this episode of the Financial Healer Show,I talk to Alison Hamlin-Hughes about how she turned around her life and what an inspiration she is to others, and how you can do the same.
    Alison is a 'stay at home mum' with 4 teenagers, always strived to make money by making jewellery & other crafts & not being very successful at that, although very talented in her field. Having entrepreneurial tendencies its always been hard to resist taking on new opportunities, but 'failed' at many, leaving the family in lots of debt & almost losing the family home at one point. Then she learned and applied The Law of Attraction and turned everything around by changing her mindset & approach to opportunities, she is now a successful international business woman and takes great pleasure in helping other people turn their lives around by changing what they eat & what they think. 
    Mark Bristow is a Financial Coach/Mentor and author based in South Manchester in the UK. specializing in helping people overcome the mental blocks that prevent them becoming wealthy. During the course of his career in financial services Mark held a number of positions in FTSE 100 companies including Pensions Manager at the UK’s largest Individual Financial Adviser. Mark is an EFT Trainer, a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a NLP Master Practitioner. Mark also works with sufferers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. He has co-written “Running Away from ME’ with a former client, Alison Christensen, which documents Alison’s path to recovery.


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    Another Man’s War
    The Sam Childers Story
    Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania. His parents were decent, honest people but at an early age Sam started to show a knack for getting into trouble. His father, a former marine, grew fond of saying “Boy, somebody’s gonna kill you one of these days!”
    A Troubled Teen
    By his early teens Sam was constantly in fist fights, selling hard drugs and sleeping with married women. He continued to slide deeper into a life of violence and crime until he became a Shotgunner – an armed guard for drug dealers. It was during this stage of his life that he met Lynn, a stripper, who would later become his wife.
    Unlearning a Life of Crime
    Sam, haunted by his father’s words, became increasingly concerned that he was going to be killed because of drugs and slowly began to distance himself from his former life. He found a job in construction and prospered despite his continuing drug and alcohol habit. Lynn, meanwhile, returned to the Church she had forsaken as a young adult.
    A Changed Man
    Sam also sought to re-establish his relationship with God and began to live a clean life. Slowly, things began to change for the better. Lynn gave birth to a healthy baby girl and Sam started his own construction business. Little did they know that their greatest challenge was just around the corner.

  • Dating: Do’s, Don’ts & Taboos Part 2

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    Do you enjoy dating or do you get anxiety? Are you confused about dating etiquette? Have you tried blind dates, speed dates or online dating? Were they good experiences? Did you find love? Would you do it again? Ever been stood up or was your date more engaged with their cell phone than with you? Was your date extremely late or downright rude? Well, regardless of your answer, you are not alone. 
    This is our personal invitation for you to join the conversation on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Feel free to email us questions in advance at tandkradioshow@gmail.com

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    "Loving My Inner Mean Girl" - My Life Story Audio - Part 10

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    ** CONTINUATION FROM LAST WEEK'S / PREVIOUS SHOW ** Be sure to look for "Part #" in the Title to download / listen in order and avoid confusion**
    After receiving too many emails to count from those who want to know about my life but do not like (or have time) to read, I have decided to read my life story to you myself. The book is called Loving My Inner Mean Girl and it won the "Best Memoir Award of 2013".
    You can DOWNLOAD each episode and burn to CD to listen in your car or use MP3 for your ipod, through iTunes, Spreaker app, etc. Just be sure to mark them in the right order to avoid confusion :)  There are pictures and personal visuals in the paperback book so you may wish to grab a copy just for reference.
    Be sure to check out my other 19 books too!
    Connect with me on social media or on my WEBSITE as well and get over 40 freebies without registration!


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    Guest: JONATHAN and ANDI GOLDMAN Jonathan Goldman, M.A., is an internationally renowned writer, musician, and teacher. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Jonathan is the author of several books including his recent release, The Divine Name (Hay House), which won the 2011 Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Health Book” of the Year. Jonathan has also released The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing (Hay House); Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions); and Shifting Frequencies (Light Technology). As Grammy nominee, Jonathan’s award winning recordings include: “Chakra Chants”, “The Divine Name,” and "Reiki Chants". He is the Founder and Director of the Sound Healers Association, and CEO of Spirit Music. In the spring of 2011, Jonathan Goldman was named as one of Watkins’s Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet.” Andi Goldman, M.A., L.P.C., is a licensed psychotherapist, specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy. She is the Director of the Healing Sounds® Seminars and Co- Director of the Sound Healers Association. She is a musician, teacher, sound healer, award-winning author, and the wife and partner of Jonathan Goldman. TOPICS: “MERKABA OF SOUND - HEALING FREQUENCIES 2 - FORBIDDEN FREQUENCIES: THE LOST CHORD" • We will discuss the Merkaba of Sound: New recordings utilizing the latest spiritual and scientific research investigating the sonic inter-dimensional field accelerator as a consciousness enhancement tool. • Exploring the extraordinary Tibetan chanting of Grammy® nominee Lama Tashi, along with Jonathan Goldman’s amazing toning of The Divine Name. Speaking with Jonathan and Andi on their innovative recording methods based on the Phi ratio—a special numeric relationship which many believe is the manifestation of divine principles and much MORE!

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    How To Become Money - Georgia

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    In this episode of How To Become Money Curry facilitates Georgia and shines more light on: 
    - how to invest the money from the space of awareness and trusting what you know;
    - how to become your own financial guru;
    - stepping up and knowing what works for you;
    - what does it take to have it all.
    What contribution can this show be for you? How much are you willing to receive?   
    For more information about Curry and her upcoming events, please visit: www.curryglassell.com

  • "The Literary Corner" Presents "The Recovery Corner" Host Authoress Tonya Wilson

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    Authoress Tonya Wilson of “The Time Is Now” sheds light Issues Of Addictions, Recovery & Deliverance. Sunday  7:00 PM EST. If You Need Inspiration, Answers, or Support, The Time Is Now! Her Guest Panelist This week is, Auhor "RANDY RAN" WILKERSON His book "Coffee with God. 
    The Recovery Corner is proudly brought to you by "The Literary Corner" we also provide a diverse platform to bring awareness to socioeconomic issues within our community, Christian Values, promotion of Small Businesses & Support of  Non-Profit organizations. Our Partnering NOP, The Theodore House provides invaluable services for people who suffer with addctions, mental health, homelessness & HIV. For information please contact: Ms. Tamikia Randall  www.theodorehouse.org

  • Consciousness Unlimited

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    Consciousness Unlimited Radio
    Exploring humanity’s journey through consciousness, with best selling authors and respected leaders that have profoundly impacted the evolution of humanity and our world. Topics include the fields of commerce, science, spirituality, theology, personal empowerment and realization. CURN reaches a global network of 100 million seven days a week.
    Tune in every Sunday at 6pm AZ and watch surprise featured guests and exciting new Host programs!

  • "Community Matters" This Week - 351

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    Join our founder and host, Bill Murray, co-hosts MJ Goyings, Carol D. Levine and other adult survivors of child abuse, as they discuss the News and Crime stories of the week from each of our two national grassroots efforts, LA Community Policing and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Frequent visits from special guests and topic driven episodes featuring important related issues are all a part of "Community Matters" .. where call-in participation is always welcome! (Please see: www.LACP.org and www.NAASCA.org)

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