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  • BeSimply...Joy {LoveSelf}

    in Self Help

    Spring has Sprung... NEW Segments!
    During this segment:
    Explore and Align with 'Self', How to reconnect to Self?
    'She' will share how to cultivate JOY. 
    Parables shared...Walk through a guided release experience/meditation. This will assist you in BEing...YOU!
    Opening your heart center...the gateway to the universe.
    Music: TBD
    Connect with Suzanne Toro

  • The Science of YES! Pam Heath , The Yes Coach

    in Self Help

    Welcome to The Science of YES!  I’m your hostess, Pam Heath, The YES Coach™.  Each week we will speak about the energy of YES and how you can use it to create an extraordinary, prosperous life by design.  I'm a Life Coach and Business Coach who specializes in breaking down the emotional barriers that block you from what you are committed to achieving in life. My background is in personal development, communications, team management and years of empowering individuals to achieve their best results.  I spent a lifetime as a Legal Administrator and Operations Manager and I also spent many years focusing on leading impactful transformational programs and I will work with you to enhance your ability to create an extraordinary life that you absolutely LOVE!  I call myself a YES Coach and the process I designed is the Science of YES.
    Join me each week and I’ll guide you in having it all.  You don’t have to let your fears keep you frozen in place.  Take on life and everything it has to offer.  Say YES to Life! 
    Please, visit my website at www.yescoach4u.com and sign up for a free download of my ebook – Say YES!  7 Steps to the Life of your Dreams!
    Come on my program and get answers to your questions regarding starting a business or creating your business plan or anything around get your business going.  I can support you.  I focus on spiritual and health practitioners as well as creative artists.  I can help you run your career as BUSINESS and not as a hobby.  Even if you are currently working full time and do your business on the side, I can support you in getting your business up and running. Call in at (323) 642-1207

  • Wisdom and Wealth

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  • One Child Abuse Survivor 2 another: Restoration

    in Self Help

    This morning we will look at Morning Reflection, Positive Reinforcement, Self-Care, Coping Mechanisms, and Meditation for the Day. Join me for a walk to healing, to wholeness, to learning how to care for ourselves. I am a survivor of child abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect and did not learn how to care for myself, how to cope, or how to change the learned toxic behaviours I was taught while growing up abused from birth. I had to begin learning all of these very important pieces to living a healthy lifestyle after I began my healing journey. I have been on my healing journey since May 22, 2007 and there are many times that I forget to do the things I need to do to self-care, nurture, and cope on a daily basis. Join me for a quick chat in the morning as I share with you what I'm using and working on for my own healing journey. What works for me, may not work for you, but I will share resources and information that you can take a look at and see if any of the information might be useful for you. Whatever you do, do NOT GIVE UP! Keep reaching out, keep looking for that help, that hope and stay alive! Win this fight with me! Walk with me toward complete and total restoration. This show is brought you by CDAT Radio produced by Tony Angelo.

  • Start Small Live Big: Thrive Through Change to Live the Life of Your Dreams

    in Self Help

    Start Small Live Big: Thrive Through Change to Live the Life of Your Dreams with Betsy Pake
    We all have our own -big life- within us, but sometimes, everyday life takes over. Even if we've made changes in the past, we tend to slip back into what we know. How do you make changes in your relationships, your career, your health, or even your finances when life is already moving so fast? Start Small Live Big gives you the framework for identifying which changes will have the biggest impact, how to make those changes happen, and the key to staying on track long term. Small, everyday actions create either the life you want or the life you don't want. You're already taking action. Now is time to make sure you are taking the right action. Follow along with Start Small Live Big and create the new framework for your big life.
    Betsy is an entrepreneur, award-winning business achiever, competitive weight lifter and success coach who hosts the popular podcast The Art of Living Big. Betsy's mission is to help inspire others to thrive through change and live their Big Life. Her latest book, Start Small Live Big, speaks to that ideal. She speaks to companies and non-profits on how to impact their organizations with individual leadership and team building by focusing on Starting Small.
    For more information visit: http://betsypake.com/

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1630

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Amber DeAnn from San Jose, California, a child abuse and PTSD survivor who's now a relationship coach, hypnotherapist, author and filmmaker. "Mine is a slightly different story," she says, "since I approach everything from a more cosmic angle." Her main molester was her mom, a housewife of a farmer in the Midwest (Nebraska). "She felt trapped and when she could not hold it in any longer her anger erupted onto me in the form of beatings." But she was also sodomized by a drunken father as an infant. "I don’t even remember the first 8 years of my life, except for emotionless sensations which look like images from a movie, not a real life memory," she shares. "It is common for abuse victims to leave their body during the abuse," Amber points out, "which is probably what happened here (a psychic looked at it and said 'it wasn’t just abuse, it was torture')." She goes on, "The emotional and mental shut down and entrapment in low self esteem, cut off from your power, your personality, your interests, your feelings, and your essence as a human that is the deepest wound to heal." Amber talks about the biological and energetic side of healing from trauma and child abuse. "This path includes body shaking to release the excess of flight or fight energy from the body, emotional clearing (thru hypnotherapy and other writing exercises), yoga to strengthen the body which resets the nervous system, and meditation to reconnect with the Spirit." Amber says, "I am now a coach helping adults release from their emotional connection to their parents, so they can take back their power, and their identity."

  • Understanding Hypnosis: Discover Your Magnificent Mind

    in Self Help

    Hypnosis is no longer a technique of swinging pendalims and ticking clocks.  It's a legimate technicque that has been used to improve self confidence, reduce stree and help people to reach their goals.  It's more like meditation than mind control and can be done almost anywhere. Dr. David James, explains the different states of conciousness and shares the purpose behind his new book "Discover Your Magnificent Mind.  

  • Intuition By Nadia

    in Self Help

    Nadia will offer tools and guidance to on how to manifest what you desire in your life. Nadia's intention is to bring you in alignment with your own higher self or guidance system and help you get the life you want!
    You may call in to speak to Nadia directly the first Saturday of every month at 9am PST or email any questions you may have to intuitionbynadia@gmail.com. Nadia will do her best to answer these questions during air time. You may always listen to the show afterwards on iTunes or BlogTalk Radio site.
    Nadia also offers private sessions, for more information visit www.intuitionbynadia.com

  • State Constitution Basics For Everyday People Series Part 5

    in Self Help

    Today we continue to talk about why is it better to have a good offense. The answer is you are in a position to protect yourself and challenge those who may be on the attack.  Many Insurance Policyholders find themselves in a position of ignorance about what their rights are when dealing with a collision. 
    By starting with the basics of State Constitution fundamentals make a difference in separating truth from fiction. And, in today’s world this is truly power and protection.
    Join me ESTRA in a New Series to help everyday people learn more about what Constitutions says and how it applies to you.  I will be using Washington State Constitution, however most State Constitution are similar in nature.  During this New Series, exploration of addition State Constitutions will be explored.
    Let’s stop being victims and advocate for our rights as informed Insured Drivers.  Call Talking About You with ESTRA Radio Podcast tonight at (718) 766-4385
    Sections of Constitution Covered:  
    Section 16 - Eminent Domain
    Section 17 - Imprisonment for Debt
    Section 18 - Military Power
    Section 19 - Freedom of Elections
    Section 20 - Bail when Authorized

  • #SSSSPrayerCircle:

    in Self Help

    The ReBirth Tribe gathers here EVERY Sunday at 8amEST to receive from the power of sacred women who are PRAYING, affirmatively, sharing and being transformed by the renewing of our mind! 
    This is an open call to women from ALL Walks of Life. While there is NO COST TO YOU, our only request is that you SHOW UP in the space. Connect here to be updated on any changes: https://ssssprayercircle.eventbrite.com  
    8am Too Early? THINK ABOUT THIS FOR Sec:  If you are inconvenienced by early morning, think about "the conveniences of life" that you are praying to manifest. SELAH!!

  • Steve Kane talks Yoga, Laura in Vallarta and Brett Marshall on Crooner Era

    in Self Help

    Yoga teacher, Steve Kane, will join us, once again from Westchester, New York.  This time, Steve will talk about the psychology and physiology of yoga!
    Laura Gelezunas will report in from the retirement paradise, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and will keep us posted on what's happening down south!
    And if you like the music from the crooners era Brett Marshall will be talking to us about his music and what plans are coming up down on South Padre Island.
    And MORE!

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