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  • Veronda Bellamy Inspired - Woman Up Wednesday - Hosted By Rev. Laura Davis-Perry

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    Season 2 has officially begun. I am sooo geeked about the setup of this new season. You will be able to listen to me and others every morning, Monday - Friday @ 6:30 EST. Call into the Line 914.338.0464 and hear our BREAKTHROUGH MINS OF PRAYER. The focus of this morning prayer is break chains off of your life. We encourage you to join us every morning, bright and early! There will be prayers for your entire family. Come GET YOUR BREAKTHROUGH and then rejoin me every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST for the traditional "Veronda Bellamy Inspired - Content of Relevancy" show.

  • Reenies heart to Heart

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    Ttodays issues discussed with heart and compassion

  • SUPERNATURAL WEDNESDAY with CAROLE! Free Readings With A Seasoned Channeler

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    "PLEASE JOIN US for SUPERNATURAL WEDNESDAY at 10 AM EST WITH CAROLE!   Experience CAROLE KOHN, World Reknown Psychic and Author of (E) and Metaphysical New Orleans Vaudeville Thriller The Performer, cowritten by her husband Walt.  Books are available at online bookstores... and perhaps at YOUR local INDIE Book Shop! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Carole+Kohn Just ASK!  Call in for a FREE Psychic Reading!  For private readings with Carole Call (877)728-4321.  This and more on 'Dear Prudence' Radio."
     Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis, and former English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, and self-medication will lend listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice, humbled by ill-experience and… cradled by eclectic music selections.
    Check Out the NEW video trailer:   
    Dear Prudence Column:   
    The Host:  http://amandagrieme.hubpages.com/hub/GREAT-READS-BY-NEW-AUTHORS-CHECK-THEM-OUT-HERE

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    Are You A Perfectionist? Time To Lighten Up!

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    Perfectionism has its perks: It can inspire high standards and a healthy desire for success. But it can also be a debilitating trait that prevents people from taking risks, leads to procrastination, and keeps us living small safe lives for fear of making mistakes.  If you find that you are hard on yourself, always thinking you "should" be doing better then this show is a must for you!  Join Dr Mary Ayers for some tapping on this topic and come away with some new ideas that will help you 'lighten up'.
    Mary Ayers, PhD, LMFT brings with her over 26 years as a accomplished Licensed Therapist, Success Coach, author and top EFT/Tapping. expert.Her professional achievements include being a coach for 5 years with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She’s a featured presenter on The Tappers Insiders Club, and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences. She is the co-producer & co-host of the Unstoppable You in Business Intensive. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’, ‘fail-proof’ practical strategies you can use immediately to get results. For more information go to www.TapIntoAction.com and you can email at Mary@tapintoaction.com Take advantage of Mary's offer of a FREE 15-minute Assessment!  To set one up email Mary@tapintoaction.com  

  • Are You A Worry Wart?

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    Is worry devouring your life?  Is it crippling you?  Keeping you from doing the things you'd really like to do?  Has anyone ever called you a "worry wart?"  
    Do you find yourself trying to anticipate what's going to happen, rarely taking risks, and always waiting for something to go wrong? When something upsets you, are you unable to let it go? 
    Whether you are a big time worrier or a part time worrier, worry is limiting your life.  It's keeping you from being all you can be.  Worry feeds any insecurities you may have.  
    Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough as she discusses whether or not worry is an instinct and whether or not you can do anything about it. 

  • It's Show Time!

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    Fun,fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, 
    balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance, balance,
    challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge, challenge,
    inspiration, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration,
    excellence, excellence, excellence, excellence, excellence, excellence and so much more.  
    God is always doing new things everyday, all the time in the lives of his people!  Encouraging you the more to seek God's Ways and His timing for all and everything you do and make sure it is to the "Glory" and "Honour" of the Lord Jesus who is our Saviour, Majesty, and Lord over and of ALL!
    He's so "worthy", to be praised and honoured at all and any given time whether it be morning, noon, or night; how precious is the flow that makes us white as snow, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

  • Whose life is it anyway?

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    Are you living in the shadow of someone else?  Is your life dictated by a list of supoosed tos and have tos?  Who says we have to do something just because "they" think we do?  Well, we don’t.  Join Claudette Chenevert, Danica Trebel and Kim Ravida as they discuss living life your way.
    Claudette Chenevert also known as "The Stepmom’s Coach" provides advice, support and guidance to women who find themselves becoming instant moms to their spouse’s kids and are trying to navigate their roles as stepmom, wife and career woman. For more on how to transition from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time, go to www.stepmomcoach.com  
    Danica Trebel, founder of Danica Trebel Family Dynamics & Life Coaching.  It was through her own personal experiences with eating disorders and the separation from her family and children that led her to this place of healing and restoration and passion to help others.  She is an expert in helping people their lives to the fullest through faith and simply learning how to communicate, be vulnerable and be real.  
    Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim works with professional women and women in business to take powerful money actions and make solid, productive business and work decisions that positively impacts them personally and professionally.

  • Gems of Wisdom-From Mommy to Mogul

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    Welcome to Gems of Wisdom Radio  with Teresa Maron!
    Helping You, So You Can Help Others!
    Teresa Maron, a Houston based writer, producer and teacher is your host. Teresa’s featured guests are experts on topics she is passionate about, healing ourselves, supporting our community and healing our planet through Creative and Abundant Living. Tune IN!
    Join Teresa today as she welcomes Martha Sanchez, who wants to see you THRIVE!
    The Gem Of The Day Is Ruby!
    Martha A. Sanchez is a business coach, speaker, radio personality, and best selling author featured in Conversations That Make a Difference: Stories Supporting a Bigger Vision.  As the CEO of MAS Universal, LLC, she focuses on providing business owners with resources to THRIVE in today’s marketplace.  Martha is also the host and creator of the Mommy to Mogul Radio ShowTM which airs every Tuesday at 7pm EST on the All Business Radio Network.  She has been featured in shows on NBC, Univision and the Amazing Women of Power Radio Station. Learn more at MarthaASanchez.com.
    Gems of Wisdom is committed to Informative and Relevant Content with a Self Help and Motivational theme, Teresa brings together Change-Makers, Innovators, and Creators, heart centered in service and committed to your personal growth! Sign Up for the Gem of the Day for Guest Updates, Specials, and Free Gifts. 
    Contact Teresa

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    Discover Your Purpose and Stop Fear in 5 Easy Steps

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    You sense there's something more to life... yet, how do you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be?  I've been there and I will share with you how to discover your purpose, overcome your fears and create a fulfilling work life. 
    In 5 easy steps that take less than 60 seconds you can conquer your fears, learn how by tuning into this incredible show packed full of tips and strategies.

  • John Carver Show

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    A STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE NEEDS A SOLID FOUNDATION! Whether you are just beginning to lay your foundation in life or you've already built your life but need to shore up some weak spots these broadcasts are designed with YOU in mind! Don't give up on yourself! So many people have gone through struggles and wish they had someone to stand alongside them and give them that little nudge they need to keep going. I want to be that ONE for YOU!
    Have you ever needed a little encouragement? I am leveraging more than twenty five years to LIFT YOU UP to a position of HOPE and COURAGE!! You have more potential inside you than you realize! You were born for GREATNESS!
    Let me help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE into one of EXPECTATION and PURPOSE!
    John W. Carver, LUTCF P.O. Box 39 Manchester MD 21102 443-900-5070 - Office 410-905-8336 - Direct Line johncarver@wildblue.net - Email www.johnwcarver.com www.abc2news.com/dpp/news/region/carroll_county/julianas-journey - On the News!
    "I'm not a giver upper!" Juliana Carver (October 4, 2013)

  • Neutralizing the Negative

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    It is commonly believed that focusing your attention more intently on positive or inspiring thoughts will reduce or eliminate the negative in your life. Or that somehow the negative will atrophy away. This is simply not the case. A positive thought is only attracted to (and attracts in) other positive thoughts, having no effect whatsoever on the negative. So how do we make this manifestation stuff work for us? The answer is quite simple: in order to manifest what you want in your life you must first Neutralize the negative!
    Tune into this fascinating show and start taking charge of your life as Janet Richmond leads listeners through individual healings to help Neutralize the negative in their lives. This is an amazing opportunity to call in and receive personal one-on-one help to begin unclogging the areas of your life that continually resist change. Even listening to someone else's healing will take you through the same transformative experience as the person it's directed toward.

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    Become Famous in Your Niche with Bill Ringle

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    Bill Ringle is a former Apple executive who now devotes his energy to business leaders and entrepreneurs. As founder of "Become Famous In Your Niche so Business Comes to You", he has designed a program that takes you step-by-step through an elegant sequence to arrive at your niche.
    Do you want to lead teams of high performers in business, or become a high performer yourself?  Tune in and let Bill tell you how!

  • Meaning In Madness

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    Using energy and experience to bring cultures together so we can explore meaning in madness and madness in meaning.  If you're confused, you've come to the right place!

  • OPEN LINES on NFTS RADIO! Intuitive Coaching, Healing & More (646) 595 4274

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    SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.SpoonbendingKit.com
    Call in (646) 595 4274
    TUNE IN:   www.NewsfortheSoul.com
    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ...

  • How To Reverse the Effects of Anger and Depression

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    Craig Meriwether  has been described as a “wake-up” call, giving people the tools and information they need to energize and revitalize their lives, enabling them to end depression and create a life of happiness. He joins the show today to discuss how one needs to rehearse the thoughts and emotions of happiness and joy in order to make them a habit, just like learning to walk or ride a bike. If you've been practicing anger and depression everyday for months then your neuron pathways will be strongest for these emotions; what you train for everyday is what you become better at, so let's reverse the training and practice happiness and love. 
    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit ChangeYouChoose.com.

  • THE LION: Billy Shank, The Forgiveness Story

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    W.G. Shank, better known as Billy in real life, is a musician, writer, graphic designer, massage therapist, webmaster, life-long surfer and Religious Science Practitioner. Most Sundays he accompanies his wife, singer/songwriter Andrea Lane, as the musical inspiration at New Thought Spiritual Centers around the country.
    Earlier in his adult life Billy was shanghaied into coaching his stepdaughter’s AYSO soccer team. Like millions around the world, he developed a passion for the sport. He eventually earned National certifications as both a coach and referee and for years was an instructor to both.  Billy still counts his trip to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup as his all-time road trip.
    Enamored early in life by the martial arts, Billy studied various forms from Tai Chi to Jiu-jitsu. He currently holds a Nidan rank in Aikido (2nd degree black) and is a certified instructor with the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation in Japan.
    Most mornings you will find Billy at the beach, drinking his coffee, contemplating the immensities and, if the waves are good, in the water surfing. Otherwise he’ll be running in the sand or skating on the Strand, envisioning the next book or the next song, or trying to forgive some guy who yelled at him on the soccer field.

  • Wisdom Wednesday: This too shall pass

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    Life is like a river. We navigate the rapids with the challenges we face. We overflow with emotions when we feel sad and hurt or happy and joyful. We can recede or dry up when we feel threatened and unsafe or blocked and negative. We flow when we open our hearts and allow love, understanding and compassion to rise up within us. The high tides are when we experience abundance and fulfilment and the low tides are when we feel defeated or at a loss. Every bend in the river is a reflection of the cycles and changes we experience.
    Join me September 24th for a little midweek #LifeNugget. 

  • Denise Linn & Liz Dawn, The Truth About Past Lives

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    Join Liz Dawn as she talks with bestselling author Denise Linn! Denise will share her secrets for knowing how to better understand your past lives and how they affect you in your current time and place.
    Denise Linn has taught seminars in 25 countries and has written 17 books including the best-selling, "Sacred Space," and "Soul Coaching" Her books have been translated into 28 languages. Her latest book is “The Mystic Cookbook”, which Denise coauthored with her daughter Meadow Linn.  deniselinn.com
    Liz Dawn is the co-founder/co-creator of Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events that brings to the world powerful life changing events that inspire, heal and transform your life!  www.CelebrateYourLife.Org
    Brought to you by VividLife.me

  • Learning to break through our resistance and into self-awareness

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    Karen Callan joins CTHRadio for a conversations about self awareness. Join in as we talk about daily practices for self-awareness, self-acceptance and honoring yourself.
    Author of Just in Time; How To Find Joy and Synchronicity In Every Moment and owner of RosaYoga since 2003, Karen is an E-RYT-500 registered yoga teacher who has taught classes, retreats and workshops across the country. Her website is rosayoga.com and her Facebook page is JustinTimeByKarenRoseCallan.
    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, knows healing is in replacing the trauma mindset. Her book, How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse is available at amazon.com. Pick up her FREE ebook, 21 Tools for Happiness at conversationsthatheal.com.

  • Artists' Lives and Careers

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    David J. Diamond welcomes director/playwright Moises Kaufman for an in-depth interview. Moisés Kaufman is a Tony and Emmy nominated director and playwright. He most recently directed the Broadway revival of The Heiress, with Jessica Chastain, and wrote and directed 33 Variations on Broadway, starring Jane Fonda, which received 5 Tony nominations. Mr. Kaufman also directed Rajiv Joseph's Pulitzer Prize finalist Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, with Robin Williams, on Broadway in Spring 2011. Previous to that, Mr. Kaufman directed the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning play I Am My Own Wife. His plays Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde and The Laramie Project have been among the most performed plays in America over the last decade. Mr. Kaufman recently directed his first opera, El Gato con Botas (Puss in Boots). Other credits include: The Nightingale (La Jolla Playhouse), A Common Pursuit (Roundabout), Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo (Mark Taper Forum); Macbeth with Liev Schreiber (Public Theater); This Is How It Goes (Donmar Warehouse); One Arm by Tennessee Williams (New Group and Steppenwolf Theater Company); Master Class with Rita Moreno (Berkeley Repertory Theater); and Lady Windermere's Fan (Williamstown Theater Festival). Mr. Kaufman also co-wrote and directed the film adaptation of The Laramie Project for HBO, which received two Emmy Award nominations for Best Director and Best Writer. He is the Artistic Director of Tectonic Theater Project and a Guggenheim Fellow in Playwriting.
    Hear the story of this fascinating artist's rise from South American student/artist to Broadway director and playwright. 
    You wil have the opportunity to call in to the show and ask questions to both Moises and David.

  • Random Talk with Sharea and Carol

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    Random Talk is a product of a long standing friendship, now coming up on 15 years, Carol and I came up with this brilliant idea.  Recently on one of our weekly walks, we decided to give people a look into our great discussions and weekly rants. 
    Our Friendship:
    Friends since 1999, our friendship has taught us patience, forgiveness, support and a host of other lessons. Since then we have both become college graduates, working professionals, business owner, wives, and Carol a mother.  We hope to continue our loving friendship for years to come. 
    Show will air on 9/24/2014 @4:30pm 
    Contact Information
    Website: radiantsunshine.org  Development Page: rsdevelopment.org Email: sharea@radiantsunshine.org Also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRadiantSunshine

  • Monique Gallagher on Cybernetic Transposition, Alexis C on Transference Healing

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    As we embark on our 17th year, we are amidst a 90 day countdown to total transformation. We're taking a quantum leap forward and you have not seen anything yet! And to celebrate, your host Nicole Marie Whitney has scheduled a special series of life changing interviews on "THE NEW NFTS" including Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Jo Dunning, Dr Joe Dispenza, Darryl Anka / BASHAR, Dannion Brinkley, Joe Vitale, Uri Geller, Former CIA Remote Viewers David Morehouse, Adam the "Dreamhealer", physicist Tom Campbell and more ... Stay tuned... here we go!

  • R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio

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    Power, Peace & Pleasure
    Tune in to R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio as Koereyelle and V discuss the latest in Entertainment and Celeb news. Our featured guest is Author D& Lifestyle Expert Kine Corder who will share financial wisdom, valuable money saving tools and other great resources to increase your power, peace and pleasure! Plus, don't miss Health Hot Topics with Holistic Practitioner Jerri Evans of TurningNatural.com!

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