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  • BeSimply...LoveSelf {HUM with ALONE}

    in Self Help

    During this segment...'She' will discuss connecting to your highest self. Finding the balance to being in the world and being of service to it. Tools to assist you on your journey with music from around the world to inspire inward wisdom to ripple up and out. Attune, Align, and take a few steps FORWARD! These segments are perfect for anyone walking through a life transition, disease, wanting to transform and authentically explore and align the inner self.
    Focus...Speaking UP. Finding the voice to express your emotions, needs, wants and visions. Shinning a Light on Download a Free Audio Book (Click Here) audible.com
    Banyan Botanicals...Spring Nourishment
    Music: TBD
    Connect with 'She' at  SuzanneToro
    Bare Nake Bliss

  • Saturday Morning Meditation

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    todays meditation takes us on a journey through the secret garden, where wonders and abundance wait to be enjoyed fully and in the moment. Hypnosis or meditation is a fantastic way to start your day, you can theme it for resolving issues or like these little forays into your mind, they are simply to be enjoyed as a way to relax into waking with a sense of peace and an abundance of energy. It is a great way to learn to release control of your thought processes so you can simply let your mind do what it does best, visualize it's way into where you can enjoy life most. 
    Dorothy's website :: http://www.energytherapies.co
    Affordable Hypnosis Downloads https://play.google.com/store/music/artist?id=Atagtmz6ii2iuyox44rknb2nukm


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    monolith thinking Social Impact, critical thinking, cultural impact, developing self reliance

  • MK Mueller- International Trainer/Educator/Author

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    International Trainer, Educator and Author  MK Mueller will be our guest on May 30th, 2015 to share "practical and powerful" nuggets on how to overcome challenges and obstacles that can hinder us from becoming all that we aspire to be.
    MK would like to share ways on how to stay positive- NO MATTER WHAT!  Tune in to learn more about this 60 second per day "habit", that can change your life- for the REST of your life!  
    If you are serious about making smart and practical moves in your life and can use some valuable insights,...then you don't want to miss this broadcast!
    Our program air every Saturday from: 8:30 am to 9:00 am
    Until the next show..Love GOD, Love Yourself, and Love Others!
    Dluv  Your Lovely Host!

  • January Jones - Open Your Heart with Skiing

    in Self Help

    Meet Stephen Hulquist, author of Open Your Heart with Skiing:
    He writes and speaks professionally on a number of topics, and recently had his first non-technical book published: Open Your Heart with Skiing; Mastering Life Through Love of the Turns.
    Stephen Hultquist is a husband, father, ski instructor, journalist, consultant, personal coach, and pastor. He is committed to living life with passion, and doing all things with energy, excitement, and esteem for this singular life we have. 
    He is a certified professional ski instructor and works part time at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado as an instructor and Over the Hill Gang guide. He also offers professional services to businesses and organizational leaders providing insights on people, processes, and technology. Hultquist writes on topics related to business, leadership, technology, and personal development, and he is a professional speaker offering his insights at public and private events, workshops, and seminars.

  • "Love On The Rocks" Pt. 2

    in Self Help

    Soy uses LJ (Relationshaship Expert from Relationship One On One:) as target practice as they discuss some of the common reasons for troubled relationships.  Listen in, call in or write in to share your feedback.  Open dialogue.  Callers welcomed.  

  • 00:16

    DIY for Your Soul Podcast - Look at the Past, Don't Stare

    in Self Help

    Developing a life in which we feel whole requires us to look back at our past to get an accurate picture of why we are where we are. It requires that we look at the whole of our lives – the good and the bad.
    But for many of us, delving into the hard parts is scary. But we cannot ignore parts of the whole when the goal is to become whole. We cannot deny those things that caused us pain by avoiding or ignoring them. We need to find a way to keep the pain we will certainly encounter from overcoming us. And we can accomplish this by looking at the past, but not staring at it.
    In this podcast, we learn that to successfully navigate the past we need constantly remind ourselves that although we are the sum total of our past, we aren’t stuck with it. The past may have brought us were we are, but it doesn’t have to dictate where we go. And we must remember that the point of looking back is to understand how it’s affected us.
    And we find that when we take on the task of addressing those parts of us that aren’t so pretty, it’s helpful to have a tool that can talk us off the ledge when we forget that past is the past and mentally begin to relive and recreate those negative things about ourselves. That tool is, Look at the Past, Don’t Stare.

  • 00:37

    How Tapping Works (with The Electrical Body)

    in Self Help

    Have you ever considered the idea that understanding how something works, allows us to connect more deeply with it?
    In this episode of 'I Am Healing', Austin offers his perspective on how tapping works, calling on his knowledge of electrical engineering he draws stark comparisons between the electrical language of the human body (in particular the nervous system) and the electrical language of technology. He also discusses the similarities of how tapping works and how a new branch of medicine called electricuticals works. 
    Electricuticals employ electrical stimulation to affect and modify functions of the body, however as clever as all this sounds ... Austin firmly points out that the prime driver behind disruptions in the human nervous system are our emotions and without recognising them at a deep level the results we get from any form of treatment will be limited.
    This programme is for anyone who wants a new perspective on how tapping works in order to potentially get more powerful results. Austin’s live-streamed online tapping workshop called ‘Tap Into Emotional Freedom,’ covers this subject and many others in more detail. To find out more please visit learnshedlive.com

  • Shattered Lives: Anne Seymour Returns with FREE Resources

    in Self Help

    Host Donna R. Gore welcomes Anne Seymour's return to Shattered Lives Radio as a champion advocate, and she's bringing information about FREE resources from her vast contribution to the rights of victims. 
    What happens after the initial call to law enforcement? Who or what does a crime victim turn to for help and healing?
    Shattered Lives Radio listeners will have the opportunity to learn about resources for specific crime victims, i.e. domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as organizations who assist all victims of crime and value their rights. They will discuss the importance of victim assistance from national programs as well as the necessity for professional victim impact statements in court.

  • Leaving Stress at the Office

    in Self Help

    Do you give your ALL at work? Are you completely drained when you get home? Do you feel that if one more "issue" arises you will lose it? 
    Learn how to save your self, and your loved ones, from bringing all of that stress home. 
    Listen in and discover how to take back your joy.

  • 00:11

    Internet Makes It Possible For Average People To Make Big Changes In The World

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/, http://lesko.com/fiverr and http://bigdatalesko.com/ interviews Crispin Sinclair of http://babelbike.com/ about the safest bicycle you can ever have.
    Indiegogo Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/babel-bike-the-world-s-safest-bicycle
    Watch: https://youtu.be/2lkstyQRkb0

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