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    Harness The Power Of Your Mind on Your Turing Point

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    Join Motivational Speaker, Entepreneur and Author Gertrude J Chapman and her live studio audience as she empowers you to gain control over yur thoughts on Your Turning Point.  Learn how to harness the power of your mind, so you can remain focused and achieve the goals that you have planned for your life.  
    Be with us this coming Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST) for our Free Live Tele-Conference entitled:  "Your Turning Point to Succeeding In Business."  
    Call In from the convenience of your home or office.  (605) 562-3140  Code:  311704#
    Registration is available on-line to Reserve your Spot:  http://www.turningpointenrichment.com/free-tele-conferences.html

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    Heart Songs

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    Beautiful music for the soul. 
    Today's featured performer is Musical Spa.  http://musicalspa.com

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    Super Soul Sunday After Show: Iyanla Vanzant part 2

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    Join us for another thought-provoking episode of one of our favorite shows!  Life Coach Radio family of networks Creator & Executive Producer Russ Terry and 2 of his newer hosts - Danielle Mund and Jay Cadet - will watch Super Soul Sunday LIVE from 12-1 then come on the air to talk about everything.  We'd love for you to do the same!
    Russ Terry loved helping people so much he made it his full-time job.  As a Life Coach, he works with clients to get them to figure out and go for whatever their dream is AND to live a robust, healthy, financially stable well-balanced life.  Russ has had 4 distinct careers – Certified Public Accountant, Sports Anchor & Reporter at a TV station, Human Resources Senior Management and now his current path. 
    Jay Cadet is a New York native and peanut butter aficionado.  He's also the founder of Gen-Y's Premiere Relationship Studio, [co3Studio.com] where he helps unmarried, committed millennial couples break through the challenges that keep them from building healthy and drama-free relationships.
    Danielle Mund, entrepreneur coach and speaker, helps women create businesses and lives they absolutely love. She is the founder of the Beginner's Guide to Getting Anything You Want workshop and has most recently been quoted by Yahoo! Education. Above all else, she believes that success is a choice, and that living the life we want is completely within our power to create. Her own path to freedom, free tips, and more can be found on her website at daniellemund.com.

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    Hypnosis Session-- Using your natural Cycles

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    This episode will contain a hypnosis session you can use to manage negative thoughts, worry and depression. This is a follow up on last week's topic. See below:
    People sometimes hope that, as a Hypnotherapist, I can help them to be upbeat, positive, energetic or happy ALL THE TIME.
    I beelive this is am impossible endeavour. All things in nature go through cycles and we, too, as human beings have cycles. There are times we are down, lack energy or motivation or have a bad day or two.
    In this podcast I discuss how we can work with our natural cycles so that the low days are not as frequent or as low and the highs are higher and longer lasting.
    This is a great topic for anyone who deals with depression, negative thoughts, worry, obsessive compulsive disorder or lack of energy from time to time.
    For more information about my Hypnotherapy training (in Victoria BC and online) go to http://www.horizoncenterhypnotherapy.com/

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    Uncovered Jewels w/Ty | Tralyne Ursy

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    Tonight Uncovered Jewels with Ty welcomes Tralyne Usry to the show. Tralyne is a Kindergarten Teacher and has written her first children's book called "Sweet Jambalaya". She is a graduate of Paine College with a bachelors in Communication .She studied directing for film and television at Regent University and graduated from Ashford University with a masters in Elementary Education. She is also the founder of a nonprofit organization called IDIOMINC created to promote literacy in underserved communities.   Tralyne says she has been fortunate to appear on the Word Network with Bobby Jones after winning a contest and was named Hampton Roads Rising Gospel Artist after performing a spoken word piece entitled "Have You Ever"?  Tralyne has also witten a poetry book called "Aesthetically Audibly Me" that was published in 2010.  She is humbled by the continued blesssings that God bestows upon her life.

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    What You Need to Know about Mental Health Crisis Response Strategy

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    When people are in the depths of a mental health crisis the last thing they need is a response that is based in fear. Having a crisis response strategy that is rooted in dignity and compassion can make all the difference. Join me in my interview with international visionary David Covington, who shares with us his journey in implementing crisis services from many leadership perspectives. David shares compelling science that challenges our misperceptions of what works and provides a road map for effective support for people in their darkest moments.
    For more information and show notes: www.SallySpencerThomas.com/hope-illuminated-podcast/4
    It's Suicide Prevention Month! Are you ready?
    Latest blog on effective communication in suicide prevention
    Stay Connected:
    Get on mailing list: SallySpencerThomas.com
    Twitter: @sspencerthomas
    FB: @DrSallySpeaks

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    The Path to Happy with Dr. Cheryl Hanly & Shenna Shotwell

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    The Path to Happy with Dr. Cheryl Hanly & Shenna Shotwell
    Dr. Hanly is self-described as a wife, mother, a Nana-too, a chiropractor, daughter, sister, student, intuitive healer, brainiac, an almost-Fellow in Functional Neurology, an adventure-seeker, a fisher-woman, a nutrition guru, a believer in essential oils, a believer in Truth, and most of all, she is a conduit of healing. Cheryl understands the true healing capacity of the human body and understands how to help connect the patient with their true healing essence.
    Dr. Cheryl Hanly has been serving patients in North Carolina since Graduation from chiropractic college in August, 2005.
    Our other guest today is Cheryl’s wife, life and business partner Shenna Shotwell:
    Shenna has most recently been a partner with Dr. Hanly in the Creedmoor Wellness Center in Creedmoor, NC and prior to that was both in Sales with Choice Computer Center and a Senior Field Service Technician at Tallgrass Technologies prior to that.

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    Enya Flack

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    Please welcome Enya Flack to Best Ever You. Enya Flack is the Beauty & Lifestyle Expert Television Personality for It’s a Glam Thing .com and It’s a Glam Thing TV. She travels the US appearing on morning and afternoon news and lifestyle shows to present what's trending, what's classic and what's new in Beauty. Enya is an influencer in the beauty world and model, actress and Host in the Entertainment World. You have seen Enya on Extra TV, CSI: Miami, Deal or No Deal and more!

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    COLOR PEP RALLY for Color Therapy Month!

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    (SHOW NOTE: Pre-recorded show. Sorry, no chatroom.) 
    "2-4-6-8…what do we appreciate? COLOR! COLOR! Yay...COLOR!" 
    Can you believe that Color Therapy Month is here again? To promote this 7th annual worldwide event in March, founder Eleyne-Mari Sharp hosts a COLOR PEP RALLY today. 
    Besides learning about Color Therapy Month and meeting Color Ambassadors Arlene Arnold (USA), Brenda Dunn (United Kingdom), Diantha Harris (USA), Leslie Lee Skopick (USA) and Lien Potgieter (South Africa), you'll also get to meet this year's Varsity lineup of Color Therapy Month team players! 
    About the host: Eleyne-Mari Sharp is a Color Luminary, certified color therapist and the director of Aura House School of Color and Light. She is the founder of Color Healing Radio, Color Therapy Month and the “Rainbow Writing” method. www.colortherapyschool.com

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    Conversations With PASSION! Teal Swan

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    We hope you enjoy this interview with Hay House Author, YouTube Sensation and Emotional Expert, Teal Swan.

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    Drunvalo talks about the Mayan End of Time

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     What can we do to prepare for both a rapid global change and ascension at the same time?  In Drunvalo's meditations it has become clear to him that he needs to give us  instructions so that we can make these changes  within ourselves and ascend into the higher levels of Earth’s consciousness.
    From a Mayan point of view, we must be ready to move into ascension at any moment over the next three years or so. This means staying in meditation, keeping your heart light as a feather and interconnected to your brain.

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