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    Replay with Christopher Barbour--Become More Intuitive

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    Replay from Become More Intuitive Part 2, is the sequel from our popular guest Christopher Barbour!
    Listen in as this psychic detective discusses the five most important questions to ask regarding intuition.
    Christopher will share some of his amazing psychic adventures and explain some of what goes into doing this work.
    About our guest: Christopher Barbour is an acclaimed Psychic Detective/ Profiler and forensic artist, drawing suspects for unsolved murder cases.  He is also a counseling Intuitive and lectures on the subject of intuition and mysticism.  He is currently co-teaching an online class with the renowned psychic detective and remote viewer Pam Coronado on the subject of using intuition to sketch suspects and visual impressions. Christopher has been exploring and respecting his intuition since the age of seven and believes we are all intuitive and that intuition at its best is a path of high mystical service.

  • The Road to Recovery with Dan Czuba

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    This is a show to help everyone and anyone that feels as though they have an addiction.   Share personal experiences, strength and hope.     Call-In, Email & Ask Questions  as we all work together to “Make It a Better Day” for everyone!!   There are so many avenues out there to explore that many of us are unfamiliar with. This show is there to help you and to support you on your way to a successful recovery and to ensure that you are able to stay focused. There is someone that cares for you. I hope you will join us and be encouraged as we hope to reach millions to minister and to support you on “The Road to Recovery”.   God Bless you for listening and join our discussion every Sunday from 7 PM – 9 PM.    Call 323-580-5755 or 800 - I Ask You (800-427-5968).   Write to me at Daniel@daare.com so I may be able to successfully assist you in any way that I can.   www.linkedlocalnetwork.com 

  • "Community Matters" This Week - 346

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    Join our founder and host, Bill Murray, co-hosts MJ Goyings, Carol D. Levine and other adult survivors of child abuse, as they discuss the News and Crime stories of the week from each of our two national grassroots efforts, LA Community Policing and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Frequent visits from special guests and topic driven episodes featuring important related issues are all a part of "Community Matters" .. where call-in participation is always welcome! (Please see: www.LACP.org and www.NAASCA.org)

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    How To Become Money - Melanie

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    How To Become Money - Melanie This week Curry talks with Melanie about the power of Choice, Creating for the future, and What if not having a frame of reference for the future is a gift?!  How does it get better than that? For more information about Curry, Right Riches for You, and How to Become Money go to www.curryglassell.com

  • THE LION RADIO: Natalie Geld, Author, "Sensual Intelligence"

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    Author, Natalie Geld is Co-founder and Creative Director of the Society for Mind Brain Sciences. She has been actualizing vivid human potential for 25+ years with literary organizations, learning institutes, with individuals, schools, and professional communities. Nat is also Founder and Editorial Director of WhyAreWeWhispering.com, read in 202 countries and every state in America. Her first book, Sensual Intelligence kicks off a series of focused nonfiction shorts about evolving our human experience. It is also the prelude to her upcoming book, Lifting the Skirt of Consciousness: Sexuality Love Power coming in November, 2014. Natalie is producer/director of the upcoming PBS series "The Feeling Brain," and co-author of a book with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Bernard Baars about one of the most interactive structures in the universe - our brain. Their book is also the story of the explosion of discoveries in consciousness science these past 15 years, to be published by Oxford University Press in 2015. If you've seen Nat on TV or in magazines, it's because she straddles a diverse production career behind the camera, as well as an established career as an actress, model, and voice artist with agencies like Ford and Innovative Artists NY. When Nat's supposed to be schmoozing, she rogues about instead asking, "Why do we feel this way?" and "How can we evolve?"

  • Int'l Repentance, Forgiveness, & Reconciliation Week- for Nations & Leaders

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    Forgive National Leaders & Other Nations-National Leaders should promote national healing & reconciliation. In order to do this, there should be confession, repentance, & forgiveness in order for reconciliation to take place in America & in all nations. National leaders may want to investigate past & present injustices by conducting public hearings, forgiveness ceremonies, tribunals & investigations. Reconciliation cannot happen unless TRUTH is revealed.  People should forgive the national leaders & other nations.
    Join us on the last day of International Repentance, Forgiveness, & Reconciliation Week.
    October 27
    Int’l Repentance, Forgiveness, & Reconciliation Day- People should forgive others and themselves. This should be a day of fasting, praying, repenting, forgiving, and reconciling. You can watch a movie about forgiveness like Heaven’s Rain.

  • Let's Face It w. Wil Strayhorn

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    We all have the ability to ignite our passions and find our true purpose in life at any age. Living with "Passion & Purpose" can indeed be the pathway to living the life we always dreamed of. Life Coach, Author & Speaker -Tracy Mac gets to the heart of the matter about what it means to live a purposeful life. Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, Professor, Author and Speaker of The Ohio State University shares his life story as an inspiration of living with "Passion and Purpose". Everyone can live a life filled with passion and inspiration, but we must first recognize our true purpose.

  • Consciousness Unlimited

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    Consciousness Unlimited Radio
    Exploring humanity’s journey through consciousness, with best selling authors and respected leaders that have profoundly impacted the evolution of humanity and our world. Topics include the fields of commerce, science, spirituality, theology, personal empowerment and realization. CURN reaches a global network of 100 million seven days a week.
    Tune in every Sunday at 6pm AZ and watch surprise featured guests and exciting new Host programs!

  • The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm

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    The Lyrical Cypher Radio Show hosted by Chyna airs Tonight @ 9pm. Call in Tonight & Spit Your Poetry Live!! Calling All Poets, Spoken Word Artists & Metaphorically In-Tuned Visionaries!! Share Your Gifts Tonight!! You Can Listen By Calling 6467168785 or www.tmicradio.com


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