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  • Feb 26 ~ Charlotte View: Karmic Astrology with Susan Reynolds (Charlotte, NC)

    in Self Help

    Charlotte View Susan Reynolds with her show "Karmic Astrology". 
    If you want to be part of one and get a FREE mini reading you need to send your request early. Please find form here.  
    Susan Reynolds has worked as a karmic astrologer for the last 30 years. Karmic astrology looks at your soul's journey. What were your past lives and how do those lives impact your current one. Astrology helps us learn the easy way and avoid potential pitfalls. It is the only modality that is able to look at your past, present and future and it's my pleasure to read for you and offer you its insight and help.  During her show, Susan will  choose in advanced 3 people to have one of the following types of readings:
    Natal Chart Reading ~ life purpose, challenges and difficulties   Predictive Reading ~ in-depth look at what is going on right now and what to expect in the future. Relationship Reading ~ compares two charts to each other  Child’s Reading ~  wonderful reading for any parent desiring a deeper understanding of their child.   Intuitive Live Readings ~ just found our show and had no time to send your data, no worries, with only your DOB Susan can give you a mini reading Contact Susan Reynolds email: sjrey3@juno.com www.exploreastrology.com

  • Dr. Phil Carlson on Optimizing Health, Weight, Youthfulness, Digestion, & ADHD

    in Self Help

    Joining Dr. Carol Francis is Dr. Phil Carlson and all about optimizing your health, beauty, youthfulness, digestion, ADHD and more. 
    Dr. Phil Carlson shares: 
    "Too many Americans are living as prisoners in their own bodies, held captive by bad habits that have drained them of their livelihood and sentenced them to a premature death. These harsh realities are what have kept Dr. Phil Carson passionate about practicing pharmacy since 1985. After encountering many patients who were seeking answers when their needs were not met by traditional medicine, Dr. Phil founded Carson Natural Health in 2005 with the mission of helping patients find the best natural solutions to their health problems. Dr. Phil is passionate about improving his patient’s quality of life and encouraging everyone he comes in contact with to live healthier lives and transform their overall health into a blessing, not a burden.
    Topics to be covered -
    What the Health Happened to My Wealth?  Safeguarding your Assets from Poor Health
    Spreading the Good NEWSSSS: 7 Keys to More Quality and Quantity of Life The Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Weight Stress: Destroyer of Body, Soul, and Spirit Things Aren’t Adding up with ADHD: Natural and Alternative Treatments to ADHD Digestive Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Bugs

  • How to Win Friends & Influence People (Part Two: Ch.6)

    in Motivation

    & Networking
    {Our Current Discussion is regarding the book How to Win Friends & Influence People}
    • Option 1: CALL IN at 646-200-0848 and join the discussion,
    watch Doreen Guma s Facebook feed for live broadcast
    • Option 3: Join the podcast via Internet: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/timetoplay
    Tuesdays 11:45 -1:00 PM
    Location: North Brookhaven Train Car At the intersection of Routes 347 and 112 in Port Jefferson Station.
    Bring your lunch at noon at the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce Train Car at the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce office at the corner of Route 112 and 347 in Port Jefferson Station and mastermind with us!
    Join members of the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce and Time to Play Foundation, Jerry Siegel, Ryder Champouillon, Len Carroll, Gina Lollo, Doreen Guma and more!!!
    Call 631-331-2675 for questions

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