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  • Say What?? Author Spotlights with Doris Dancy

    in Motivation

    Say What?? Author Spotlights presents Doris Dancy.  Doris is a debut novelist. In addition, she is also a retired educator, minister and radio show host, who uses the written word to empower others into their own personal greatness.  The featured book is Jagged Edges
    Say What?? Author Spotlights is a division of Say What?? Book Club.  We are a group of authors, readers and lovers of words gathered - HOW DIVINE!  Working tirelessly to level the playing field, SWBC offers opportunities to established and emerging authors who are serious about their craft and who excel in the literary arts.  Join the movement!
    If you are interested in learning more about SWBC, please contact us:
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/saywhatbookclub
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/saywhatbc
    Email: saywhatbc@yahoo.com
    Blog: http://saywhatbookclub.blogspot.com

  • The GMO Education Station Featuring How to Eat To Live

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    THE GMO EDUCATION STATION :How to Eat to Live from the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
    Join your host  Nefertari Muhammad GMO & Composting Education Specialist/Worm Breeder who has been studying the depths of GMO for the past year also making and using Supreme Compost she will be also joined by  Co-Host Laurence Muhammad  YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT THE FOOD YOU EAT THE SAME
    Have ever heard the acronym* GMO? Have you notice the fruits and vegetables don’t taste the same? Have you been experiencing unexplained dizziness, headaches, bladder problems, allergies, rashes, joint pain,stomach problem, mind fog and weight gain? Do you have tumors or have kidney problems ? Have you been to the doctors severe times and he can't explain why you are sick?  THE GMO EDUCATION STATION  Design to expose and educate the depth of the understanding of* Genetically Modified Organism. Learn what companies like Monsanto don’t  want to know.Let the truth be told, lies and deception about organic food unveiling true facts about GMO's and how it effect you and your family life's.
    To book a Health Eduaction Workshop contact Nefertari Muhammad Phone: 215- 225-80212 or Email: compost4health@gmail.com
    Sponsored by Supreme Compost ....Reconnecting Through Education

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    Listen to My Life Story Series - Part 1 of 14

    in Self Help

    After receiving too many emails to count both about how much my life story has helped them appreciate their darkest moments in life too, and how they want to know about my life but don't like to read or don't have time to.
    So, I have decided to read my life story to you myself. The book is called Loving My Inner Mean Girl and it won the "Best Memoir Award of 2013".
    Therefore this series serves as your audio book - IT STARTS HERE and will continue until end of 2014.
    Be sure to check out my other 19 books too!
    Connect with me on social media or on my WEBSITE as well and get over 40 freebies without registration!.

  • Tim Gard; Change The Game

    in Motivation

    Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, is a top motivational speaker and corporate entertainer known for bringing tears of laughter to his audiences worldwide. More than a funny guy, he teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful using their very own comedic style. Tim coaches businesses on how to enhance productivity and employee enthusiasm, using humor that is always appropriate for the workplace. An internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, Tim’s easy- to-implement techniques provide audiences with ways to diffuse, deal with, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters. Instead of making light of serious issues, Tim shines a light on unseen possibilities for solutions to challenging situations. His programs are entertaining demonstrations of how to develop and use your Comic Vision©. You can learn more about Tim HERE and follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Now You Want Me, Now You Don't: Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

    in Relationships

    Dr. Jeanette Raymond is a psychologist and psychotherapist with a private practice in Los Angeles California. Born in Calcutta, India, she was educated in Great Britain, getting her M.Ed before beginning her career as a child and educational psychologist. After settling in America, Dr. Raymond obtained her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and switched her focus to helping adults establish more secure relationships. She contributes to training courses for psychotherapists and offers insight and relationship advice on a regular basis via her blogs and videos.
    Join us as we discuss how to overcome the challenges of emotional intimacy of your own or with a partner who has difficulty with emotional intimacy. 

  • Wide Awakening Radio with Jennifer Hough - When your ego gets triggered

    in Self Help

    Topic: When your ego gets triggered  
    The Wide Awakening is a show all about remembering who you are, waking up to your unlimitedness, and creating Heaven on Earth by starting with your life. If you are ready for ease, flow, joy and connection...and to hear some of the most forward thinking teachers and inspirers of our time then it's time to come to Wide Awakening Radio. To stay posted about our upcoming shows and what Jennifer is up to, please sign up for our Wide E-wakenings at www.TheWideAwakening.com

  • A 100% chance you WON'T end up with cancer?

    in Self Help

    They use to say 1 in 3 will get cancer in our lifetime, today they say it’s 1 in 2. I find too many of us are complacent about those odds, believing not much can be done to change what we collectively believe is an inevitable fact of American life.  Cancer, we're told, is random, it's genetic, and sooner or later, it's going to get us.  But the truth is, a cancer diagnosis doesn't have to be a 50/50 proposition.   In fact, what if you could “up the odds” to nearly 100% -  a 100% chance you WON'T end up with cancer?
    My guest tonight is Dr. Michael Gonzalez.  Dr. Michael is a Professor at the Nutrition Program, School of Public Health Medical Sciences Campus, at the University of Puerto Rico. He has obtained several research awards for his work on Nutrition and Cancer.   He is currently Co- Director of RECNAC II project, and Research Director of the “InBioMed Project Initiative”..  where he is the leader along with Dr. Massari in the development of non-toxic chemotherapy treatments for cancer.  http://www.conem.org/people/gonzalezbio/
    Connie Rogers is a Certified  Health Coach, Founder & Owner of Bite Size Pieces, where she has the experience of working with people to improve their energy, work thru depression & cancer, get a grip on emotions & cravings, work thru stress and add in self care to their daily routine. She is an expert in toxins that can affect our metabolic, endocrine and skin health.  You can reach her at www.bitesizepieces.net

  • Kiss Burnout GoodBye with Jeannell Innerarity

    in Self Help

    Have you ever struggled with Burn Out in your career, or in life?
    Would you rather feel fired up?
    Please join me for my interview with Jeannell Innerarity. We going to be discussing this subject that's near and dear to both our hearts. My tagline is Take the Big Leap from Burned Out to Fired Up and Jeannell is the host of her summit Kiss Burnout Goodbye. Please go to www.KissBurnoutGoodbye.com that takes place October 6th - October 26th. I have the honor of being one of her interviews on October 15th. To learn more, listen to our show. 
    "Jeanell Innerarity is an intense, weird, vivacious, buoyant, no-nonsense Mother-Earth goddess who has never been good at working jobs she hated. She specializes in helping ordinary folks get in touch with, clear blocks to, and manifest their own extraordinary dreams. Whether working with Jeanell in the fields of coaching, yoga, somatic awareness, nature connection, or hypnotherapy, clients describe feeling accepted and able to relax in her presence. In 2014, she was a featured speaker (on the subject of burnout) at the international, sold out, Women’s Leadership Summit at the historic Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California."
    Career Coach Marti Murphy knows firsthand the emotional roller coaster that comes with making a profound life change and the identity issues that can surface. As a Certified EFT Practitioner and Certified Abundance Coach. You can call her at 505-220-0295 to learn more. If you’re ready to Take the Big Leap and Leave the Job You Hate for the Work You Love, Marti has a FREE gift for you.
    To claim yours, simply visit: http://tappingreallyworks.com/resources/videos/take-the-big-leap/

  • Fertile Ground w/ Tera J. / John Tooson

    in Motivation

    A mentor for our youth that is making movie in Toledo Ohio , to save our youth

  • Mark My Words! with Certified Life and Business Coach, Mark Schall

    in Self Help

    In the meantime, visit www.markmywordsradio.com and www.markschall.com for more information about Mark Schall's Coaching Services.  
    Mark My Words! airs the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 9PM ET.  Find out more about “Mark My Words!” at www.markmywordsradio.com.
    Mark Schall is a Certified Life and Business Coach and the host of Mark My Words!  You can find out more about Mark at www.markschall.com

  • Guest - Lynette Smith: Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

    in Motivation

    When is the last time you received a heartfelt letter of appreciation? How did it make you feel? Did you save the letter and savor it later? I’m betting you did!
    Today Lynette will share three simple steps to help you write and present heartfelt letters to others, so they will feel just as good about their letter as you did writing it!
    Lynette M. Smith, freelance copyeditor at All My Best and award-winning author (GoodWaysToWrite.com), wants you to “put it in writing” whenever the magnitude of your gratitude is BIGGER than a thank-you note. Heartfelt letters of appreciation are as rare as gold and at least as valuable to those who receive them—and even to family history. 
    Some of that “Good Ways to Write” time relates to the comprehensive reference book she recently published. It’s called "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special"
    Connect with Lynette at www.GoodWaysToWrite.com
    Lynette's book on Amazon "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure"
    Connect with Bonnie at www.bonniegroessl.com  
    Visit Bonnie's Facebook page

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