• the Family Meeting

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    The show is the kick-off for 2014. We’re going there!  Resolutions vs Commitments!

  • Let's Get It Crackin

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    10 minutes of "get up and get your day started right" in a positive direction. Get your day "crackin" Weekday mornings 7:30 PST. Funny, inspiring, motivational, REAL and practical. Call and listen in (347)996-5051 Hosted by Taq'uee Hicks, Certified Life Coach. www.workwithtaquee.com

  • Breaking the Chains.....Living in the Breakthrough

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    I have a dream...Celebrating Out 50 Years of Jubilee!
    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Cilvil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality.
    So what are we leaving behind for our communities today? What are we fostering in the minds of our Black children? How will we strengthen our famillies and our communities?
    Fifty years ago, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream..." Speech debuted in Detroit and transformed a nation. Today, we Celebrate our Jubilee and join in that movement of teaching us all to evolve in our beliefs, values and purpose for elevation of our consciousness into the greatness that lies in the Human Spirit.
    Our ancesters from Africa knew the power of connection to the Divine, and honoring the human-ness in each other. I invite you to remember the greatness of our people, and let's have conversations that inspires us all to take action to "Heal what's hurting our Black Community."
    We are powerful, and we rise!

  • Fun2Fortune$ Entrepreneur Start Up Success with Coach Jeff

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    Join the conversation with those who have created "Fun" businesses and uncovered their "Fortune$" in the process. 
    Callers and guests will share their inspiration, their business and what makes it fabulous, the challenges and obstacles, and what helps them perservere and prosper so you can listen and learn as you go thru the start-up waters.
    Listeners will leave inspired, informed, educated, and gain a  few new ideas, and new perspectives through conversation, some coaching, and hearing from those who have found their "Fortune$".

  • Art of Joyful Living

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    Richard Sheridan

  • Stake Your Claim to Shed Your Bitches in 2013

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    Shedding the Bitch Radio in 2013 - all about YOU and now expanded to a full hour to discuss the issues important to you, and take your questions, comments and/or stories.
    Bernadette Boas, author, coach/consultant and reformed Corporate Bitch, knows what it is like to wreak havoc on those around her at work and at home, as well as on herself. Masking her insecurities, fears and negative beliefs of herself (what she now calls Bitches) with a persona of a competitive, demanding and manipulative person, she knows all about the issues and opportunities facing women in corporate, in business and in life. And she is determined to help as many women as possible to NOT succumb to the rat race of it all
    Each week she and her guests will discuss current top issues and growth opportunities that women deal with, as well educate and inspire you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH!
    Listen weekly live or in archive (stay tuned for our iTunes channel announcement). Call in to her at 1-818-572-2910 to ask advice, debate the topic or simply tell your story.
    Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

  • Becoming Totally Married: Spirit, Soul, & Body

    in Relationships

    Successfully, allowing your marriage to be developed in arena's that are missed— but matter. Most marriages struggle to the point of divorce for attempting to operate something in one dimension that was intended to work on 3 dimensions. 'Working hard, instead of smart' has what has truly been at the heart of America's 50% divorce rate.
    Join us weekdays at 12 o' noon as we open up GOD's original blueprint for your marriage. Learn how allow the sovereign flow of GOD's will to do in a short season, that which you have tried and failed to do for years, regarding your marriage.

  • MindMassage 001

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    I was born to get you unStuck - and I have found a way to help more people in less time than ever before!
    Often we're unfocused, overloaded, or mentally pregnant with too many ideas at once. Interrupting a colleague, friend or loved one isn't always possible. Just 90 seconds is all you need to regain your clarity, focus, and direction.
    In Your MindMassage I Will:
    Listen Document Clarify Map our conversation.
    Beyond just feeling good, you will also get a download link to your MindMassageMap. Just a few moments of reflection will help you carve even more clarity, direction, and ideas to take your next step.
    Best of all, it is FREE - my thanks to you for letting me do what I was born to do - unlock your ideas!
    Nathan Eckel is the author of That Frameworks Book, Open Source Instructual Design: Successfully Mentoring Subject Matter Experts. He is a certified professional in learning & performance who has created thousands of idea maps. He curated Leadership Lessons from Guatemala: The Unofficial Guide to Transformation featuring 20 change agents.

  • Shrink n Drink Q & A

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    Dr. Julie Helmrich, psychologist from Milwaukee, WI and creator of Shrink n Drink, takes on-air questions and written questions.  Written questions are submitted via Messages on the Shrink n Drink Facebook page.  Questions are about generally about interpersonal relationships at home and work (spouses & partners, children, co-workers),  goal-directed behavior and self-leadership, and clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.

  • Law of Attraction Hang Out

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    Join us in our Law of Attraction Hang Out!
    You have questions, we have answers. There is nothing we love talking about more than the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws and Meditation. Anything to do with Universal Energy is our fuel. This is a place where like minded people can come together to discuss the art of creating a beautiful life.
    Enjoy the show!
    Each week Linda & Nada share their real life successes with you. Call in with questions to gain clarity on working with the awesome power within you, that awesome Universal Energy that is flowing through you always.
    To learn more about Linda, Nada & Carina visit their websites: Nada Haworth, "Improving your life with creative guidance"  http://www.nadasessentials.com/ Linda Armstrong, "Energize your Life! Connect to your Power–With–In"  http://www.livelawofattraction.com/ Carina Rubin,  "Believe"  www.believe-tarotlifecoaching.com

  • Keys to Winning in Life in a Greater Way. Interview with author Ronald Cooper

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    Many of us have read or heard about how to be successful in life. And yet, many times our efforts don’t produce the results we expect or we don’t feel fulfilled by our “success.”
    Tune in for this inspiring conversation with ordained minister, author, and speaker Ronald Cooper. Ronald will share the keys to success that have helped thousands of people all over the country.
    About Ronald Cooper:
    Ronald A. Cooper is the author of “How to Win in Life in a Greater Way.” In this book, he explores powerful principles that will change the way people picture success.
    In his professional ministry, he has served as an effective pastor, community leader, an associate pastoral staff member, and as an endorsed chaplain. Ronald has given hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to multitudes of both the laity and clergy of numerous faith traditions and non-faith communities throughout the United States and pivotal places around the world. He resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Visit Cloris’s Blog: www.cloriskylie.com
    Follow Cloris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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