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    Write it, See It, Do it

    in Self Help

    Join Constance in her 2-Part Show. First of all, you will experience Constance sharing strategies with a listener who volunteered to be coached live. Secondly, Constance will share the 3 basics of manifestation - WRITE IT, SEE IT, DO IT. You will learn about the Power of your Pen and how writing your goals is the 1st step to getting clear about your desires. Secondly, you will learn about the power of keeping your goals before your eyes and how your imagination ACCELERATES your dreams. Imagination keeps your dreams in the fore front of your thinking. Lastly you will learn why successful people keep taking Action Steps even when it looks hopeless. Do not ever give up on your dreams.

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    Deadly Impatience | K8972

    in Relationships

    Website – http://www.fhu.com
    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com
    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K170407.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: Roy Masters Roy discussed if you are upset with enemies, you will be fearful. Calls:
    Emma has no patience with her husband.

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    “Must-Have” Essentials to become a Love Magnet.

    in Relationships

    I'm so excited! One of my all-time favorite healer friends is finally coming back on the show! My good friend Jenny Ngo is back to offer up some live healings and share her newest release to help you become a Love Magnet. 
    Join us to discover 
    The most common areas that people are unknowingly  deficient in that stands in their way for deep love and intimacy. How to check if your Love "Fuel" Tank is full. And what’s the minimum level in order to experience more loving and harmonious relationships in your life. Experience the Love Light Language activation to uncover more of your greatness in love, intimacy, & relationship. And if you  haven't already experienced Jenny's work firsthand I HIGHLY suggest calling in or jumping on the chat LIVE because the energy shifts are extremely palapable! 
    To learn more about Jenny visit http://www.globalquantumhealing.com/

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    Are You in An Emotionally Abusive Relationship with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach interviews Shannon Colleary who is a compassionate recovery coach and author who teaches women how to find real love by attending 12 step recovery meetings and using tools from her Love School to promote healing, self love and healthy interdependent relationships. If you are a partner of a sex addict and you want more from your relationship or you want to find healthy love ... this is the show for you!
    Listen in as she talks about her 10 week program that attracts real love.

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    Randi Fine Answers Your Questions About Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse

    in Relationships

    As a survivor of Narcissistic abuse myself I know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing this disorder can be to deal with. As an experienced counselor I know that issues dealing with this problem are always arising. I am fully aware that many of you cannot afford the out of pocket expense of paying for counseling, but do have important questions you would like answered. I can and want to help all of you work through these sensitive issues. 
    The second Friday of every month my internet radio show, A Fine Time for Healing, will be entirely devoted to taking to your calls and answering your questions about NPD. The advice is FREE! The show airs at 11 a.m. EST and runs for 45 minutes. The number you will call to connect with the show and speak to me is 424-220-1801. This time will not be a convenient one for everyone so there is another way for you to get your questions answered. Just email me ahead of time and I will read your questions on air and answer them. I assure you that your identity will be kept anonymous.
     All shows will be recorded and archived after broadcasting. They can be listened to at your convenience by clicking on the link I will provide you when you email me.
    Please send your emails to loveyourlife@randigfine.com with “Radio Show Question” in the subject heading.

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    What Could Change for You If You Tapped for 21 Days? It's FREE. Really.

    in Self Help

    What could change in your life if you tapped for 21 days? This is all about a Free 21 Days of Tapping, with no offer at the end. Just a free gift. 
    If you've ever been afraid of your negative thoughts because you don't want them working against you, then sign up for this free tapping practice.
    Once you sign up, you will receive a tapping script in your inbox for the next 21 days.
    When you receive the script, tap along saying the words out loud so that you can hear them as well. It helps to get all of your senses involved.
    Tapping is a highly effective, surprising and slight strange technique. It allows you to release stuck emotions so that you can get back to your truest, highest self and begin to get lasting positive traction and create what you truly want.
    You will be guided, in each script, to tap on negative statements. This is to help call to mind the stuck emotions that can inhibit you from moving forward in your life.
    Then you will be guided to ease your thoughts to a better feeling place as the tapping script continues. It is recommended that you tap through each script as many times as you need to, to help you release any strong emotions that may surface.
    To Access Click Here 

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    Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman, inspiring info, readings, and more

    in Motivation

    Welcome to the Enlightening Life radio show, a resource for spiritual and self empowerment, presented by Jennifer Hoffman, top selling author, intuitive energy alchemist and energy savante, spiritual teacher, and your resource for rich, happy and successful high vibe living. In this show I will be providing you with resources to enlighten your life, including discussion of our weekly newsletter topics. Since 2003 I have written the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, whose 4 million+ weekly readers call its messages highly accurate and timely. This venue allows me to add another dimension to the information I receive. I welcome your calls and questions and will also provide free short readings on the show. I hope you visit us regularly and use this resource to find help and peace on your spiritual path. Listen each Wednesday at 8PM US Central time or check out the 400+ shows in our archives. Visit my website at urielheals.com and enlighteninglife.com to learn more about working with me or the wide range of books, products and services I offer. Thank you for being here. Many blessings.

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    Stopping Procrastinating Strategies To Tackling Your Spring Organizing Project

    in Self Help

    The days are longer, the birds are singing and you are ready to clear the clutter in your home and life.  Tune in as I share simple ways to conquer procrastination, tackle your project to get things organized and clear the clutter in your home and life.
    Janet M. Taylor podcast producer and host, has displayed an innate tendency for order since childhood. Friends even remarked on the organization of her toys. In 1994 she took her natural ability and started Totally Organized - a business dedicated to working with corporate, non-profit and government agencies saving them time and money by providing contract administration, project management and trainings to save clients time and money. In addition Janet caters to her executive client’s personal needs by providing them with strategies to organize their homes and lives.

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    AstroEnergy Astrology Show April 18 2017 - with Medium Leo Bonomo

    in Self Help

    Shelley has a specia guest, British medium and psychic, Leo Bonomo. Leo hosts a podcast, The Voice of Spirit on Paramaniaradio.com. He began his career as a psychic/medium in the Spiritualist tradition in London. Tune in to hear more about Leo, and receive a great reading at 347-994-3365.
    Intuitive astrologer Shelley Overton discusses the planets currently and what is coming up for us astrologically. Shelley is taking callers' questions. Call in at 347-994-3365 early.
    Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love. Shelley helps you through the tough times.
    You can get a private reading here:
    Contact Shelley at shelley@astrologerangel.com
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: ASTROLOGERANGEL
    YouTube: Artful Shelley

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    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In Full Color with Rachel Dolezal

    in Self Help

    Brought to you by: SHOCK Metaphysics = MELANATED Metaphysics! Download the free 7-Day Ecourse Here --> https://goo.gl/gRdgCi 
    Rachel Dolezal holds an MFA from Howard University. She is a licensed Intercultural Competency & Diversity Trainer, dedicated to racial and social justice activism. 
    She is the former Director of Education at the Human Rights Education Institute in Idaho and has served as a consultant for human rights education and inclusivity in regional public schools.
    In 2015, Dolezal taught African studies at Eastern Washington University and was the president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP. 
    She is the author of “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World”.

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