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    Why You Should Make Your Bed

    in Motivation

    Todays Episode: Why You Should Make Your Bed
    It's the little things in life that are the most important.  If you can't do the little things with excellence how can you do the big things with excellence. 
    By making your bed you're starting your day off with a win.  Get in the habit of starting each day with a win.
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    I would love your feedback and comments on what you're doing to get a world class life.
    Lane Olsen 
    Lane Olsen is a busy man, and loving every minute of his abundant life. Lane is the founder of “Empowering You to a World Class Life”, Ripped Body Today, Fathers on Fire, Law Of Abundance, Goal Setting University, and Invest in Blue Chips.
    Lane is an entrepreneur, motivator, and training expert. He started out as an Executive over a large corporation with the responsibility of over $120,000,000 in annual sales and over 1000 employees. Lane is active in real estate and stock market investing.
    Lane passionate about creating abundance in all areas of your life while helping you find your purpose and talents to share to the world.

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    Hay House Author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO Mary Shores

    in Motivation

    Mary Shores is the award winning author of Conscious communications, a groundbreaking personal developement book published by Hay house and endorsed by New York Times Bestselling authors. Released in August 2017, Conscious Communications draws on Mary's over ten yearson of personal development experience and knowledge to create easy to follow, step by step practices that can transform each area of your life. Mary also enjoys creating workbooks and courses for individuals who want to live a life in alignment. We are honored to chat with her today. 

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    in Relationships

    We are living in an impatient, fear-driven times, we or more unforgiving, egotistical and are too preoccupied with sharing selfies on  Facebook and Instagram. We have become far too self-centered to care, about the suffering of others around us.

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    Pre-Med Society 4 Youth Playgroup Founder, Sydney Gilmore

    in Goals

    In 2012, Sydney Gilmore started the Pre-Med Society 4 Youth.  Since then, they have had play dates and field trips four times annually.  Now, it's membership time...

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    Friendship - A Celebration!

    in Self Help

    Have you ever noticed that when you change everyone around you changes too? 
    How many times have your so called friends run away with their hair on fire when you made a big change energetically? 
    How many times have brand new people shown up to receive the new you?
    What if it could be possible for you to shift and transform AND have the gift of friendship? 

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    Author and Financial Advisor Barshay Graves Discusses His New Book

    in Motivation

    This episode will give the listener met insight into what it takes to become financially literate.

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    Why AM I Still Single?

    in Motivation

    As we get older, many of us both men and women sometimes have these thoughts:
    I desire a husband but we've been together for years and he won't marry me?
    I don't have a problem finding a man, its a husband that I can't get.
    We have kids and a house, but no wedding date.
    The thoughts are endless around this subject. Maybe you have other thoughts not mentioned or if any of these scenarios describe your situation or a situation of someone you know, you don't want to miss this show.
    As always, if you would like to be a guest on this show, please contact Ida Crawford or Danielle Hall. Here it's all about making a difference one mind at a time.

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    Who is this Angry Black Woman?

    in Self Help

    In this episode, I introduce myself and share some experiences with my listeners regarding why I am an angry black woman and how we can finally fix this damaging cycle.  

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