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    9TEA Day Change Your Health Challenge Info Call

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    Are you looking to lose weight? Feel better? Combat chronic illnesses? Join us for info on how to experience dramatic, positive change in your health in less than 90 days!!!

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    Date: April 5th
    Call in Number: 619-924-0736
    In todays' society, we often overlook the challenges that our young people are faced with day to day. We become insensitive to all the barriers they have to overcome. Most of our communities are plagued with gun violence, lack of mentoring or role models. Our Youth are targeted not only by gangs but also by those who have sworn to serve and protect them, the schools that are designed to educate our Youth teach them about history but none of that history involve their cultures or about their ancestors. The voices of our youth often ring silent, their accomplishments go unpraised and unrecognized, and their struggles forgotten. Instead of screaming from the top of our lungs not on our watch, not in our community because of work and what we identify as priorities and obligations we're forced to watch as this new generation hurdle pitfalls and move mountains as best practices. Today we are going to be hearing from a group of young Lions and Lioness who call themselves OUTKAST. They live in a diversified area in San Diego California called City Heights. In this episode entitled WHO WE ARE we will hear the true definition of commitment, trauma and strength and SURVIVAL. Make sure you are listening on April 5th 1:30 call and ask questions at 619-924-0736

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    To death or until we depart

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    A dad kills his babe mother and him self due to all of the issue they had going on. We going to discuss once the relationship ends let it go and work on becoming friends or learn how to work together for the kids. We also are going to discuss how not to become bitter but how to become better just because you have kids together dose not mean you will stay together. Love on you kids and yourself and allow God to send you someone that's right for you.

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    The Audacity to Put Yourself First: 3 Easy Steps to Renewing Your Power

    in Motivation

    As powerful women, we must renew our power on  daily basis. Allow this episode to be your reminder.

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    When do you know that a person is worth your attention...if they are THE one?

    in Motivation

    When do you know if a person is THE one?  At what poin do you start taking a person seriously?
    Online Dating...what to look for..when to block and when to not??
    We will also be answering a seried of listener questions.  Tune In!

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    Why AM I Still Single?

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    As we get older, many of us both men and women sometimes have these thoughts:
    I desire a husband but we've been together for years and he won't marry me?
    I don't have a problem finding a man, its a husband that I can't get.
    We have kids and a house, but no wedding date.
    The thoughts are endless around this subject. Maybe you have other thoughts not mentioned or if any of these scenarios describe your situation or a situation of someone you know, you don't want to miss this show.
    As always, if you would like to be a guest on this show, please contact Ida Crawford or Danielle Hall. Here it's all about making a difference one mind at a time.

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    Who is this Angry Black Woman?

    in Self Help

    In this episode, I introduce myself and share some experiences with my listeners regarding why I am an angry black woman and how we can finally fix this damaging cycle.  

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