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    Discard Distractions & Move On

    in Goals


    Our lives are filled with daily distractions.  It is our personal duty to discard the distractions, that prevent us from living on purpose with passion.  We must quiet the noise in our lives in order to focus on our passion and our life's purpose.

    Hear tips that Irma uses to discard disctractions and be more productive.

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    Self Love Coaching (THE REAL YOU!)

    in Relationships

    Greetings! My name is Dorothy Doctor I am a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner that specializes in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Work, Holistic Nutrition.
    My Mission is to Alleviate Relate and Connect to Emotional Healing and Health for people in transition.
    Providing Emotional Healing Support during a Divorce or Major Life Changing Event.
    Providing an Holistic Approach to  how we deal with our
    Emotional Healing and Health.
    Providing Support when going through ups and downs in life.
    Someone who will listen to your story and help you find the answer within oneself.
    Listening to real life stories on how others overcame their trials and tribulations to Emotional Healing, Health
    Knowing when to Ask for Help or Guidance
    The importance of  Emotional Healing before and after stressor situations or relationships.

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    TRUTH AND REALITY With Lisa Wilcoxon

    in Self Help

    The search for true happiness and our own authenticity is one of our deepest and most natural inclinations, yet the majority of us spend our entire lives never having found the answer to these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? These questions seem so simple, yet they are extraordinarily difficult to answer.
    But what does living authentically really mean? If we could wake up tomorrow and be our authentic selves, who would we be? What type of things would we do? In what ways would our lives change? What would it take to make you happy with your life? It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, young or old, or all things in between. The truth is that the majority of us are dissatisfied with our current states of living. This is because we are not being authentic with ourselves.
    It is time for us to
    • discover how our minds work;
    • learn how we create our reality;
    • enlarge our vision;
    • find our true selves.
    We struggle daily seeking out ways in which to make our lives reflect who we feel we are, while striving to survive, but who are we really? Who are we as individuals with individual consciousness? As a member of a society that shares a collective consciousness, w

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    Moments to Motivation

    in Motivation

    As our first broadcast, we will be talking about Manufacturing Mondays, Mental Magnificence & Mobile Motivation!

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    Self and Spirit with Anne and Seth

    in Self Help

    Todays show was all about choosing good feelings and emotions over bad. Seth told us in no uncertain terms to 'stop beating yourself' up, nothing has gone wrong at this time. Seth answered callers questions about their lifepath and connection to higher self as well as a question about which path to follow and Anne spoke with a listener about how to be successful in her light-work business.
    Music today is Long Road by up and coming Brisbane singer/songwriter Louise Darcy www.louisedarcy.com
    A spirit having a human experience. On Self and Spirit radio join Anne who provide a human perspective on all things spiritual, law of attraction, creating your reality and more. Seth, her guides come through to provide a higher perspective and talk to listeners to help them find a new way of being and thought around the very real conditions of being human living in a world on the verge of a new age and big change.

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    Master Yourself and Build Your World Part II

    in Motivation

    If you do not learn to master yourself you will be mastered by someone elses system. The mastery of self is vitally important to your success. Join in part 2 of this series as we look at how tohe bible tells us to get in control of our lifes. If you haven't already listen to part 1 of the series to learn the 8 things that you must master in order to be successful!

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    Encouraging Authenticity & Encouraging Birth

    in Self Help

    One of the most truly authentic, and courageous women I have met, Melinda Butterfield has stepped out of the norm to encourage women to be true to themselves, true to their bodies and true to the most joyful occasion a woman can experience. 
    Childbirth has become something women schedule into their day - literally. In and out of the hospital in a day or two with *poof* your baby.
    Melinda stands on the mountain top and encourages women to engage in one of the most joyful experiences they'll experience in their lives - childbirth!
    Join me as I talk with Melinda about her passion to reconnect women to the experience with childbirth - and how she's growing a business around her passion and very ON Purpose.

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    Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life

    in Self Help

    Guest: Kimberly Englot, Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Show Hhost
    The basics Taking steps The role of resilience The power of the mind Moving past disappointments Kimberly Englot lis the president and founder of the Center for Authentic Self Development. She teaches her clients to put themselves back on top of their priority list.  Author of “The Now of Happiness”,  coauthor in “Success Rituals 2.0,” and publisher of “Dump The Junk and Be Happy”.

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    in Self Help

    Find the answers to persnoal peace, joy and freedom.  Learn from twenty-eight experts in the fields of spirituality, psychology and healing how you can improve all aspects of yourself.  WHAT YOU NEED TO LIVE A SPIRITUAL LIFE is a compilation of 24 different modalites that hold the power to unleash your joy and fulfill all of your desires with the certainty of grace.  Our guest today is Ellen Strauss.
    Alice Percy Strauss is the founder and director of the Yogatsu Institute for Conscious Living and Healing Studies. She is member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, both as a practicing yoga therapist, and registered yoga therapy school. Alice is also a member of Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT-500 (highest teacher category) and a 200hour registered yoga school. She is a Certified Master Instructor in Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Reflexology with the National Therapies Certification Board, and holds a seat on their Accreditation Council. Alice has authored two books, several textbooks, and has written monthly newsletters for several healing organizations. In addition, Alice has lectured and taught internationally: Australia, Germany, Korea, and Japan. For more detailed information regarding private sessions with Alice or educational offerings at the Yogatsu Institute, she can be reached at: www.yogatsuinstitute.com   

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    Men Suffer From Domestic Violence Too

    in Self Help

    Wake Up. Stand Up. Speak Out about Domestic Violence
    This is National Domestic Violence Month 2011. On this show we will speak to a Male Survior of Domestic Violence.  Normally we hear from Woman but 15% of all DV cases affect Men.  Listen to this show and be empowered. 
    If you are deal with Domestic Violence know that there is Help, Hope and Healing call National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-79-7233 (SAFE)
    You don't have to suffer in silence anymore.

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    The 7 PreDivorce Fears that Destroy Pre-Divorce Plans

    in Self Help

    When you're thinking about divorce, there are alot of fears. 
    How will I afford the divorce?
    Where will I move?
    Will I spend the rest of my life alone?
    If you're not careful, the pre-divorce fears can paralyze your planning process... and lead you into a future filled with loss and regret.  Don't let that be you.  Join me and learn how to manage your pre-divorce fears and focus on the pre-divorce possibilities that you can take hold of now to create a life you love to look at later.  Don't miss out!

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