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    Living Your Best Life - Part 3

    in Self Help

    Learn to stay encouraged and move your life forward.

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    Top 10 things successful people have in common Part 3

    in Self Help

    Top 10 things successful people have in common

    Every day we meet, read or hear about successful people. From great artists, top sportsmen, inspiring speakers, to colleagues that everybody like, cherish and follow. What do those people have in common? Are there any particular characteristics they all share and which are the basis of their success?If you look into biographies of successful people, you can notice that they have some things in common:
    Please join our show to speak to listeners and share your success - 714-464-4893
    Upcoming Special Guest
    ( Big) Robert Martinez - Big Rob Productions
    Shelley Lee - Electrical Engineering Degree
    Crystal Lee - Hotel/Gaming Las Vegas
    Nicole Sparks - Science - Biology expert ( Co - Host )
    Ray Culberson - Director San Bernardino Youth Services
    Don Lee - University of Buffalo
    Heather Lighston - Educator - Palmdale School District
    Ardria Jordan ( AJ ) - Baxters Healthcare Corp
    Valarie Gradilla - Research UNLV

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    Intentional Eater Intro - Food, Diets, Why this always works

    in Self Help

    Why eating works. Why diets can't work. What to eat. What it means to be an intentional eater. What is a person's optimum fuel mix and what can it do for you.
    Getting what we want, even when it comes to food - still comes down to the decsions we make in each and every bite - ... looking good and having energy everyday...to be a weekend athlete getting ready for an event and the recovery that goes after it.... or a road warrior racing from one stop to the next, or a salesman - a chameleon really - changing personalities to suit his clients.
    It's time to make food serve us. p with Energy and Down with Fat in Every Meal and Snack.
    This is introduction to the Inentional Eater Education System. Learn more at Intentional Eater.com
    Dieting doesn't work. Die-ets - just means die-ing little deaths - but you've heard that joke before. Energy, stamina, strength, immune system support, janitorial services - even fat loss can only come from eating.
    This information is intended for educational purposes and to serve as a tool to proactively support your health and finess goals. This information should be used in conjuntion with your own evaluation as to how well you are achieving results. WIth this or any program, if something doesn't serve your better health, or doesn't make sense, don't do it. It's up to you to evaluate the successes of the decisions you make. Start slow or start fast success comes one decision at a time.
    Ultimately your life is about you and mine is about me. The decisions we each make must serve what we need today and tomorrow. I want to make good enough choices when I can - and this program is about making choices with what I eat to get what I want - to make food serve me.
    KNRG programs are dedicated to those who want to make better decisions for the rest of their lives.
    Thank you for joining us.

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    My Two Cents

    in Motivation

    Join Tammy today on My Two Cents!

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    M.I.N.D. and The Secret Commitment

    in Self Help

    This episode will focus on the highly acclaimed self help book, The Secret Commitment: & Keys to Goal Achievement and Transformation

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    Patrick Ryan from Awakened Wisdom - A Talk About Wisdom

    in Self Help

    Awakened Wisdom Teachings
    This show is designed to inspire those listening to touch on their wisdom and to seek it in others, despite all circumstance. 

    Holidays can bring ancient challenges to our present mind, WISDOM is always a destination worth carrying in our hearts and minds and INTENTIONS.

    Patrick Ryan is an international #1 selling author and Founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences.
    With more than 25 years experience in the field, Personal and Executive Coach, Patrick J. Ryan, has devised a vibrant professional coaching program designed for coaches, holistic therapists, teachers, counselors, HR managers, or anyone who uses coaching within their professional practice. Patrick works with those who are finally ready to: Stand out from the pack Learn coaching tools and perspective not offered in typical coach training.
      Find your ideal clients and become an outstanding professional in your niche Create a lucrative and satisfying business Help your clients reclaim their brilliance in a truly powerful way Be part of a growing global community dedicated to personal, social and global transformation.

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    Overcoming Adversity and JUMPSTART 2012

    in Goals

    In this episode Misspharmdee and Cicilaw discuss how we overcame some of our lowest moments, how we made those low moments and our haters into our motivators. This show is a MUST listen for anyone who experienced disappointment, struggle, fear, shame and heartache in 2011. We give our tips on how to bounce back, regain your focus and JUMPSTART 2012. 
    This is a no holds barred show about issues concern young black professional women.  Topics range from career advancement, goalsetting and education to relationships and entertainment news foolery.

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    Preparing for the Year 2012

    in Self Help

    This show will be the first in a series of shows that will discuss the spiritual uneasiness and uncertainty that may be causing many people distress as we approach the year 2012.  Advice and healing techniques will be introduced to assist the listeners to welcome the new time on Earth with a spiritual harmony and connectedness to God consciousness.  Listeners will learn in the coming weeks how they may tap into their gifts and talents in order to live their best lives yet!

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    The Real You-Living Your Truth

    in Self Help

    Join Veronica (Ronnie) Drake and Robin Richardson as they explore their own personal truth.  Listen in and learn how to register for a complimentary 10 minute intuitive reading. 

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    The Power of Your Spaces and Places

    in Goals

    Join Janet as she shares 8 changes you can make tonight that will impact your life. Shifting the items in your office or home can shift the energy of your life.

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    7 Secrets to Being a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur

    in Self Help

    You don't have to sacrifice your spirituality for the sake of prosperity. You don' have to sell your soul to make money in your business. Tune in to learn the 7 secrets to success as a spiritual entrepreneur.

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