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    Each One, Reach One

    in Self Help

    The Chilltop Talk Radio airs tonight, 8pm EST.
    Theme: Each One, Reach One Finding the teacher inside you.
    Hot Topic: Dandyism
    Political Highlight: Rick Santorum What on earth is he thinking running for President?
    ShowBiz: Whitney Houston and the funeral, new details about Bobby Brown and Bobby Kristina- relationship and drugs.
    Black Thought Moment: Selling Out Blacks selling out and Open Letter by me

    Call or text before the show: (631) 528-7239

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    Better Your Life

    in Self Help

    Looking for additional information to better your life? I create an atmosphere that encourages people to think outside the box, accept challenges, and stretch our sometimes-recalcitrant minds. You will be captivated by learning new and creative ways to communicate, how to set goals and accomplish them.

    I assure you, your time will be well spent. I have had a fantastic life and I am spending the rest of my life on earth sharing with you the same information companies have paid many thousands a day for. I give it freely to you, no strings attached.

    We were with Him before we were born on this earth. We made a promise to Him to do HIS Will, not ours.

    The raging Fire of Love we were born with is still in our hearts but it's been smothered. The embers are still there. Fan those embers in your heart by serving mankind and you will transform yourself into an Eternal Blessing.

    There is no Greater Power on Earth than serving our brothers and sisters. If we can just treat each other as if we are  four years old, without any hidden agendas. Helping each other, influencing each other for the good.
    Every choice we make has consequences.
    No choice is insignificant, we become what we think. Our choices determine our destiny.
    In Joseph Stein’s Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye the father said to his daughters:
    “Remember, each one of you knows who you are and what God expects you to become.”
    Love God First

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    Essential Concepts of Personal Development

    in Relationships

    Welcome! At some stage in your life, you're likely to experience some sort of emotional problem that you'd like to surmount and you're interested in arming yourself with the techniques to help you tackle those problems.
    Perhaps you're tired or fed-up with the way some things are for you now and want to find interesting and useful information to enhance your life. If so, this program is a great start.
    This is a journey into self-help and self-improvement. This program will provide an introduction to the most popular and widely used techniques for personal development by:
    * Focusing on how to use the technique yourself
    * Provide practical exercise for you to try out
    * Outlining different methods of approaching your particular goal or problem
    Good luck to you! And I wish you the best in finding the answers you're looking for.

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    "Just Stevii"

    in Goals

    You deserve to treat yourself to 15 minutes to being phenomenal! Go to your next greatest level in life and make things happen!!!

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    4 Steps to Success

    in Self Help

    4 Steps to Success  is a no cost out of pocket, step by step guide, daily method of operation to 5 streams of proven, tried income by it's coaches and members.
    Conversations will cover all questions pertaining to making money on-line, why some programs don't work and what do, understanding compensation plans, investments, and advertising you not your program, how to network, understanding SEO ( search engine optimization) your Branding, your color personality, working with personallity colors and so much more.
    If you are unemployed, under employed, struggling at financial security stop by and conversate with Deborah about how to turn that around
    Learn the Four Steps to Success

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    Urban intell Radio Show: How Valuable is Time

    in Self Help

    The Urban intell show that is put together with your host Defiance from imperial hustle Entertainment. Who speaks on some facts regarding time and something that we can all utilize when taking our time into consideration. The value the meaning. and touching base very lightly on parts of the subject.

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    Prosper in this economy

    in Goals

    No matter how much you make, you always want more. I can show you a system to grow your income rapidly in this economy!

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    Daily Mic

    in Self Help

    bringing you encouraging stories and inspiration.

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    Stop and smell the Roses

    in Self Help

    Are you rushing around and feeling like you can't get it all in?
    Take a few minutes to listen to Clara's show to get tips on how to not be overwhelmed and start to feel fullfilled!
    Call in live to ask questions, and comments!

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    Let's talk about Whitney last name Houston REJOICE IN PEACE

    in Relationships

    Sing a verse from your favorite song
    Share a memory or a lovely peom
    Many fans are hurt like myself? Let's express our love and dedication to a TRUE LEGENDARY POP STAR ARTIST
    They say Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Lets get things CLEAR about our "MISUNDERSTANDINGS"

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    Create the Life-The KRL Distinctions

    in Self Help

    Keith Russell Lee shares how you can Create the Life You Desire and Deserve by understanding certain distinctions that he offers about life.  This program is truly an eye opening experience and will transform your world.

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