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    How to Attract The Love of Your Life - with Ruth Anne Wood

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    How to Effortlessly Attract 'The Love of Your Life' (or anything else you desire) with a simple 'Success Script'...   "I attracted my '29 out of 30 Man' effortlessly and you can too..." - Says Ruth Anne Wood founder of http://www.ScriptingforSuccess.com.     Barry C. McLawhorn, Business Growth Expert, Law of Atttraction, and Manifestation explorer probes the mind of Ruth Anne Wood and uncovers the secret of her simple Success Scripting process.   Attract: Love Health Wealth Happiness Investors Ideal Clients Authority ...with simple one and two sentence Success Scripts.
      Learn the secret of delegating 'impossible tasks' to  your CEO/God.   Ruth Anne is the host of the weekly Internet Radio show - http://www.LiveYourPeace.com. Hear new episodes every week..     Missing this broadcast could cost you the love of your life and 'everything,' Tune in for 30 lightning fast minutes of 'Insider Knowledge,' with Manifestaion and Succes Scripting Coach and Expert Ruth Anne Wood guaranteed to transform your  business and your life.

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    Welcome to the PlanetoftheDuh

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    Think about this for a moment.  The basic needs of survival are Food, Clothing, and Shelter right?  How do you fulfill these needs at this moment?  Go to Walmart?  Go to a realtor?  Now consider this.  If you were able to go back in time only 100 years and ask someone “Do you know how to grow a garden, build a house, and make a dress?”, what do you think they would say?  The majority of people you would ask this of would describe in great detail their secret tomato gardening techniques, where to find the best deals on fabric, and would wonder how you forgot to build something as basic as a house!
    There were no Walmarts, shopping malls, and what I call “idiot stores”.  Sears put out a catalog that was loved by millions because it gave them the ability to acquire that which they could not produce for themselves.  Everything else was just a method of living, a lifestyle if you will.  And it was a lifestyle that was built upon surviving.  With the advent of the information age, we humans have been placed in a position in which we have this entitlement driven focus regarding the acquisition of just the basic needs necessary for our survival.
    And that’s what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about how stupid the information age has made me and what my wife and I are doing about it.  We both hope you enjoy this and Karen promises me you will.  So let’s see what happens and we’ll take it as it comes… day by day.

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    Creating a Sacred Space with Guest Shann Vander Leek

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    Listen while best selling author of the book  Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from pain to Power, Mal Duane interviews Shann Vander Leek, Transformational Goddess,  a bestselling author as well and  total Alpha Chick on how to create sacred spaces in your home and bring sacred rituals into your day.

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    WELLNESS RECOGNITION with Sylvia Harral

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    Listen as Sylvia explains decades of research identifying signs of internal health and well-being signals through external and easily identified indicators on your external body.  Fewer expensive and potentially risky lab tests to find out what's going on inside.  Amazing and revealing.

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    Dr. Katrina, Chiropractic and Breaking Through the Pain

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    Dr. Katrina Cryder is a gentle chiropractor and nutritionist. We will discuss how Dr. Katrina helps her patience  break through their pain and start bringing balance and happiness back into their lives. She looks at the whole system to better understand the challenges her patience face. Dr. Katrina is an amazing listenor and healer.  

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    What is Your Love Language?

    in Relationships

    Sylvia Flanagan, MFT discusses the 5 Languages of Love delineated by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, "The 5 Love Languages". A great way to make sure you understand what your partner needs to feel cared about and loved.  Tune in and listen and feel free to call in with any questions or chat in a question even if it's off topic!

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    "Crushing the Devil " A interveiw with Author Pedro Okoro

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    A pastor and author, Pedro Okoro became an acclaimed writer from a early age.  In 1983 when he was a teenager, he won the first prize in the national essay competition organized by Mobil oil Nigeria.  The following year,1984, he won the first prize  in an international essay contest organized by the United Nations radio, New York.  Pedro moved from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in 1996.  'Crushing the devil' is available on kindle june 26.
    Follow Pedro on twitter @PedroOkoro
    Make sure you tune into the show you don't wanna miss "Talk Big Live" with Tia DeShay and EVA

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    Life Overflowing Book Club

    in Self Help

    Bishop T D Jakes teaches in this book what it means to live in total consecration to God. He is teaching Six Pillars Loved by God, Experiencing Jesus, Intimacy With God, Life Overflowing, Celevrating Marriage, Overcoming the Enemy.  

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    Find Your Path Life Coaching Intro

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    This introduction show will provide listeners with my own personal background and journey that led me to choose to become a life coach and a survivor, rather than a victim, to life. I hope it inspires every listener to know that they are not alone and that we all have our trials that we get to decide to either use as stumbling stones or building blocks in our present and future reality.

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    Discreet Place for Women on the Web - Sssh.com

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    Join your host Nikki Leigh for an interview with the owner and founder of Sssh.com. Here is a bit of information about the website ---  http://sssh.com/
    At Sssh.com we know what ignites the female sense. How do we know? Because we are women... We are women writing articles, take the photo, telling the stories and exploring the depths of female sexuality. Everything we share with you from our videos and photos to our novels and advice, we share from our personal experience, satisfaction and sometime our dissatisfaction. Welcome to Sssh.com... come in and enjoy being a woman. We do!
    Visit Nikki at http://www.lovecoachjourney.com and the Learn to Love Accept and Respect Yourself program - http://www.the12steppingstones.com/love-yourself.html

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    It's In You

    in Self Help

    We will continue our dialogue: Are You Ready (and Willing) to Pay the Price. We all have ambitions and a lot of us are ready to move forward, we're just not willing. Why is that? In this episode, we'll explore why people are reluctant to ignite their ambition, their goals, their dreams, and how to begin.
    Tune in, dial in and join the conversation!

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