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    Passive stretches, correct breathing nutrition, relaxation and more. Are you comfortable within? Your energy changes moment to moment, can you identify your internal flux? Cleansing occurs in many ways, internal and surrounding external fields. Can you access personal space, to achieve peace and quiet at any time for personal growth?
    You are invited, to call in, to ask questions about wellness, relaxation and self healing. 'A Journey to Relaxation' to beneficially assist interest along life's transitions.
            When you believe, you can achieve!
                 Sister Re, Wellness Consultant

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    Chef Adam Graham

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    So Exited to interview with renowned Raw Food Chef and Author Adam Graham.  Adam is the Author of the The Complete Idiots Guide to Raw Food Detox as well as Taught Raw food living Internationally. 
    For more information about chef Adam Please visit:

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    Confidence with Elizabeth Hagen

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    We interviewed organizing expert Elizaeth Hagen and talked about her book.

    Confidence: Now is Your Time
    31 Days to a More Extraordinary You

    How many times have you dreamed of making something great happen in your life? In your work? In your relationships? How often have you dismissed your vision for a better life as something unattainable?

    Speaker, author, business coach, organizing expert, mom, and wife, Elizabeth Hagen shares thirty-one stories that offer dramatic lessons she's learned to help you start loving who you are and what you do right now. You'll discover the peace and beauty of taking responsibility for where you are and who you want to become. You'll learn, as she did, how to give yourself permission to be the person you were born to be.

    Elizabeth offers inspirational and practical advice to help you take care of yourself, realize the incredible value you have to offer, and connect with others as they understand you and you understand them better.

    True to its title, Confidence: Now is Your Time encourages you to build your confidence without waiting. Embrace the lessons from the stories and you'll have:

    more courage to live your life fully,

    more focus on what's important to you,

    more momentum to catapult you toward your dreams, and

    more productivity in everything you do.

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    Stress to Calm- What are the Triple A's of Calm Power?

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    Are you managing your stress or is stress managing you?
    Do you feel you are making good strides towards taking back control of you life from stress? Be honest with yourself.
    Now, most people cannot say yes, to all these questions, because there is too much doubt and fearful feelings. This radio program will answer these and other questions on reducing and relieving your stress.
    Learning about the Triple A’s that can reduce your stress and empower you to get control of your life, and taking action will give you that important edge. It is really that simple.
    From stress to the calm power of the triple A’s listen now.

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    Talking About Bullying!

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    come and join us as we talk about bullying! learn about other topics we will have and why we are doing this. listen to my story  about what i went through with bullying

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    It is a New Year! Time to do something different!

    in Relationships

    Ok...another year has come and gone....it's time to focus on what you really want to do with your life. If you have be debating with yourself about your true purpose in life....it's time to act, no more debating...no more excuses, no more procrastinating.

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    Creating Success With Access Consciousness

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    Join us on a very special call when we discuss how the tools of Access Consciousness can be used to create success in your life beyond your wildest dreams. 
    Learn the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness & experience a nurturing hands on body process known as The Bars.
    Call In Live With Your Questions!
    Come Play With Us!
    What Else Is Possible?
    In Ease, Joy, & Glory!
    Meryl Brinin & Rob Gegner

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    Fetish 4: S & M

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    Have you ever been tied up? Have you ever tied someone up? Have you been blind folded? Do you like to be spanked? Do you like to be whipped? Do you like to be humiliated? Do you want someone to treat you like a whore? Do you like hot wax? Do you like to be slapped? Do you like to dominate? Do you like to be Submissive? Have you ever been flogged? Have you ever been fisted? Do you like pain? Do you like to cause pain? S&M and everything in between.

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    Diverse Indicators of Global Change

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    Tonight, we discuss the following diverse items related to global warming:
    Chrismas day storms and tornadoes.
    Droughts and typhoons
    Deadly Dust Storms in Texas
    Major snowstorm in the Midwest
    Fiji Cyclone Evan
    Uninhabitable, Long Island homes tops 2,000
    Proposed NYC changes after Sandy
    Tsunami Debris off California

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    Vision Setting for 2013: Loren Fogelman

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    2013 is right around the corner, and it’s time you took charge of your future. Stop setting goals and resolutions then seeing them fade away before the first 30 days of the year are over. During this show Loren Fogelman, author of The Winning Point and founder of Expert Sports Performance, is pulling back the curtain on success. So tune in to learn the truth on goal setting and her #1 strategy for overcoming the obstacles that leading to breakthroughs. Clear your calendar and get a head start on your success.
    Loren strategizes with her client to excel by working smarter. People walk away from their goals all the time because they don’t possess a winning mindset. Her proven system works rapidly and effectively. Loren gets results that put you at the top of your game -- breaking barriers without a struggle! Learn more about Loren from her website: www.expertsportsperformance.com

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