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    Put Your Dreams to the Test!

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    Beverly  is the founder and owner of Beverly Kaye Watson Coaching, LLC (BKWC) a business development and leadership training company. BKWC provides keynote Speeches, Leadership Training and Coaching to individuals, groups and organizations globally. This includes leveraging Beverly’s experience, both personal and in Corporate America. She received her certification training as a speaker, teacher and coach with the John Maxwell Team (JMT) and is a Founding partner of the JMT program. She utilizes the leadership and professional development principles and practices taught by John Maxwell in order to provide exceptional training and resources for her clients. Beverly’s passions consist of learning and personal growth; as well as, helping others reach their potential. She is a Competent Toastmaster with many years of experience. Toastmaster has assisted in advancing her career by providing many venues to expand her oral and written skills. She has served as the VP of Membership with Toastmaster which is a leadership role focused on helping others to grow. She remains an active member of her Sorority with the East Point/College Park Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. And she serves a leadership committee chairperson for Clayton Regional Employer Committee (CREC). Email address: beverlywatson@johnmaxwellgroup.com Leadership website: www.beverlykayewatson.org  

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    Support & encouragement for recovering addicts & alcoholics

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    Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a daily struggle. You dont have to do it alone. Sometimes all it takes is a few encouraging words and reassurance that we are not alone and that help and support is there for us. Join in for our just for today reading or topic discussion. Call in to talk live and share whats on your mind or where your at. Just for today, we can live clean and serene.

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    Show 10 - Are You Hitting the Business Marketing Hard?

    in Motivation

    This will be a weekly LIVE show on BlogTalkRadio. We will be covering the topics that YOU want to know on how to achieve a more fulfilling life, internal piece, and the joy that only comes from living your perfect day. You will see me talking a lot more about this over the coming week. But please do me a favor 1. Get this on your calendar NOW and 2. LIKE/SHARE this around. From our free content, to our coaching, to our products we are going to change lives. There are certain times when you can make a choice to stay unhappy and unfulfilled. Or you can choose to control your own life. Make the choice. We'll see you next Thursday. Let's make this life grand. It is the only one we have.

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    Using Your Spiritual Reseviour

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    In this episode, Keesha Michelle Washington talks about the importance of tapping into your spiritual values, beliefs and prinicples in accomplishing your goals. Taking Callers throughout the show!

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    Consciously Shifting Gears -- RICH Healing™

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    Have you ever felt like you were unconsciously repeating the same patterns that led you to crash straight into a brick wall and yet you keep doing it without feeling like you had a choice? What if you always have a choice and you can blast all the have to's and need to's out of this existence and replace them with Choose to's? Would you like to Consciously Shift Gears this year & invite fresh new & exciting infinite possibilities for something far greater to show up? Does you judging you keep you stuck in overdrive? Would you like to shift & choose a different path to awareness that would allow you total ease, joy, and freedom without any road blocks getting in the way? Is now the time to shift gears and choose another path that would be more fun, rewarding, and phenomenal where you can experience a smooth and easy ride in this reality? Join Patrick Arden Mcnally & Meryl Vandana Brinin, Founders Of RICH Healing as we take you on a joy ride to consciousness.
    Being in the Fun and Excitement of Sex and Playfulness Free Tele-class Wednesday Jan 30th at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern / 12 AM GMT http://richhealing.com/freesexteleclass   You can also catch the replay by singing up at that link to even after the call =)   RICH Healing™ Phone / Skype sessions with Patrick or Meryl are $135.  To learn more and to sign up for a session, go to: http://richhealing.com/rich-healing-sessions/ For more information on Patrick and Meryl and RICH Healing™, and for a Free MP3 Guided Healing Journey through Consciousness, visit: http://richhealing.com/

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    Felice & her G-father speaking Re:book "What Papa Told me"

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    In Honor of the International Day of Commenoration of the Holocaust. 
    I'm so pleased to announce that Felice whom was a previous guest on the show will be joining us again with her grandfather!
    For anyone that missed our episode with Felice Cohen, you will not want to miss todays show!  She wrote the book, "What Papa Told me" 
    What Papa Told Me, written by Felice Cohen, the granddaughter of a Survivor, is the story of Murray Schwartzbaum, a young Jewish boy from Poland, whose courage and sheer will to live helped him survive eight different labor and concentration camps in the Holocaust, start a new life in America, and keep a family intact in the aftermath of his wife’s suicide.

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    What Do You Really Expect Of Yourself?

    in Self Help

    What are you really capable of? In this episode we'll explore how fear, self-limiting beliefs and labels placed on ourselves are at the root of our struggles to succeed and how to break through these obstacles to get more out of life

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    Chasing a Feeling

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    I will continue to speak about following your passion and tapping into your intuition to live authentically. Avoiding distractions, following your bliss and getting out of your head and into your body are ways to accomplish this. 

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    Meditation to keep your energy clean and balanced

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    Join us for a guided meditation I call Centering in the Three R's.  Doing this meditation daily for 15 minutes will help you keep your energy high, tuned and aligned during this exciting and action packed 2013.
    This Youtube by stillsoundlyawake (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=0Jyj3g8yMpQ,) provides one of the best meditative sounds I've encountered.  I suggest you access this and play it in the background as we do the guided meditation.  They will be a perfect complement. 
    This meditation will help you clean out your day's energy trash bin and rebuild and reconnect to your highest vibration in a matter of minutes.  It will also disconnect you from those pesky energy vampires in your life. You will be left feeling balanced and grounded and connected to your inner Source.
    Note: Because my phone is voice activated, music played in the background fades in and out during a meditation.  Hence my suggestion that you use this Youtube for background.

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    First Call In

    in Self Help

    Everyone does it, why keep it on the down low? We wanna hear what you have to share!

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    Hour of Power Prayer That Availeth Much

    in Self Help

    The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,        
     James 5:17b
    It is written, "Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him". Join me as we pray the prayer of faith as we make our petitio known unto God.

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