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    Success is in your Mind

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      What you think is directly proportional to your success. What you think about and how you think about it, can make or break you.
    This show will challenge your beliefs and reveal how you can start mastering the power of your mind.
    You'll want to listen for an awesome offer from our guest near the end of the show!
    My guest, Andrew Shepherd is a British entrepreneur who was raised helping out in his mother's restaurant. From 2000 he was the owner and founder of the successful Language school, ‘Mr. Brit idiomas.’ 
    Having seen his mother struggle with a restaurant which did little more than survive and then seeing his own business, a language school, do the same; these experiences propelled him to find how he could turn things around. Believing that the mind is the most powerful thing that exists and that ALL is possible, he set about finding out all that he could.
    His vision is for every human being to be the greatest they can be, to achieve and have whatever they wish for and to have an abundance of health, wealth and happiness. This is achievable through Mindset Mastery.
    You can learn more about Andrew at www.shepherdcoaching.com

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    Yes? No? Maybe...? AGAIN!

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    Alright, we're going to try this again! Today's show will be what I meant to discuss two weeks ago, but couldn't due to technical issues.
    Do you find decision making to be difficult? Are you always putting things off 'till "later"?  Procrastination and indecision are things we're all familiar with, and at some point both have left us all cowering in a corner trying to figure out what to do.  
    Tune in as Angela talks discusses the 'Indecision Monster' and the 'Procrastination Beast', and shares useful solutions to tame them.

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    The Power of Surrender

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    Too often we feel we have to control every aspect of our lives yet often, we run into pickles and obstacles and literally can't come up with the answers and solutions fast enough. Overwhelm, panic and anxiety can pop up, thus, creating even more challenges and problems. When these times happen, there's a little gift we can choose called Surrendering. Today, Extreme Dream Radio Host and Certifed Life Coach and Corporate Trainer, Laurie A. Santos, will share why we should surrender and what power it actually brings us.

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    Do you compare your relationships? with Janai Johnson

    in Self Help

    Janai Jonhnson is a mother of two. She has had her ups and downs as far as relationships goes. I am speaking with her tonite to get the dirty on how she view her personal relationships and advice that she has given others that compare their present relationships to their past relationships.
    I have heard many people say that they compare their relationships. I have also heard many people say that they do not. I feel that comparing comes natural but it shouldn't get in the way of your present situation.

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    We're Back!

    in Motivation

    Uping the ante'

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    PYHORadio - Interview with Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D.

    in Self Help

    I will be talking with Annika about Syd Banks, the pioneer of the Three Principles that are changing the face of human psychology, the Three Principles and Annika's upcoming retreat on Sustainable Relationships at the beginning of July

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    How To End Drama

    in Self Help

    This is my apology, my handshake, and bro hug if accepted. As humans, we have the ability to make mistakes and offend people without meaning to. Please listen, and try to understand what I am saying.

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    Judah Roars

    in Self Help

    This show interviews recording artist, producers, upcoming artists, plays music, and discuss bible topics. At announced times will open line for questions and answers.

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    MEMES-Transporters of CULTURAL AIDS

    in Self Help

    Afreekan Descendants have been infected with CULTURAL AIDS.  Living the europeans cultural story has led to the destruction of Afreekan Culture that includes our Spiritual System of MA'AT.
    The question is HOW? HOW is it that we have fallen so very far from our Legacy and Heritage?  HOW is it that we continue to self-destruct when we KNOW BETTER?  WHY do we not do better?
    Brother Brandon and Sis. Abena are prepared to answer those questions..  It's the MEME'S!!
    Tune in to learn more about them and HOW THEY WORK!
    Every Thursday evening @ 11:00pm we will break it down and make it plain....so we can FIX IT by providing the Anti-Virus needed....and COUNTER THE SYSTEM OF RACISM/WHITE SUPREME LUNACY
    Call in at 347-327-9927 with your questions or comments.
    Brandon Jones M.A. is a Counter-Racist Behavioral Health Scientist and currently working to obtain a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
    Abena Afreeka M.S.S. is a Social Worker, Family Therapist and Traumatologist

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    Surviving Unexpected Losses and a Long Desert Season

    in Self Help

    Kris Cavanaugh is a Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and ICF Certified Coach having over 20 years of experience training and mentoring individuals.
    Her company 'Shift' specializes in helping individuals and companies produce more consistent results and increase their effectiveness so that their businesses, organizations, departments and personal lives thrive.
    Kris is an expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult circumstances to obtain the results they truly desire.
    Last year, Kris found herself in her own Desert Wasteland, losing everything she had worked so hard to build; her marriage, her home, her dogs, her financial welfare and her business were taken away almost overnight... yet after a year of a very dry desert season she emerged not only victorious but vivacious, more alive than ever before and totally rededicated to Life and helping others reap its many rewards and blessings!
    Today Kris joins Carrie on the show to share the rawness of her journey and struggle and the joy she's found in overcoming.  Today's segment is going to be empowering and life-changing so be sure to join us!

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