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    The Co-Creating Show

    in Motivation

    The Co-Creating Show welcomes a wonderful writer, Candace Walsh, to discuss her memoir and anthology about coming out as a lesbian after marriage. Candace Walsh is the author of Licking the Spoon: a Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity (Seal Press, 2012). She is also the co-editor, with Laura André, of Dear John, I Love Jane: Women Write About Leaving Men for Women (Seal Press, 2010), a Lambda Literary Award finalist; and the editor of Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On (Seal Press, 2009). She is the managing editor of New Mexico Magazine and was the features editor at Mothering magazine. Her articles, essays, and poems have been published in various national publications and the Huffington Post. She recently served as faculty at the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat. She's on Facebook, and on Twitter @candacewalsh and at www.candacewalsh.com

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    The Myths About Money And Love

    in Relationships

    There are a lot of myths about how money affects love. Tune in to find out how the right perspective on money can double the odds you will find someone amazing.

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    Rockin' it with Shane Coleman, Founder of Heroes of Life

    in Motivation

    Meet Shane Coleman, rockin' and rollin' positive changes in the lives of young people.
    Shane is founder and C.E.O of Heroes of Life, a non profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of at risk youth and young adults via the medium of music and entertainment. 
    Hear this celebrated boomertarian share how his childhood dream manifested into a living reality.    

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    LAR presents: Lyfe's Ingredients with Sunshynne - Adama

    in Self Help

    Living Aligned Radio presents... Lyfe's Ingredients with Sunshynne Today's Topic:  The Ingredients of LYFE and FREEDOM Today's special guest is Adama of Adama Speaks!!!   Adama is, Spirit Earth Mother, Daughter of Beauty, Queen,The Voice of Resurrection, Heraldess of the Establishment of the Eternal Government; Minister on behalf of Conscious Cosmic Citizenship; a now age ideal for harmonization, unification, and reconciliation with the truths of Existence laboring to establish Creator-knowledge, creation-knowledge and self-knowledge as key to liberation and emancipation for All Orders of Being; facilitating the re-orientation, regeneration, and re-education of individual and collective souls as to the individual’s collective identities, purposes, duties and responsibilities inherent in Conscious Being. A Radio Talk Show Producer and Host of The Meeting of the Inner Circle providing Atlanta and surrounding communities with inspirational, motivational, life-supporting and life transforming messages and music dealing with pertinent issues related to our individual and collective health, wellness and wholeness which are the Issues of Resurrection. A Creative Expressionist and much, much more!!!   Let's take it to the kitchen, cause it's about to get hot in here!     Contact info:  www.adamaspeaks.com adamaspeaks@gmail.com   Lyfes's Ingredients offers solution-based ideas, awareness, systems, tools, recipes, if you will, that enables us to discover basic ingredients to whip up some delicious, delectable, mouth-watering recipes; the things we want to experience in our lyves.   Contact info: lyfesingredients@gmail.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livingaligned

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    Getting your SBA Certification!

    in Self Help

    Due technical difficulties during our first try at this, we wili do this again!
    Join me today as we go over the process of becoming SBA certified.  With an SBA certification, millions of dollars become available like never before.  It is a time consuming process and many misconceptions and it for these reasons many do not get it. 
    Special certification is available for business that gross less than $2M a year, women owned companies, minority owned companies and vet owned companies. 
    Join us as we take you through the process.  Feel free to call with any questions you may have, if calling live. If not, all questions may be emailed to info@sfjohnsonconsulting.com or visit our site at www.sfjohnsonconsulting.com.

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    501C3 Info, Answers & Training

    in Self Help

    Get 501C3 information, answers and easy to understand training from 501C3 specialist, Jennipher Williams, who has prepared hundreds of 501C3 applications since 2001 with 100% IRS approvals for new applications and reinstatements.  She also formed a Nonprofit Academy which easily explains everything!
    Visit us on the web today.

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    in Self Help

    Tamare II Online Radio, in association with ICU Online Radio, is pleased to present to you a special preview of the most anticipated conscious event of the summmer - Summit of the Moors!
    Summit of the Moors is more than an Idea. It has become a vision and applicable vehicle of creating economic security. The summit is the gateway to meeting our family from across the country and building on the viable ideas. We all want to see our people creating Independent Group Economic Systems across the globe. Summit of the Moors is beyond the “conversation” demonstration is on the APPLY phase.
    On this show, you'll hear from some of the speakers who will be at the summit. The summits are always free. We are about putting our money where our mouth is. This only goes to show those who are ready to secure wealth, and uplift fallen humanity. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

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    Clearing The Limitations Of Sexual Abuse

    in Self Help

    Watch this video:http://youtu.be/AgdNR0pGDO0
    Have you been sexually abused? Do you know someone close to you who has? Have you acted out your abuse upon another? Do you ever find yourself stuck in the energy of blame,shame,regret,guilt,anger,rage,hate,addiction,compulsion,obsession,fear,doubt... love... relationship??? Do you know that these things are limiting you from being ALL of the gift you truly be to yourself, your dear ones, and the world? Would you like to choose something different but keep feeling yourself pulled back into old patterns, old abuses, old points of view, old thoughts, feelings, and emotions that overwhelm the joy and happiness of being you that you know is possible? What if there is a different possibility? What if there were some easy tools that you could use to transform the way you function in the world? What if you could use the experiences you've had to change your life the lives of everyone around you? What if you could choose to create EVERYTHING you desire in your life with total ease?
    Join me on the show. You will be entering a space of no judgement, a space of total allowance, a space of healing the separation that sexual abuse creates. You will be entering a space of hope

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    Turning Point

    in Goals

    AUGUST 1:  Co-hosts Ric Morgan and Patricia Urbonas Clark
    welcome Darlene Hunt, President/Casting
    Director/CEO of Extraordinary Casting.  Darlene
    has almost 20 years 
    of Extras Casting experience.
    EOC has casted almost 250,000 Extra Roles, Stand   Ins, Photo Doubles, and Actors in over 100   Videos, Commercials and Print.   Hunt, who founded the agency in 2005 with daughter Rachel Komar, shares their secrets of suc

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    The Big Easy

    in Self Help

    This episode will reflect on lIfe and how many things that seem "comfortable" or "easy" may not take us in our desired direction. Yet the important things we have to or should do are harder to do. Doing/being easy doesn't always make life fun and over time we may have regrets. But there is a Positive Perspective to void easy.

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    Long Day's Journey into Life with Author Gideon Nielsen

    in Self Help

    What's in a backpack?  And how many years can you fit into yours?   Most people can’t even leave their front door.  Fear can prevent or motivate you towards achieving greatness.  27-year old Danish author Gideon Nielsen shares the triumphs and tribulations of the past three years of his tender life, walking into the unknown and living out of a backpack traversing from Australia to Canada to Costa Rica, Norway, US, Mexico and Saint Martin Island.    If you're curious and excited to find out what Gideon discovered, and how he survived with just a backpack, explore his journey with us as he reveals his manifesto!   www.journey-navigator.com   Can't wait?  Here's a teaser:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq602vw27uI    

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