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    From the bottom-up by Stanley L. Scott       “African Americans have forgotten the hard road of slavery our ancestor's traveled to get us to this point. It's a shame we have allowed the values that once strengthened us to be replaced with materialistic consumption and the "I" mentality embraced by class division. We who assume we have attained equality in America are "stuck on stupid" and blocking the way for true equality in education, healthcare prevention and prosperity for the majority of African Americans.”
    Excerpt: Life Out of Context by Walter Mosley, AlterNet. Posted March 24, 2006.
    “Since natural reasons are not motivating us to unite, we have to create a rallying point -- a reason for us to get together and work as one.
    The following is an excerpt from Walter Mosley's ''Life Out of context'' (Nation Books). If the circumstances of life don't bring us together and force us to act in concert, then we must create our own circumstance. This seems to be a self-evident truth. Being an artist, not unlike the venerable Public Intellectual whose presentation sent me on this path of investigation, I feel that it is my duty to try to construct a system that will illuminate those important issues we all have in common. Only in this light can we see each other and transcend the tyranny of the pocketbook.
    Famous author Walter Mosley “Life out of context” defined the present day life of the African American community. The lack of African American methodology leadership from the religious, political, educational and business ranks is the major causes of 60 to 70 percent of African Americans living life out of context today.”

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    Logical Soul Talk - The Last Show!

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    Dr. Michael Craig has announced that, after five great years of being a part of the Blog Talk Radio Universe, its time to call it quits for his regular weekly radio spot Logical Soul Talk. This one-hour April Fool Special will feature guests from many of the last few years calling in, as well as everyone singing Happy Birthday to Michael's sister Page. 
    While Michael will still be presenting great interviews and podcasts on powerful how-to subjects, his regular live show will be discontinued except for the occasional special guest appearance.   
    Call in live between 6-7 pm EDST to (347) 843-4544 and say Hi!  This is your chance to be a part of the Logical Soul Talk archives and to wish Michael and other guests and friends a successful Bon Voyage!

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    Intro to treating women well..

    in Relationships

    My name is clinton smith...I am hosting a show on how men should treat women and their families...I was one of those guys who didnt treat women and my family correct...so join me for some po

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    Hypnotist DJ Frost Presents "Positive Words" "Techno Trance Consciousness"

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    Hypnotist DJ Frost of DJFrostStudios.com presents "Positive Words" "Techno Trance Consciousness".  DJ has created some of the most incredible techno trance hypnosis positive mind programming remix music imaginable.  This "Positive Words" remix can be played when you're exercising, driving or simply taking a walk to help you focus, imagine and become inspired about your life while in a conscious state of self hypnosis.  There's too much negative messages around you, isn't it time to let the positive through to you now?

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    A New, Passionate You!

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    It's been a while, but Passion Series is back to ignite passion in you and chit-chat over coffee. We are looking forward to a new season. We are excited to share with you!

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    i love ME!! i love ME!! i love ME!! haha does that sound silly?

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    does the statement I LOVE ME (MYSELF) make you uncomfortable- maybe you want to run out of the room?? does it sound like someone is being stuck up and conceited? its ok most people think and feel this way- i sure did!! most of us are not taught about the concept of loving ourselves- i am here today to help shift this statement from being uncomfortable to feeling as natural as taking a breath. the relationship that you have with yourself is the most important of all!! lets discuss this and have FUN trying it out. to get even more resources on this topic please grab a copy of YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE from the beautiful Louise L. Hay-

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    Speak Into Existence with Rene Reyes

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    Speak Into Existence is the spiritual dogma of Rene Reyes which she shares in four segments 
    (1) The Pleaser Spirit
    (2) The Professional Spirit
    (3) The Familia Spirit
    (4) The Spiritual Spirit
    About Rene Reyes:Her mission:
    Rene Reyes International
    Our Mission Statement:
    To coach each committed, serious entrepreneur how to secure their next level of success and to speak with invigorating passion to thousands of people around
    the entire world until their personal and professional breakthrough appears!This will be achieved by a very concise systematic process I call "Business DNA. Also, in my One-on-One coaching sessions, I guarantee success and results in writing with a full 6 month commitment from coaching clients!!
    With so many fascinating layers etched onto her creativity and success canvas, Millionaire Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Songwriter and Producer René Reyes of Portugal is one of the most exciting mentor, entrepreneur coaches or speakers to take center stage!
    Migrating to the United States and adjusting to the new world and culture around her; The European-Afro-Puerto Rican mixed Rene' Reyes and her family would find themselves facing adversity, homelessness and tragedy. So from a very young age, René knew achieving success and owning her rightful calling in life, she could survive anything!
    Therefore, after completing undergraduate degrees in Social Sciences, Physics and Chemistry, and a Master's degree in English Rhetoric/Composition; René attended Law School to help fight for justice in the murder of her daughter. (full bio at www.renereyesinternational.com)

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    " Signs you might have a fear of failure", and how to overcome your fears!

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    What is fear? The fear of failure can cause us to not follow our dreams and meet up to our God given destiny. Fear can be so crippling that the motivation to avoid failure can exceed the motivation to succeed. There are steps that we can take to avoid the pitfall that is fear. On this episode of soulxpression radio, I will discuss my personal experiences with fear and what I am doing to overcome my fears and accomplish my dreams.

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    Accountability or A Loving Mirror | Live Powerfully Radio

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    Relationships, accountability, encouragement?  Do you have someone who fully supports you in your greater purpose and do they hold you accountable?  What does it mean to have a Loving Mirror?  What is a Loving Mirror anyway?  It was once said that "Relationship is a mirror in which you can see yourself, not as you wish to be, but as you are."
    Thank you for tuning into Part 2 of this 7 part series on Living Powerfully.  In todays episode, I will be sharing with you what it means to have a Loving Mirror, why it is important, and how to put your Loving Mirrors into place and create an alliance to move you forward to reach your goals and achieve those dreams and desires burning within you.
    Welcome to Live Powerfully Radio where you will learn Simple and Practical Steps to assist you in Living a Life You Love everyday. --- I am your host, Fabiola Murphy of fabiolamurphy.com and Creator of Live Powerfully on Purpose Coaching where I provide 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring empowering YOU to live the life you love.  You can connect with me at FB where I share daily tips and inspiration on how you can Live Powerfully on Purpose.
    If you are interested in coaching, mentoring, or a Loving Mirror for yourself email me at Fabiola@fabiolamurphy.com 
    If you want more prosperity in your life, I have created a special gift for you.  Go to www.ProsperityAfformations.com to receive your gift or just click the link in the description to receive your prosperity afformations today.

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    What do you DO when your PAST creeps into your PRESENT...

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    Got an EX who suddenly calls but you are dating someone else? Contacted by a girlfriend of an EX and you haven't been with him in years or months? When things are working out in a current relationship, do you find yourself going back to an EX? Do you keep comparing someone you are currently dating to an EX? Is there someone in Your PAST you would like to leave in Your Past but they keep showing up in your PRESENT? WHAT DO YOU DO?
    GIRLFRIEND LET'S TALK !  JOIN THE CONVERSATION!!! and Share your stories...

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    Katie Corlett's Preface for Life Class: Preparing for our Journey Together

    in Self Help

    Hey everyone, welcome to the show! I am so thrilled to have you here:) This is the preface to my first class of many that will explore the "notes" I have attained from studying the "greats" to everyday people. I listened & studied their perspectives throughout the years & have complied a very exciting, thought provoking course to enable us to truly live the lives we instinctively desire. "If you build it, they will come"~Field of Dreams
     Follow me ,stay tuned for Broadcast 1 of Lifeclass to find out how you can change your life &become enlightened with easy to implement principles."Preparing for our Journey Together" is important to prepare for future broadcasts. It's a preface for yourself & mind for the journey ahead & how to make the best of it. My future "Life Lessons" are based on recognition of where we are in our lives & plunging back to the basics. Recreate your life starting from the beginning.THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE. I would encourage you to understand you are going to do the biggest favor for yourself!  Music is a key component to life. Each episode will end with an awesome song:)

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