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    How to Get Emotional Closure in Life

    in Motivation

    Hello family, friends, and fans!
    As usual, you don't want to miss this episode. Still ironing out the details, but as always, it's always full of laughter, real talk, emotion, sometimes tears, lots of love, passion, with my personality rolled in. Your patient and continued support has been nothing but amazing. You all hold a special place in my heart. So... this Wednesday... join me at 9 PM (the usual time) while I get into comfy clothes, pour myself a glass of wine and sit on the couch to talk to you all about the past three months.

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    El arte curativo de los libros

    in Relationships

    ¿Puede la lectura mejorar el estado de ánimo de uno? ¿Sirve para enriquecer el espíritu? ¿Qué tipo de lectura debo de leer? Por siglos la lectura ha sido como herramienta curativa de muchos males. En el programa del miércoles 10 de septiembre estaremos conversando con ávido lector, publicador de libros, y un buen amigo que sencillamente disfruta de la buena lectura, el Sr. Luis Gonzalez Argueso. No se pierda este programa tan interesante que te dará las herramientas para elevar el espíritu.

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    A Secret to Apple's Launch Success - Vedic Astrology?

    in Self Help

    Apple continues to repeat incredible product launches.  Apple's PR and product creation are an art to observe. Separate from the development and design of sleek, sought after products, Apple is KNOWN for its incredible launch formulas.  
    Check out the 9/9 launch of 2014. http://www.apple.com/live/
    Case in point: the iphone 6 launch of 2014 (and of iphone 5 in 2013, as I will show you in this show)
    1. An event is scheduled which is kept "secret", but is rumored by companies and individuals close to Apple, like www.Macworld.com for instance.
    2. The event is really a way to create buzz about the immanent announcement of the companies next product features - this could be the next iphone, ipad, iwatch or even new, new products!
    3. I posit that the Event days, and the first day the new product is available curiously land on the special days found in my Conscious Calendars.  www.ConsciousCalendars.com 
    4. The first day of iphone sales in 2013 and 2014 are a GREEN DAYS.  What are green days you ask?  They are incredible days that are predicted ahead of time to be great days for commerce, excitement, celebration and beginning new endeavors according to Vedic Astrology.  Green days are days that stem from the Eastern astrology system foundation called Vedic astrology here in the West.  This elite system has helped leaders choose special days for everything from treaties, diplomatic events, wealth preserving weddings and important celebratory events.  Now, these principles have made their way into mainstream America, and the cutting edge companies are likely secretly using these principles to direct successful launches.
    My case in point - Apple launches!
    Apple keeps picking these days.  Is it coincidence or are they using the ancient system to help launch their exciting new products?

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    Victorious Living with Charles Eduardos

    in Self Help

    Who do you need to become to live your dream? Is your past your primary focus? Or a clear vision of the future? What's really going on just beneath your conscious awareness? How is your auto-pilot programmed? Is it getting you where you want to go?
    Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want to stop self-sabotage, and achieve personal mastery? Then, be transformed by renewing your mind! 
    Join Charles Eduardos and his guest, Natalie Forest Monday at 3:00PM and learn about how your mind operates, so you can start operating your mind more effectively and transform your Dreams, into Plans, into Reality!
    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/victorious-living/2014/07/21/victorious-living-with-charles-eduardos#ixzz37TAsDVOx

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    Let Me Introduce You to Yourself - Your True Self

    in Self Help

    Finding your true self is, in essence, a journey of self-acceptance.  Of knoiwing who you are and knowing your perception can change at any minute.  Giving yourself a break, and loving yourself as is, is one of the most important messages of Rhonda Britten's book; Fearless Living.  Becoming true to your best self takes courage.  We will be coming to the end of our live broadcasts and have shared tools and strategies that can be revisited in order to continue on this journey we began together, this journey that does not end.   

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    EpicLove w/ Tobin&Lorina ~ Find the Treasure/Transform the Crap in Deep Intimacy

    in Relationships

    Join relationship coaches and co-hosts Tobin Giblin and Lorina Manzanita as they share insights and inspiration on how to navigate the icky stuff that rises up to the surface in the wake of deep love and intimacy.  Learn how to recognize and heal the wounds of the past to help you cultivate Epic Love.
    Bring healing awareness to the cycle of deepening intimacy and rising difficulty (aka the flotsam and jetsam effect) The importance of the the loving ourselves through it Distinguishing between the ghosts of the past and the present moment reality Learn about implicit memory’s role in our unconscious relationship patterns Learn tools and skills to metabolize and navigate the wounded places in your psyche Recognize when your inner child is activated and meeting it with love and compassion Tips to hold a healing space for your partner when they get triggered The importance of reality checking  Get familiar with the natural arch of healing old traumas Staying inside your body and heart rather than leaping outside of yourself and thus perpetuating self-abandonment and drama   Liberate life force by transforming uncomfortable emotions and sensations with loving presence  

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    The Goal Wizard Show Episode 165

    in Self Help

    To-day I'll talk about having a major definite purpose in your life and how this idea has affected me in my own Journey of Life

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    Nathanial Brooks-UM football

    in Relationships

    Conversation with a miami legend !!

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    Reaching out to the Nation of Islam

    in Self Help

    I said that things about the Minister to some that maybe unforgivable. So I would like to apologize to my brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam.

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    This is a Test of the Blog Talk Radio System

    in Motivation

    This is only a test

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    Living life loud(:

    in Motivation

    This is the kick off of my very own radio show haleluyah!!!...I want you to set this time and date in you calender so we can encourage one another and so that we can share our victories as well as our praise reports.Remember when on of us have a victory we all have a victory when one of us is going through we are all going through...What is your story?Did you ever consider sharing your story for God's glory?Do you know that there is some people that are waiting to hear your story so that they can gain wisdom and insight so that they can get clearity on the very thing that God has delivered you from....Call into share your story I want to hear from you and so do others.....#yourstory#hisglory#delivered#setfree#nolongerdefinedby the world#nolongerashamed#

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