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    What's Going On? OPEN MIKE NIGHT w/ Queen Tahiyrah, Star Bwoy & Brother C

    in Motivation

    WHAT'S GOING ON with
    Queen Tahiyrah (Cincinnati)
    Brother C (Indianapolis) &
    Star Bwoy (Houston)
    FriNIGHT 6:30pmEST
    Tell us what YOU think about What's Going On?
    Around YOU In the World and in Your Community
    Friday August 8, 2014 6:30pm EST 

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    ReWorked Radio w/ Darrell Owens

    in Self Help

    Join in the conversation with the most progressive self help radio show on the east coast with Darrell Owens. The conversation deals with Love, Sex, Faith, God, & everything Taboo everyday from 2-3pm.

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    Starting over again or starting anew?

    in Self Help

    Starting over yet again can be extremely overwhelming. It may be time to look at things from a different perspective. Why not look at it as starting anew. Because if you look at it as starting over then you are going to be making the exact same mistakes. Starting anew means everything is new, where you live, your jobs, your friends, your NEW LIFE.  The mindset has to change to accept this new way of thinking of things as well. How can you look at things with this new perspective?? Let's talk about it.

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    Splitting the Velvet Dark with Aaron Mott

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    The poems in Splitting the Velvet Dark cover the life of a wife and mother struggling with depression and anxiety. They speak of the transcendence felt by planting strawberries to avoid a breakdown, and the peace that comes from driving a green Plymouth through the countryside.
    "Elaine Mott is a poet of accuracy and reverence. Her poems, ceremonial and intense, are grounded in city life and garden life, in the cycles of nature and emotion. Her voice is genuine and immediate. We hear it with the sense she is right next to us, singing directly to us."
    Aaron Mott is the son of Elaine Mott. Aaron is also an actor and has appeared in seven episodes of AMC's show Turn. 

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    How Truth Life

    in Motivation

    and how a big truth got real ,by Tzvi Freeman

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    Anthony Mossburg- The Voice of Hope and Healing

    in Self Help

    Anthony Mossburg is a multi-award-winning acoustic artist from WV who is currently residing in Columbus, OH. What most of us express only in words, Anthony shares in song - with raw, gutsy, open, and honest music. His life is a continual adventure of unearthing truth, revealing personal struggles, celebrating successes, and helping others do the same. His life was spared at the last moment from a scheduled abortion. After losing a career in football due to numerous injuries, Anthony survived a tumultuous season in college until meeting a youth pastor who invested in his life. Both his story and his work draw people in as he helps them connect to the heart of God to find hope and healing through the struggles in their own lives. Anthony is known for writing moving lyrics, creating melodies which stick with you long after the songs are over, and for his deep, rich, unforgettable voice. Anthony won the Pointfest Talent Competition for Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. He was chosen to lead the Legacy of Freedom concert tour to fight child sex trafficking in the United States and “Can Anyone Hear Me Now” was written to help in this cause.

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    We're back - and talking about basketball, Special Olympics and new projects.

    in Self Help

    After way too long of a break, the NETworthy show is back and we've got a ton to talk about. Where have we been and why the absence? It's been a long year run up to the 2014 Special Olympics National Summer Games in Vancouver, for both myself and the team I coach - 3 years in actuality. How did we do? Tune in - many of you may know the outcome, but the details of the week are anything but minor. I couldn't have asked for more heart stopping drama without ensuring the presence of a defibrillator.
    So I'll talk about the Games, the team, the absolute beauty of the human potential, where we, as a family and a team, have been and where we are going. We have started to reach out beyond our immediate geographical vicinity to engage as many as possible in a vision for a future that we are wanting to create for our son and his peers, and want to encourage anyone to give us feedback and join in the journey. So that is on the program agenda as well.
    This program has had many downloads and live listeners, and I really hope I can offer a reason to call in and engage in a dialogue about anything planned and presented or something that might be triggered in the listener during the show.  

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    FAITH in 5 Episode 3

    in Motivation

    One FAITH-filled word can change your day and your life forever! Feed your faith with Tina Mallette EVERY FRIDAY for a powerful, time friendly,5 minute or less word of encouragement to start you on your day and motivate you on your way to your miracle!!

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    in Motivation

    "Live for REAL!"
    Friday, August 1, 2014
    Episode 1: Are You Living?
    Marco Brooks will share and discuss the moment he discovered and began to live a full life. TUNE IN FOR THE FULL STORY AND DISCUSSION. Life is a journey filled with many experiences, moments, and lessons to embrace and learn, and it can all become a routine. We get up and go to work every single day, provide for our families, and we even try to throw in some "fun" time, and somehow we define this as living a full and purposeful life. How many of you have really been living your lives to please others, but meanwhile, you are not self-fulfilled. You have happiness at times, but rarely inner peace. You have a passion and a gift, but your life does not match with what you know you are purposed to be. You are simply surviving and existing. YOU ASK YOURSELF? Am I living my life?
    in*Sp.ire You: I encourage you to keep praying and believing. God hears, loves, and is with you. Jesus is right beside you, and His Spirit lives in you. Pray again, and about EVERYTHING. The journey to discovering your inner peace requires paying attention to your choices, and depending on God to help you become the best reflection and representation of Jesus Christ. It is important to pay attention to your life. Both good and bad experiences will develop your faith, and ultimately, you will arrive at your purpose and destiny. You are closer now, than when you first believed. Remember, to Live Love, Live Life, and Live for REAL...Until Next Time...All Things!

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    How To Embrace Your Faith In Dating

    in Relationships

    Author of several successful book Dedric speaks to the faith of dating in which in this episodes he shares what keep most single people from actually finding the mate God has for them so as he lays the groundwork for dating. Many will see his thought process is not that of society, the world, or church tradtions as he expounds on the nature of the dating scene. 

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