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    Jenny Brown is the award-winning director and head of strategy of JBS Financial Strategists, a boutique financial planning company in Melbourne that specialises in SMSFs and personal risk insurance.  She’s also proudly the 2013 AFA Financial Adviser of the Year and the FSSmileys Scholar of the Year.  Jenny offers more than 22 years’ experience in the financial planning industry.  Her business is about building relationships, which has enabled her to grow JBS into the thriving and progressive practice it is today, backed by a lively and dedicated team of advisers and specialists.  Her great passions are social media and networking, but she’s equally driven to help women in business and sits on several business advisory boards.  

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    Endlessencouragement with Myra

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    Jana Flaig My cancer experience establishes my credibility for knowing fear, and the experience through which I learned to Fight Fear. Cancer was my hardship, but others Fight Fear that comes with divorce, job loss, foreclosure, etc.  The focus is not which hardship your listeners experienced; the focus is learning practical tips to knock out the fear that comes with any life challenge.  Other than a brief 1-2 sentence background as fear expert (Stage 3c ovarian cancer survivor "who's greatest battle was against fear that overwhelmed her and threatened to defeat her."), the interview is on to the talking points of Fighting Fear.

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    Lady Advice Talk Radio

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    My mission is to provide great advice to people that are in need of guidance in life. I'm just here to help give you that extra push you need to go to that next level!
    Hello and welcome to everyone joining for the first time. If you would like to ask something to Lady Advice you can do so two ways: 1. Post your question in chat or 2. Email me at ladyadvicecolumn@gmail.com. Thanks for joining!

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    My First Time!

    in Relationships

    I'm nervous, but the Holy Spirit fills me with motivation! This is my very first show! A perfect show time! So you can listen in while you're crafting or watching your soaps! Tune in for some FABULOUS tips on mothering, and being the BEST, and most Godly housewife possible! I pray that the Lord opens up this time slot for you to listen! :)

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    Creating your reality!

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    Join me ( Jacqui Grant) on Step Up and Break Free radio as I talk about "Creating your reality!"
    Your reality is based upon your thoughts and beliefs. The self talk and the words you choose great the reality that is this moment.
    How you cope with challenges and the success are all in your control.
    I will be playing music by Tatiana Scavnicky, Sam Joole, Martin Jordan and  Dellacoma Rio.
    Be prepared to be motivated, inspirated and ready to create change as you listen to Step Up and Break Free radio.

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    9/11/2014 I am a Survivor A Relationship Success

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    The worst domestic trama from a foriegn source crumbled the world traed center.  Placing America on it's for it had no where else to go. Many times our relationships have suffered the same ordeal. But like america we can hunt and kill all terrorists that seek to harm us. Both foriegn and domestic. Tonight let's talk about taking care of home. Being our own brother's keeper. Securing our gates and borders. Tonight is your night to learn something new. Let's grow together.  I'll be your host.. I'm Dr. Oooh Whee, 347-989-8497.

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    Take Your Life To The Next Level with Dr. Karen L. Donald

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    Tonight we are going to be catching up with my good friend and sister, Dr. Karen L. Donald.  There are some things that you need to do to take your life to the next level.  What are they Dr. Sims?  Well, you are going to have to tune in and find out!!!!  My sister, Dr. Donald has the ability to make the most complex things seem so simple.  Bring your notepad, iPad, Android, tablet...whatever you need to take notes because we are going to be tossing out nuggets.  #nextlevelliving!!!

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    Dating God's Way

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    Join us for the next Woman to Woman Real Talk Show. My special guest will be Minister Tawonna Bess and we will be discussing how to date God's Way. 
    Get ready for some real talk on the Do's and Don'ts of dating, how to save yourself for marriage and how to know if he is Mr. right for you. 
    If you have been struggling in this area......you don't want to miss this show!!!!!!

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    ADHD Practical Zen Brain Hacks with Alan Brown

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    Join ADHD Coach Laura Rolands as she interviews Alan Brown from ADD Crusher.  Alan will share some actionable mindfulness techniques that have immediate impact – what he calls “practical Zen brain-hacks”, such as:
    A re-framing of time that frees the ADDer to act – and act more effectively. A simple way to quiet your mind to power it up. Turn “Have To’s” into “Will Do’s” A dissection of frustration that melts it into action. This is learn-it-today-do-it-tomorrow material, and shared in a fun, interactive conversation that will be of value to individuals as well as ADHD coaches looking for fresh strategies to help their clients. 
    Be sure to get Alan’s free eBook -- 5 Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse! -- at ADDCrusher.com. And when you’re there and want to try Alan’s acclaimed instructional videos risk-free, use coupon code ROLANDS15 for 15% off any purchase!
    An executive, entrepreneur and coach, Alan created the acclaimed ADD Crusher™ video series. Undiagnosed until well into adulthood, his untreated ADHD manifested in all-too-familiar ways – underachievement, substance abuse and worse. Upon diagnosis, he found it difficult to learn coping strategies from books, so he developed his own unique strategies while building a successful advertising career and several start-ups. Alan’s been a featured presenter at ADHD conferences in the U.S. and abroad, countless webinars, and at TEDx San Diego, and is co-host of ADDA’s weekly webinar series.

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    How to Get Emotional Closure in Life

    in Motivation

    Hello family, friends, and fans!
    As usual, you don't want to miss this episode. Still ironing out the details, but as always, it's always full of laughter, real talk, emotion, sometimes tears, lots of love, passion, with my personality rolled in. Your patient and continued support has been nothing but amazing. You all hold a special place in my heart. So... this Wednesday... join me at 9 PM (the usual time) while I get into comfy clothes, pour myself a glass of wine and sit on the couch to talk to you all about the past three months.

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    El arte curativo de los libros

    in Relationships

    ¿Puede la lectura mejorar el estado de ánimo de uno? ¿Sirve para enriquecer el espíritu? ¿Qué tipo de lectura debo de leer? Por siglos la lectura ha sido como herramienta curativa de muchos males. En el programa del miércoles 10 de septiembre estaremos conversando con ávido lector, publicador de libros, y un buen amigo que sencillamente disfruta de la buena lectura, el Sr. Luis Gonzalez Argueso. No se pierda este programa tan interesante que te dará las herramientas para elevar el espíritu.

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