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    Guest: Linda Carroll

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    Linda Carroll is the author of Love Cycles, Her Mother’s Daughter, and Remember Who You Are. A couple’s therapist for over thirty years, she is certified in Transpersonal Psychology and Imago Therapy and is a master teacher in Pairs Therapy. She lives in Corvallis, OR, offers workshops across the country, and is a frequent speaker at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. Visit her online at http://www.lovecycles.org

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    Adult bullying

    in Motivation

    We often talk about children that suffer bullying amoung their peers, yet do you know someone that is a bully or suffers bullying as a adult, if so what's the remedy?

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    Grinding Down the Sharp Edges

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    He came out of the gate angry and drinking heavily.  The environmental and genetic ingredients were all certainly present.  Fending largely for himself he was out-drinking his buddies at age 12.  Drinking, drugging and “supplementing his income” he managed to buy a house just after high school shortly after his Mom notified him she was moving to Florida and he should find a place.  He married a bartender with three kids in an attempt to have a “normal” family but it ended in an ugly divorce.  He decided that she needed to get sober and went to a treatment center to investigate and found that he needed to stay.  He’s been sober since.  Early sobriety wasn’t a bed of roses but the anger is gone.  Join us this week to talk to Phil J. 

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    9.28.14 Hope For Wives

    in Relationships

    Pre-Recorded! This week's lesson: Married to an Unbeliever. And this week's questions: 1) My husband and I have different ideas about how to discipline our children. How do we work through this? 2) My husband and I argue constantly and I'm tired of it. How do we stop this pattern?
    Titus 2 admonishes the older women to "teach" younger women how to be loving wives. If it must be taught, obviously it doesn't come naturally. Join bestselling author, speaker, and educator Michelle Stimpson for an encouraging session for wives, potential wives, and women who simply want to learn to love.

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    It's Ladies Night Out Time!!

    in Motivation

    Shopping-Pampering-Eating-Mingling-and LOTS of Laughter is all something we as women can use in our lives. In our day to day life we have so many roles and responsibilities that we forget to take time out for ourselves!! 3DLove Movement has created this night ... Ladies Night Out Pamper Party just for YOU!!! We would be delighted if you could join us for an evening of FUN!!! We have 8 wonderful beautiful vendors who will be in the building!! This will allow you to pamper yourself. You can get makeup, eyebrow threading, eyebrow tinting, makeovers, nail designs, some awesome treats... AND SO MUCH MORE!!! So please take some time out for YOURSELF. And Celebrate Your Beauty!!! This event will be held 
    Sunday September 28,2014 @ 4PM @ THE JOINT. 301 Main St. North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114 . If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kelley 501-422-9178, info@3dlovemovement.com

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    Radio Interview with Celebrity Psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Palmer

    in Self Help

    Fun radio interview with Dr. Lisa Palmer, PhD, LMFT, CHT speaking about recovery, health, wellness and the politics of medicine and mental health. Dr. Palmer's effective intensive wellness and coaching programs for hard to beat issues such as eating disorders, addictions, trauma, conflictual relationships, parental concerns, and low self-esteem and mood problems draw patients near and far including high profile and celebrity pro-athletes, actors, and pop stars. Her collaborative and intensive wellness programs balance the whole mind and body and quickly enhance performance in whatever area of desired transformation. To learn more about Dr. Palmer's rapid results methods and how to get started visit www.TheRenewCenter.com

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    Freedom's Call with Vince Toran

    in Self Help

    A bi-weekly opportunity to be uplifted and challenged to FREE YOURSELF TO BE YOURSELF! This week's topic: FIRED UP AND READY TO GO
    Since my last show, I have been traveling extensively. It is a blessing to have somewhere to go and the means to do so. During my travels, I realized that we have less than 100 days left in 2014! Have you accomplished everything you set out to accomplish? Truthfully, I haven't.. but there is still time. We must re-focus, re-commit and move forward. It's time to get FIRED UP. It's time to FREE YOURSELF TO BE YOURSELF! I am FIRED UP AND READY TO GO. WILL YOU JOIN ME?

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    Introduction to a Perspective Relationship - What is this show about?

    in Relationships

    A Perspective Relationship - What is it?
    This is an introduction to what this show is ultimately going to aim for. There are a myriad of communication tools abuzz today, and honestly - it's a lot to remember when you find yourself face-to-face, intensely conversing with somebody! I've always had a hard time applying all those rules I've learned about, and I'd be willing to bet I'm not alone.
    So - I found out what works best for me, and stuck with it. It's proven to be my most valuable asset in my relationships, because it allows me to set aside the biggest thing preventing me from understanding my significant others point of view - my own perspective.
    You've heard the saying "step into somebody elses shoes," or something similar - I've taken that to a whole new level and still managed to simplify the process. How? By taking it directly to the source - the significant other (or the individual who completes the relationship you're having trouble with). 
    Ask. Answer. Repeat.
    This methodoligy focuses on asking questions, answering questions, and repeating the process until something clicks. More times than not, you'll find that "lightbulb" moment is the pivoting point, where your conversation is suddenly relieved of all negative feelings. You can feel the tension being eased, and you start to gain a genuine understanding and appreciation for whomever it is you're conversing with. It's an amazing feeling - and it's also not easy. This is a very difficult emotional process, because it requires both parties to not only be 100% honest with the other person - but with themselves. 
    Are you ready to start enjoying your relationships more than you ever have before? Are you willing?

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    Meaning In Madness with Doretta Gadsden

    in Self Help

    Using energy and experience to bring cultures together so we can explore meaning in madness and madness in meaning.  If you're confused, you've come to the right place!

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    Mental Health Revisited

    in Motivation

    A recap of some of the issues, both direct and indirect, that possess a familiar tone of mental health inadequacy.

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