Self-Sustained Protectorate: After the collapse, then what?

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Welcome to today's show! Alternative media outlets frequently use the term "the collapse" as in "when the collapse happens", or "what will you do during the collapse?" I'll discuss what the term "collapse" means and what kind of collapse can be expected in the U.S. in the near future. I challenge the idea that gold and silver will actually be valuable during a collapse scenario (the reality is that gold and silver might have a chance at being valuable after the collapse as part of a recovery, but that is a slim chance). Food, fuel, clean water, and the other necessities of life will be far more valuable than precious metals that you can't eat or trade ( it might take all your precious metals to buy a little food) during a collapse. The reality is that gold and silver have been manipulated for thousands of years, so why would a gold backed monetary system be any less manipulated than the gold backed systems that were predecesors?

After a collapse, can people expect more of the same? Will another defunct government come into being, or will there be a chance at an SSP? I contend that an SSP can work and can last longer and provide more protections for individual freedom than any government can. Unlike government, an SSP puts all men and women on an equal footing, not favoring one person or group above another. Has the U.S. Constitution failed? I contend that it has failed, and today it is ceremonial in nature only. All three branches of the U.S. Government routinely disregard the U.S. Constitution because it is a failed document having been subverted long ago.

I'll also be taking calls and giving my take on some of the day's news.

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