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Violet ReikiRadio - Living a Reiki Life And How It Can Help YOU!

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The word Reiki itself means healing energy. It is the "secret method of inviting happiness; the wonderful medicine for all diseases," according to Mikao Usui. The method is able to help you identify negative thought processes, fear and anxiety and how to change those habits.

Begin your happier, healthier life by incorporating these five Reiki-based techniques.

How to be in the now

Set an alarm on your watch or phone every hour for eight hours. Pause for three minutes and notice things around you. Notice colors, temperature, people and silence. Pay attention to anything in your environment. If you find it hard to be aware of the things around, you start simple. Wash your dishes instead of plopping them in the dishwasher. Notice the water temperature, the bubbles and the scent of the soap. This exercise helps you be aware of your surroundings and ultimately you become aware of yourself in your surroundings.

Simplify meditation

You don’t have to wear a robe, go to a mountain or sit in pretzel position to meditate. Meditation means to concentrate your undivided attention to a single thing. The point of meditation is to quiet your mind. Scientific research shows that meditation helps to decrease the fight/flight response causing a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, which is heart healthy! To practice meditation, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed — even a bathroom stall can work and take a few minutes to take eight deep breaths and focus on something you can see such as a doorknob or tree.