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Sex Energy Goddess13

Sex Energy Goddess13


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Sex Energy exist in all living things, I share tips and techniques to show others how to transform their sexual energy & Master their Vibration

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Self Mastery requires your full attention if often leads to a time when you are by your self, it's like being in a mental solitary confinement, no one fully gets where you are or comprehends where you are coming from. It is very important to be... more

The reason people can not find their Soul Mate or Twin Flame is because they are looking outside of themselves. Some escape from themselves inside of a relationship that often proves to be very damaging to both individuals. People... more

This healing session focuses on the words that are coming out of our mouths. What are we creating with our self talk, the words we use carry energy that manifests into our experience, the things we believe become patterns that we... more

Detachment is necessary in order to progress and evolve. When we do not detach from negative emotions they create negative situations in our lives. People hold on even when they don't know that they are holding on. In this session I... more

There is a reason why you are where you are in your life. The reason is YOU! 100% of the time its you. The common denominator in your life is YOU. Taking accountability for the things that occur or don't occur in your life is absolutely... more

Last episode I talked about Sexual Energy, this week its all about sex. People are engaging in this sacred ritual without knowing the ramafications. The act of sex is a complex power if it is not understood it can reek havok in anyone's life. We... more

Everything that has Life has sexual energy, this creative force is the strongest that exist, we are using it all the time without being fully aware that we are. We create through our subconscious thoughts, the ones that are deeply in-beaded in our... more

There are a lot of people that are learning Law from desperate situations, eviction, foreclosures, child support, traffic violations, situations that affect your NOW! Learning in the energy of fear compromises the discernment... more

Spiritual Healing is a 24/7 process you don't just do it once a week. Deprogramming all the junk that went in takes time to heal. As long as we are active in this vessel we will need healing, we are built to regenerate and... more

SEX is making the world go crazy because we don't talk about what it really is. Most people are not familiar with their energetic bodies which is what really runs the show in our lives. We are sexual beings the energy of creation is sexual... more