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SeekingReason is a program that uses common sense, logic, and reason to analyze/debate current events.

On-Demand Episodes

We have a lot to do this year to keep our elected officials on track and honest. Yes in Ohio the new speaker of the house is talking about rasing the debt ceiling. After we, the folks, sent him there to reduce the size goverment,... more

“Nation of sheep will beget a government of wolfs” Edward Murro ….when we accept the government exceeding its constitutional rights then that emboldens the government to continue to grow and to violate the constitutions (Ohio and... more

A discussion about transparency in 2 minutes. There has been a lot of attention on the topic of transparency in politics – of late. Why? Well because of…..2000 page bills not read, politicians that don’t listen, secret meetings, ear... more

Bush tax cuts, Tax Increases, what is true what is not? We will be discussing the reality of this topic and asking the question, whose money is it anyway?

In tonight’s radio program I am excited to announce I have the answer to all of our problems. Yes, surprising as that sounds, I know how to fix our political, fiscal, and all other issues in this country. I would like to invite you to be a part of the... more

So how many government programs are working? How many limited to the original intent. Over time where have government programs gone and how have they grown? Are they succeeding?

So is it better to try and fix existing democratic or republican parties or to use an independent party to drive change?

You listened to the State of The Union Speech (perhaps) but did you hear what was said? Did you read between the lines and really understand what was being said. Are you watching actions and aligning those with this President? If you did... more

What can you do to make a difference and will getting involved politically help? Monday Night’s program is all about the Ohio State's Sovereignty. How can we fight the federal government when it violates the constitution? What does it... more

Monday Night’s program is all about "The People" Some say that our representatives are not listening to “We the People.” Even though we have been speaking loudly, clearly, and in unison. You have not heard much from the... more