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A Metaphysical Interpretation Of The Bible

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Seek Heaven Within

Seek Heaven Within


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What is a Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible? It is about everything that the churches do not wish you to know as they steer you away from the truth. It is metaphysical information about you and every other human being. It is about who we are and not what we are. It is a comprehensive book about how we became human and the reason for that amazing occurrence. It is about how we came from an energy body to a physical body and why. This book is how to achieve our birthright of becoming a divine human. Yes our birthright! This idea that we term as God we consider as the epitome of perfection don’t we? We are taught to believe that we are not perfect and if this is true then that would make God a joke would it not? How can the epitome of perfection create less than perfection? In creation according to all ancient text all things were created in equality we are told. If this is true then wouldn’t our creator create equal to itself? If not that would also make it a joke! A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible suggests this and much more along with showing you how to achieve this “Divine” state of being for yourself. What if what we are being taught by religion is incorrect? How did the Churches gain so much power over the individual? Are you aware that over ten million people were tortured and killed over the Bible? Did you know that the word Satan is an ancient word that stands for ego? What occurred in the idea of creation? Who are you really? Historically did you know that there were over 200 virgin births? Why is only one of them accepted as the truth? Was Jesus taught or was He born the way He was? What are the four gospels really about?