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Seed of Prosperity Ministries

Seed of Prosperity Ministries


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"Seed of Prosperity Ministries" is a Christian bible based ministry founded by Evangelist Betty Harris.

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One of the worse and vicious fight is between sisters and brothers, kinfolks, and relatives. This have been going on for centuries. It is in the bible. In the Book of Genesis, Cain killed Abel. How bad can it get. This is going on in the world right... more

If you never have had an anxiety attack, thank the Lord. If you have had one, you know what I mean. It is nothing nice. Some of you are on medication for it riight now. I am going to pray to the Lord for deliverance from that spirit that... more

People that are in hospitals, nursing homes, invalid at homes, and etc., can get bed sores. Some of you know someone that have bed sores or you have some yourself. This is a topic that not too many people single out and send a special... more

When we reach a cross road in our life, we stand still and pray. We throw up our hands and look up and say Lord you have to help me.

There is something about being free in the mind. If you do not have a peace of mind, you are miserable. The Lord is that peace among confusion.

We need a bridge to carry us across these troubled waters. That bridge is JESUS. Your money can not do it, your love ones can do it, and etc. Jesus ,only Jesus!!!!!!!

Some of you all have so many aliments that you wonder if you ever will get well. There is nothing that is too hard for the Lord. There is nothing in this world that is new to the MASTER . t.

Love will make you do right or make you do wrong. Look back over your lifeand think of the things that you did because of love.

So many people are having these operations or they need them. There is much pain that come with these conditions.

This is from the youngest to the oldest,fomthe richest to the poorest, and from me to you.