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Welcome to Spiritually Speaking! Join William, Christy, and William's Teacher-Guide, Orion, each Friday at NOON Pacific Time for a lively and fun interactive channeling show that connects you to the love and wisdom of our spiritual teachers and guides. Listeners may call in to receive a free mini-reading from the guides, live on-air!

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Today's show is all about YOU and the guides! Our entire focus for the show is on spiritual communication and channeling answers to your questions. Call in early to ask your questions of the guides LIVE on-air! William will channel an... more

What, or who, comprises the spiritual world? What is the difference between ghosts, spirit guides, and angels? Do beings like faeries, demons, and goblins exist? Why do some spirits stay "stuck?" Are we ever Spirit Guides for... more

On our show today, William and Christy will be speaking about Energy Healing - how it works, how to do it, and why many are calling energy healing the "medicine of the future." Both William and Christy own a thriving private practice... more

On today's exciting show, William and Christy focus their attention on YOU and the Guides - a wonderful channeled message from the guides and time to answer your questions live on the air. Call in to have your question answered by the... more

It's 2012! And it's a New Year. On today's show, William and Christy will be speaking about New Year's Transformations... not the old New Year's Resolutions! What does 2012 hold for you? What transformations await you in... more

We are at the dawning of 2012! What does this mean for us? Will this year be a time of fear and destruction, or enlightenment and a new consciousness? Tune in today to hear what the Guides have to say about 2012 and the impact on... more

Happy Holidays from William, Christy, and the Guides! On today's show, A Christ-Conscious Christmas, William and Christy will discuss the rebirth of the Christ Consciousness into humanity and how you can begin to lift above the... more

On today's show, William and Christy will focus specifically on channeling, mediumship, and spiritual communication. Offering a unique and beautiful message from his Team of Light, William will discuss what channeling is, how it... more

OUR KICK-OFF SHOW! Today, William and Christy introduce themselves to their new audience on their weekly spiritual radio show. William will offer a special channeling from Orion and Christy will present a lovely meditation to close the... more
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