• The Attitude of Gratitude

    in Self Help

    When going through difficult times in your life it can be a challenge to look for what is good; to count your blessings and be grateful.  It is gratitude that helps us to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.  It is gratitude that helps us to focus on what is good in our lives rather than what is bad.  In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah talks about developing an attitude of gratitude to shift your consciousness to a more positive outlook on life, greater

  • Adam Garcia~The Power of Crystal Grids

    in Spirituality

    Adam Garcia will talk about the Power of Crystals and Crystal Grids. He will also teach us what Crystal Grids do for the Universe.   www.LindsayMarino.com

  • AHI in South Africa - Pieter Smit

    in Spirituality

    Our guest this month is Pieter Smit founder of the Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing in Little Karoo, South Africa. The Centre offers study skills, trigger point massage training, Educational Kinesiology to teachers, and basic management training to get a foot in the door of the otherwise very closed society. It offers the opportunity to introduce concepts such as taking charge of your own healing, A Course in Miracles, and Attitudinal Healing. The Centre is located on the most

  • What is God and ways to self-heal with Healer Dennis Adams and Helena Steiner-Ho

    in Spirituality

    The meeting of two healers. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn with healer Dennis Adams. We'll do healings over the telephone. We'll talk about healing methods and how to stay happy and well. Visit Helena's website for classes, workshops & books at http://activale.com

  • Change Your Vibe with Nan Martin

    in Spirituality

    Change Your Vibe with Nan Martin is a weekly interactive show where listeners can learn how to change their vibration using intuitive energy healing techniques such as energy shifting, color healing, sacred geometry, therapeutic grade essential oils and more! Nan’s forte is clearing and shifting emotions from a negative vibration to a positive one so that people can manifest happiness, abundance and love in their lives. As an equestrian since age 5, she will also incorporate her love of

  • Lynn Andrews, Standing at the Crossroads of Power

    in Spirituality

    Are you at a crossroads in your life? Need help?  Tune in and listen to Lynn Andrews, New York Times best-selling author of 19 books, and 21st Century Shaman and mystic life coach.  We’ll also talk about Lynn’s At the Edge of Two Worlds event and gathering, June 12-15th at the Sedona Creative Life Center, in Sedona, AZ. Author of the internationally acclaimed Medicine Woman Series, Lynn Andrews has spent the last 25 years studying with shamanic women on three continents.&

  • Good Morning from Sedona Talk Radio

    in Spirituality

    Astrologer Haizen Paige will be joining the show to talk about what is happening this month and to provide our listeners with mini-astrology readings. Those who get a reading will be amazed at the information they will receive.

  • Betsy-Morgan Channels LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Nationally known as one of the best channeling teachers of our time, Betsy-Morgan, with 23 years of channeling experience under her belt and the original ORION Channeling Teacher, brings her talent, love and laughter to the airways for all to enjoy. You will receive psychic tips on HOW TO CHANNEL, as well as energy attunements from her teacher-guide and yours, ORION.Every show will include a channeling, time for questions and answers, education to help you become psychic.The purpose of this sho

  • Tawn Talks About Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Each episode offers a lively, informative and enlightening discussion and offer a new technique to assist listeners in opening to their intuition while increasing their own innate intuitive abilities. Key to this intention and a focus of the show is to help listeners learn to increase their awareness and lift their emotional vibration. You’ll learn a variety of techniques on subjects such as: Intuition 101, Angel Therapy, Energy Clearing, symbology, and working with the elements: crysta


    in Spirituality


    Are humans wired for compassion, as they seem to be for greed and self-interest? We'll speak to Dacher Keltner, Ph.D, faculty director & founder of GGSC, Greater Good Science Center at USC Berkeley, where he is professor of psychology and executive editor of Greater Good magazine. Dr. Keltner studies the nature of human goodness, including compassion.

    He is the author of two books, Born To Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life; and Compassionate Insti

  • Kids Who See Ghosts

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Caron Goode, author of Kids Who See Ghosts, How to Guide Them Through Fear, will be joining Meredith & Gillian to discuss how parents can use exceptional thinking to break through the fear. We will explore the world of these intuitive children and find guidance through their unique gifts.

  • Transform Your Life with Quantum Techniques®

    in Health

    Quantum Techniques is a comprehensive form of remote energy medicine founded by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. It is accessible to anyone, via phone, anywhere in the world. Our mission is to teach people to heal themselves and others from physical and non-physical causes of stress, pain and illness. We believe that what the body can see, it can heal; and, that all healing is ultimately reconnection to the Divine.

  • Venesa Milek - A Journey Through a Thousand Inspirations

    in Spirituality

    Listen in to this delightful interview with breakout author Venesa Milek. Venesa's passion for life and a true love and caring for all humanity is richly evident in her words and energy. Her new book, The Journey Through a Thousand Inspirations was inspired by her own life experiences that weren’t easy or pleasant. Venesa took responsibility for changing her life—and the results are clearly evident in her beautifully inspiring and healing book. Yet—the book is not about h

  • The Power of "Yes" in Changing Your Life

    in Spirituality

    Patty discusses the power of embracing change via the power of "yes" with Barb Beck, of Turning Point Coaching. It is through embracing change that we step into the lives we were born to live.

    Saying "yes" however doesn't mean things are going to be easy or entirely comfortable. Real change isn't for the weak of heart. It is however, for everyone that is ready to say "enough is enough" to the limits and the mundane and step into the life, the work, the possibilities that await them just on th

  • Readings with Spiritual Empath/Psychic Barbara Delong

    in Spirituality

    Do you need clarity about your career path, relationships, or finances? Are you looking for insights as to what your path is? If so, then you will really enjoy our special guest this week. Barbara Delong is a Spiritual Empath and Psychic, who specializes in answers to questions such as these and more. She will be giving free readings to our callers at 619-638-8484 during the show Monday March 4 at 10pm EST/7PM PST As always, if you are unable to listen live, you're not out of luck. S

  • The Consciousness of Water with Jim Law and David Sereda from Voice Entertainment

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we talk with film producers Jim Law and David Sereda who have recently released the films "Water" and "The Voice." These are films that bring conscious awareness about important spiritual topics having to do with our ability to influence our environment, quantum physics and more.

    Learn more about their films at: http://www.voiceentertainment.net/home.html and view a trailer for the film "The Voice" with Kaleah's music.

  • Can You Be a Transition Magician?

    in Relationships

    Join host Anthony J. Diaz on this week's episode of Inner Conflict to Outer Resolution as we explore how to navigate the many transitions we experience in our life with ease and grace.   Our special guest will be Melissa Debose Hankins, psychiatrist and coach, as we understand the different stages of change in transition and how to make it work effectively.      !n-joy beginning and ending theme appropriate music as well as an mindful affirmation that will set the

  • Third and Final Segement with Author/Abuductee Jim Sparks

    in Paranormal

    In this third and final segement, author/abuductee Jim Sparks shares what he's been shown by non-human intellegent beings about humanity's ultimate chance for evolution.

  • Piper Laurie, Robert Osborne at Port Townsend Film Festival

    in Movies

    Joanna interviews Peter Simpson, Artistic Director of the 9th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington. Peter was part of the organizing committee of film lovers who decided to form their own film festival modeled after the popular Telluride, CO festival. In 1999, Rocky Friedman, a highly respected local film lover who restored and operates Washington’s only remaining nickelodeon, was joined by Jim Ewing, Jim Westall, Linda Marie Yakush, a five-person operating committee – that include

  • An Evening with Elvis #6 from December 17, 2007

    in Spirituality

    Join us on Sedona Talk Radio for another interesting Evening talking with the Angel called Elvis from the other side. Elvis will be channeled by trance medium, Daniel Stief. We will be taking calls live on the show as well as answering email questions. Send your questions to questions@elvischannel.com.

  • Solara Vayanian - Visionary and agent of transformation.

    in Spirituality

    Solara Vayanian is a visionary and an agent of transformation. She has always seen the world and all the people and life forms within it in a universal framework. As a writer, her novels and poems take readers into the remembrance of the greater reality from whence we all came. Her transformational theatre productions, healing through movement workshops, and Ancient Temple Dance do the same. She spent twenty-eight years in Sedona, Arizona, developing and practicing education and healing-through-

  • Sedona Annual Psychic Fair

    in Spirituality

    Sedona Showcase features Dyan Garris, Founder of the Annual Sedona Psychic Fair. Sedona, Arizona – Are you struggling with issues that seem to have no answer? Are you wondering if you will make it through tough financial times? Are you hoping your soul mate will show up soon? Do you need to know what direction to go in or what the future holds for you? The upcoming annual Sedona Psychic Fair, featuring the best, most qualified psychics, healers, and metaphysicians in the state of Arizona

  • Spiritually Speaking with William and Christy

    in Spirituality

    MANIFESTING WITH SPIRIT - LIVING THE LIFE YOU LOVE. What keeps you from the experience of abundance, success, and joy in your life? Are you using all of "The Secret" techniques only to find that your desires and wishes never come into being? Join William and Christy on today's show as they share some incredible insights into how spiritual manifestation works, what prevents us from receiving in this life, and how we can bring that which we wish for into reality. A fun, creative, a

  • Ask Joe and Leslie

    in Spirituality

    Join Leslie Kleiman and Joe Barton: intuitives, clairsentients and firm believers that profound shifts can happen easily and immediately for some fun and practical guidance in acheiving your highest potential. If you're prepared for growth, call in and see for yourself how fundamental change can happen easily, quickly and permanently.

  • A New Way of Being: Physician heal thyself: part 3

    in Spirituality

      Physician heal thyself: episode 3 The story about the persecuted life and sacred work of Avatar Galextra continues on this show . Avatar Galextra, and her family have been the target of more harassment and persecution than any other family living in Canada over the past twenty years – through an overt and deadly form of social control that has been orchestrated and engineered by the different levels of authorities operating in the city of Toronto: by using people working insid

  • Introducing Shower The Spirit Radio

    in Spirituality

    Daniel Stief, the creator of Sedona Talk Radio introduces this new show. Wishing everyone Peace, Love and Happiness.

  • You Are Not Who You Think You Are

    in Spirituality

    Beverly continues on with her series - You Are Not Who You Think You Are. Beverly is joined by her special guest Unity Minister Max Lafser.