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  • From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 3; The Inner Child and the Higher Self

    in Self Help

    Part 3 of From Self Loathing to Self Loving In this episode of the series "From Self Loathing to Self Loving" we will be talking about the relationship we develop with both our inner child and higher self and how it affects our over all sense of connection and well being.  Learn how to identify and communicate with these two aspects of SELF and get their cooperation in working towards your over all goal of radical self love.

  • 3 Ways to Transform Your Life without Changing Your Schedule

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Helena Margareta and author Stephanie Banks as they discuss how to transform your life. Vist Dr. Helena Maragareta's website for more information on classes, workshops, books and CDs at activale.com

  • Dwayne Scheuneman REVolutions Dance

    in Spirituality

    Dwyane will talk about the day his life changed and the power of perseverance that kept him moving.  Injured in 1995, Dwayne got involved in wheelchair sports. He began dancing in 2001 to keep in shape during the off-season and never went back.  He works to create dance programs for children and adults who would not typically be given the opportunity to dance and perform. Extensively working with individuals who use wheelchairs for mobility and those who are Deaf, Dwayne offers a uniq

  • Leni Miller - Finding Right Work

    in Spirituality

    Join Jerry, Diane and author Leni Miller as they discuss Leni's book Finding Right Work: Five Steps to a Life You Love.
    As a job placement and search professional for nearly four decades, Leni Miller understands the importance of right work. She knows its value to individuals, organizations, and the world at large. Guiding people to success and happiness in their own right work is her work and her passion. Leni knows that people are energized and at their most productive when they are i

  • Betsy-Morgan Channels LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Nationally known as one of the best channeling teachers of our time, Betsy-Morgan, with 23 years of channeling experience under her belt and the original ORION Channeling Teacher, brings her talent, love and laughter to the airways for all to enjoy. You will receive psychic tips on HOW TO CHANNEL, as well as energy attunements from her teacher-guide and yours, ORION.Every show will include a channeling, time for questions and answers, education to help you become psychic.The purpose of this sho

  • Change Your Vibe with Nan Martin

    in Spirituality

    Topic of the Week: Preparing for 2012: Understanding the Fifth Dimension Tune in with Nan and learn about the seven dimensions (or planes), our transformation into the Fifth Dimension and what all of this means for us. Nan will also share her observations on the changes that people and animals are walking through during this time; and what will be ahead for us in 2013. Lastly, discover what essential oils will be best for us to use during the apex of this transition which will take place from

  • No-Thing at All

    in Self Help

    Join host Anthony Diaz on this week's episode of Inner Conflict to Outer Resolution for a heart centered conversation on how to be empowered by going within through understanding that no thing outside of ourselves can impact our success.  Special guest Lisa Villa Prosen, author, coach, speaker and certified LifeSuccess Consultant will explore self-empowerment in assisting us in remembering the source of our own power. Listen as we focus on our inner voice to translate metaphysica

  • Kids Who See Ghosts

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Caron Goode, author of Kids Who See Ghosts, How to Guide Them Through Fear, will be joining Meredith & Gillian to discuss how parents can use exceptional thinking to break through the fear. We will explore the world of these intuitive children and find guidance through their unique gifts.

  • Interview with Dr. Christine Page-2102 and The Return of the Divine Feminine Energy

    in Spirituality

    Patty discusses the ideas and concepts of the return of the divine feminine with Dr. Christine Page—and how that plays into the upcoming 2012 transition predicted by the Maya and many other cultures. What is the Divine Feminine or what Dr. Page refers to as the Great Mother in her book? Patty and Dr. Page will look at where we are as human beings and the opportunities being offered to us by embracing the qualities of the divine feminine nature. The relationship between myth and what we call real


    in Spirituality

    Five time author MICHELLE WHITEDOVE will talk to Mike Schwager for the full hour on The Enrichment Hour. Callers welcome to ask Michelle questions. Michelle is a world-class medium whose mission is to empower humanity as a spiritual teacher and visionary. Whitedove actively works as a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Investigator, Angel Communicator, Spirit-Medium, and Futurist. As an expert in her field, she has been featured on some of America's most informative programs: CBS News, FOX News, ABC’s

  • Mini Astrology Readings and Astrological forecast for July

    in Spirituality

    Mini Astrology Readings and the Astrological forecast for July with Haizen Paige   Our shows with Haizen are always filled with fun, good energy and knowledge. After a general discussion about this month, Haizen will be offering min-readings for you. Your questions will be answered based on your Astrological chart.  All he needs to get started is your birth date. Our shows with Haizen are always filled with fun, good energy and knowledge. You can learn more about Haizen on his websi

  • Tawn Talks About Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Each episode offers a lively, informative and enlightening discussion and offer a new technique to assist listeners in opening to their intuition while increasing their own innate intuitive abilities. Key to this intention and a focus of the show is to help listeners learn to increase their awareness and lift their emotional vibration. You’ll learn a variety of techniques on subjects such as: Intuition 101, Angel Therapy, Energy Clearing, symbology, and working with the elements: crysta

  • A new way of being: Gang Stalking

    in Spirituality

    Avatar Galextra, and her family have been the target of more harassment and persecution than any other family living in Canada over the past twenty years – through an overt and deadly form of social control that has been orchestrated and engineered by the different levels of authorities operating in the city of Toronto: by using people working inside the government and the private sector, and the general public, as their eyes and ears, to work as informants, spies, and agents for them. O

  • Healing Insomnia and Sleep Disorders with Quantum Techniques®

    in Health

    Dr. Carolee Johnson and Dr. Kristin Killops will address how to uncover the variety of factors that can interfere with sleep.  They will discuss the physical, psychological and toxin related influences on sleep, take live questions and do a demonstration of a Quantum Techniques session involving sleep difficulties.  You don't have to lie awake at night!

  • Thaao Penghlis' new book, Places: The Journey of My Days, My Lives

    in Spirituality

    Thaao Penghlis, beloved and Emmy nominated star of television, stage, and film, discusses his new book Places: The Journey of My Days, My Lives, now available on Amazon. Thaao has been one of daytime television’s most enduring characters on Days of Our Lives for 30 years, and to the delight of fans, he has returned to General Hospital. He also starred in Mission Impossible and in films, including Altered States and The Book of Esther. Thaao's fascinating new book&

  • An Evening with Elvis #6 from December 17, 2007

    in Spirituality

    Join us on Sedona Talk Radio for another interesting Evening talking with the Angel called Elvis from the other side. Elvis will be channeled by trance medium, Daniel Stief. We will be taking calls live on the show as well as answering email questions. Send your questions to questions@elvischannel.com.

  • Spiritually Speaking with William and Christy

    in Spirituality

    INTERVIEW WITH DOLPHIN CHANNEL AND AUTHOR, LINDA SHAY Join us for an exciting and informative interview with author and Dolphin Channel, Linda Shay. In a remarkable close encounter with a wild dolphin off the coast of Hawaii in 1996, Linda received a profound spiritual initiation. After this spontaneous connection to Dolphin Spirit, Linda found her life transformed and discovered that she had become a vehicle for the beautiful helaing energy and unity consciousness of the dolphins. Linda was c

  • Get a reading from Compasionate Healer Amaya

    in Spirituality

    Imagine going up to someone you've never met before to ask a simple question and being told where you were in your life, what was holding you back, and what issues you needed to look at. Unsettling, maybe, but knowing at a deeper level that what was said was absolutely right. That is one of Amaya's many gifts.
    As a holistic healer and therapist in private practice in Santa Fe, NM and nationwide, Amaya has the compassion and power to connect with people and know them deeply. That's is what draws

  • AWARE in a World Asleep:—an interview with Dr. James H. Young

    in Spirituality

    Listen in to this moving interview with Jim Young—award wining spiritual writer, speaker, workshop leader, and former university president. The author or 12 books—Jim is a great writer, emotions stirring poet, and a metaphysician who “invokes the reframing of spiritual perspective and perception in his life’s work.”

    He is a man of deep convictions and enormous love.
    He walks his talk—and is committed to helping others uncover the connection to the divine that dwells in each of us.

    Two ot

  • Steve Pavlina - the most successful personal development blogger

    in Spirituality

    Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as the most successful personal development blogger on the Internet, attracting more than two million monthly readers to his website, StevePavlina.com. He has written more than 700 articles and recorded 20 audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Steve has been quoted by the New York Times, USA Today, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, and The Guardian.

  • Is your Soul Mate your Twin Flame?

    in Spirituality

    What is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame? What is a soulmate and will I ever find mine? All of these questions and more will be answered on this weeks show!  Join The YAY Team as they welcome Intuitive Relationship Life Coach, Gabrriella Hartwell, who will share her wisdom about this important topic. Gabriella will also be available to answer any questions you have about the relationships in your own life. As always,we invite you to call into the show at 619-638-8484 air

  • James Chressanthis, Award Winning Director

    in Movies

    Joanna will interview James Chressanthis, an extraordinary director/cinematographer. As cinematographer, his work includes feature films, television movies, music videos, commercials and documentaries.
    Jim is the director/cinematographer of the hit CBS TV show GHOST WHISPERER and re-shot the ending of the Academy Award-winning film CHICAGO. He just completed the Renee Zellweger-produced film LIVING PROOF starring Harry Connick, Jr. Jim has been Emmy- nominated twice for FOUR MINUTES, the story

  • Sedona Annual Psychic Fair

    in Spirituality

    Sedona Showcase features Dyan Garris, Founder of the Annual Sedona Psychic Fair. Sedona, Arizona – Are you struggling with issues that seem to have no answer? Are you wondering if you will make it through tough financial times? Are you hoping your soul mate will show up soon? Do you need to know what direction to go in or what the future holds for you? The upcoming annual Sedona Psychic Fair, featuring the best, most qualified psychics, healers, and metaphysicians in the state of Arizona

  • Ask Joe and Leslie

    in Spirituality

    Join Leslie Kleiman and Joe Barton: intuitives, clairsentients and firm believers that profound shifts can happen easily and immediately for some fun and practical guidance in acheiving your highest potential. If you're prepared for growth, call in and see for yourself how fundamental change can happen easily, quickly and permanently.

  • Introducing Shower The Spirit Radio

    in Spirituality

    Daniel Stief, the creator of Sedona Talk Radio introduces this new show. Wishing everyone Peace, Love and Happiness.

  • You Are Not Who You Think You Are

    in Spirituality

    Beverly continues on with her series - You Are Not Who You Think You Are. Beverly is joined by her special guest Unity Minister Max Lafser.