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Katt Eyze

The Secret Sanctuary


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Give me your soul's deep dark mysteries that hide behind closed eyes.....

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This is a show of celebration. Something we all have in common is the day of our birth. Let's celebrate someone we love by telling stories or sharing lessons learned. Happy Birthday you!

Each of us oldies is experiencing new aches and pain we never knew before. The reality of "aging" looms like a dark cloud. We're gonna get some insight into what is going on with our bodies and our minds. The Doctor is in!

What is the point of a resolution? Why do we make them? What does is say when we can't keep them? It's a new year. What are you going to do?

This segment uses this popular song by the Spremes to discuss "Heaven" as a personal ideal rather than a religeous theology. Whats on the top of your roof? How do you get there. What are the names on the rung of your ladder?

Why do we pray? It seems some get answered, others don't. What is prayer? As we close the year, let us do it with gratitude and hope. This segment allows us to do both and explore the power of prayer through the spoken words of Jackie... more

As Shekespeare put it, we're going to explore tips for surviving the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." This time of year is always difficult for some. Under the present economic strain, getting through it is critical to survival. Come hear... more

We've all heard them: "What goes around, comes around" .... "You reap what you sow." Is there really a link between past thoughts and actions and what the future holds for us? Can we look at the past and see the future? Ahmad, who is... more

It is said that there is no free lunch. Everything in life has a price and the price must be paid. Everything.

We all seem to be in a hurry to be something, do something, have something. And when we fall short of our objective or timeline, we find excuses or berate ourselves as failures. Where we are is never okay. What happened to... more

It has been said that time is a friend which heals all wounds. Does it? Or does it just blunt the edges of memory?