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DrX Ray Faulkenberry

Searching For Higher Ground


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The show I will host SEARCHING FOR HIGHER GROUND takes a look at what's going on in the world and discusses ways to see it from a perspective that will better serve the planet. Anything and everything is game... Let's move from the structured boring plan of most radio shows and just talk about what's currently going on and how we feel about and how we might take it to a higher level so that we're actually feeling good about life. My background includes a Ph.D. in Psychology, an 8th Degree Black Belt in two different styles, and being an ordained Interfaith Minister. This unique yet complimentary set of credentials allows me to look at life from a perspective that can help us find HIGHER GROUND in any and every topic we take on. So let's chat about anything and everything. Game on!

On-Demand Episodes

According to our guest, Marian Anthony, Bank executives sold out America and pulled off the biggest financial scam in U.S. History. Anthony, author of SHORT SALE RUSH: A HOW-TO GUIDE FOR NONPERFORMING ASSETS... more

My guest will be Dr. Joseph Williams, author of the book WHO DO YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR? This gentleman's philosophy resonates deeply with my own as he too is an advocate for taking responsibility for our thoughts, words, and... more

This Show will feature Jim Rodgers, author of THE OLD GUY RULES. Jim is a living example of perservering when his wife up and left him. Tiger Wood's wife, Elin has nothing on Jim whose wife took all their money, ruined his credit,... more

Birthdays are an amazing concept and it is the one day we celebrate for ourselves and because of ourselves. I want to celebrate my birthday, September 9th, 1960 - my 50th birthday with you talking about the value of CELEBRATING... more

Religion and spirituality are vastly different. How different? Let's find out. I invite you to call in and chat and share your vision of religion versus spirituality. More damage has been done over time concerning religion than virtually any other... more

Politics are one of the few concepts that get people alienated, riled up, and ready to go to blows over. I am amazed when I hear about the conflict over republicans, democrats, Obama, Bush... There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground... more

This show will focus on where big business is going as seen from the eyes of two consultants. The first guest, John Sweeney, is an executive consultant for one of the largest consulting firms in the world - Accenture. John is a fun,... more

This show will discuss the highs and lows of parenting and how we can best support our children as they go through the trials and tribulations of growing up. At the top of the hour we'll be speaking with Anamarie Seidel, author of the... more

Come and share OUR FIRST SHOW on Searching for Higher Ground!! After a brief description of the show, its format, and my background, I want to talk about GOING FOR IT via the Oprah Contest and why its important to GO FOR IT!... more