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This is a wide ranging show that will include everything from politics to the paranormal. Mostly geared towards politics, we'll be discussing the devastation incurred on this nation by the political left, and what the solutions are. Please join us every Wednesday evening at 7pm EST.! Keep checking for bonus shows during the week as well!

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For this show, I will be interviewing Author Laura Hall and marketing manager Mason Sayer about their bold childrens book called "Sophie Votes Republican". We'll be tackling questions about today's education and the seemingly one sided liberal slant on the educational system and how it affects our children. If anyone thinks that it's not happening, they need to reevaluate. We'll also be talking about where Obama's true intentions lie. After the "Best State Of The Union Ever", why is he making a fool of himself, and us by making silly youtube appearances? All this and open lines!
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Here is a last minute decision to do a show tonight because of the importance of tomorrow's events. We'll be talking about how important the midterm election tomorrow is. As we all know, as America goes so goes the world. If Republicans... more

Unfortunately, I will not be doing a show at my regular scheduled time this week. However, I still thought I owed it to you all to give you something to think about in my absence. Enjoy... Please Like us on Facebook... more

Are we victims of the under informed, uninformed, or just plain gullible? What is it about the leftist voter that they are so willing to go along with whatever program they are handed, even knowing that they've been lied to and taken... more

Welcome to the second show of the "America Gone Rogue" series. Today, we will continue our journey to uncover what the real reasons are for the post constitutional treatment of our country and her citizens. What organizations are... more

For this show we will be here and there. In the first hour we'll talk about the Ebola epidemic and try to separate some fact from fiction. We'll also talk about the on going ISIS threat and the pin prick offense this president has been providing. I'm... more

This is the first in a series of episodes about what America has become and why. This is an effort to put the pieces together and honestly point out the problems that have led America back to a time of lawlessness and tyranny. Through... more

This is the Review/Preview Show for the past September 24th show and the upcoming October 1st show.

Welcome back to the Search For Verity Radio Program! We're just going to kick it around a bit for this show. Much has happened in the last few months that I'm eager to get into. Our country just simply does not look like it's former self,... more

It's been quite a long time, and it's time to jump back into getting this show rolling again! This is the preview show for the upcoming reboot of the "Search For Verity Radio Program" that will be airing Wednesday September 24th at 7PM EST.

This is the Review show for episode two of season three and the preview of what is coming up on the next show!
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