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The Search For Verity Radio Program


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This is a wide ranging show that will include everything from politics to the paranormal. Mostly geared towards politics, we'll be discussing the devastation incurred on this nation by the political left, and what the solutions are. Please join us every Friday evening at 7pm EST.! Keep checking for bonus shows during the week as well!

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For this show, I will be interviewing Author Laura Hall and marketing manager Mason Sayer about their bold childrens book called "Sophie Votes Republican". We'll be tackling questions about today's education and the seemingly one... more

Today, we will not only be talking about the State Of The Union address, but will be talking about what all of us know but many will not admit too. Over the last ten plus years, I have been warning people through educated, and honest... more

First, my apologies for not doing a show last night. I had some personal issues that popped up that needed attention. Tonight will be a make up show for last night. We will be talking about everything and anything. I'm sure that we can all... more

Again we are witness to another Republican betrayal. One of the first major acts of the 114th congress was to elect the new speaker of the house for this session, and they again punted back to the liberal/progressive cause. John Boehner... more

We are in the days of fiction and fairytale, where up is down and nothing makes sense. There used to be a clear definition as to where one would belong according to their beliefs. Our country was founded on solid conservative value,... more

Our leaders are persistent, their goal unfounded in American value. What are we to do? For the last few weeks we have seen the progressive left spin completely out of control and the worst thing is, some on the right are starting to go along... more

A seemingly never ending siege on our nation has left us in chaos. The powers that be have brilliantly orchestrated the perfect storm. This storm has many elements to it which include division (race, political and religious), lies, hypocrisy... more

This is another prerecorded show. There will not be a live show this week but again I wanted to give you something to think about. Hopefully next week I'll be back to normal!

Unfortunately I am going to have to take this Wednesday off again for the live show. As always though, I wanted to leave you with something to think about, and well as give you some information as to the new path forward for this... more

Tonight we will be examining again the age old folly that "The Ends Justify The Means". It is now proof possitive that those in control of government, and those that write the legislation for our laws have held this value dear, and have... more
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