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This is a wide ranging show that will include everything from politics to the paranormal. Mostly geared towards politics, we'll be discussing the devastation incurred on this nation by the political left, and what the solutions are. Please check for upcoming broadcasts for there is no set schedule as of yet.

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This show is specifically for the community members in the "Stow Community Action And Protection group". It's a neighborhood watch program that the Search For Verity Radio Program will be devoting one show a month too.

This is the Review show for episode two of season three and the preview of what is coming up on the next show!

For this show, we will be talking about one of the most important issues that face our society, education. Education of our children has shaped thousands of years of history, continue to shape our present, and wil shape our future.... more

The is a review of the reboot show and a look at the next show scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th at 12pm EST.

Welcome back to the Search For Verity Radio Program! For this show, we're going to get reacquainted with each other and just kick it around a bit. It's been almost a year since my last broadcast so I have got to knock some rust off.... more

This is the preview for the upcoming reboot show coming up this tuesday, February 11th. Please join me for intriguing conversation at 12 PM EST!

On this show, we're going to let our hair down a bit. Tyler will be joining me again and we will just be rambling through the good, bad and whatever comes up. Open lines for the entire show. Call in and voice your view.

Yet again our freedom is being threatened by the ruthless nature of the American left. The quest for absolute control is underway by the liberal progrssive faction of this country. In this show, we will again be looking at Maryland to... more

On this show, Marc A. DeWerth will be joining us as our guest to discuss all things Bigfoot, especially the sightings and research in Ohio. Marc is the founder and president of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization (OBO) and has been... more

There is one phrase that has been used throughout history to inact oppression, crimes against humanity and overall control over a populace. That phrase is "The ends justify the means". Is this what is happening in America today? Also, open... more
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