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The Search For Verity Radio Program


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This is a wide ranging show that will include everything from politics to the paranormal. Mostly geared towards politics, we'll be discussing the devastation incurred on this nation by the political left, and what the solutions are. Please join us every Friday evening at 7pm EST.! Keep checking for bonus shows during the week as well!

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Welcome to the latest reboot of the "Search For Verity Radio Program"! Joining me tonight as guest co-host will be the darling of conservative Blogtalk Radio, Kel Fritzi! That's right, the "Red Fox" herself! For those that don't know, Kel is a Canadian host that specializes in the evils of Islam and it's continued reach across the globe. She is also more of a patriot and cheerleader for America than most Americans I know. We'll be talking about a wide variety of topics including the presidential race, the Iran deal and her specialty, the spread of Islam and what it means. Almost everything is on the table for this one, as well as your calls! So don't be shy, be a part of helping SFV kick off this season!
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On-Demand Episodes

This is just a very short prerecorded episode that I found necessary to do because of the continuing willingness of people to sell their soul to the first bidder. There is also information in this show about the upcoming reboot show for the next... more

On this show, we will be talking about the intrusion onto private property by a seemingly tyrannical and hypocritical government. Joining me in studio will be Ron and Ruth Kerns whom for the last 6 months have been battling their local... more

Welcome to the first installment of the "Weekly Rant". All will be explained in the show. Keep checking the Facebook page "Facebook.com/searchforverity", the Twitter page "@Matt4America" or email "Matt4america@att.net"!

Welcome to the first regularly scheduled Friday show! I'm going to kind of leave it up to all of you as to the subject matter but I have a few things to throw out there. Since the last show, much has happened but really it's the same old thing. The... more

After a brief explanation of my absence over the last couple weeks, we'll get into the news of the day. Ferguson is back in the news after Eric Holder announced that Officer Wilson would be dismissed of all charges, but in true liberal... more

Welcome to a special Friday edition of "The Search For Verity Radio Program"! Tonight we will be talking about education and the ramifications that come along with programs like Common Core. Through programs like this, entangled with... more

Is there ANYTHING that the left can be trusted to tell the truth about? Brian Williams being the latest in a lengthy span of "tall tales" and outright lies, when will the left be held accountable for their actions? Joining me as a special... more

Due to technical updates, a live show was not possible for tonight. We decided to do a reboot of an interview with Mr. Corlette Baylock from a couple weeks ago. Corlette is an artist but with a rather unique type of art plus, he's lived a life of... more

For this show, I will be interviewing Author Laura Hall and marketing manager Mason Sayer about their bold childrens book called "Sophie Votes Republican". We'll be tackling questions about today's education and the seemingly one... more

Today, we will not only be talking about the State Of The Union address, but will be talking about what all of us know but many will not admit too. Over the last ten plus years, I have been warning people through educated, and honest... more
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