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    The Zombie Apocalypse and Spooky Movies/Stories

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    In this episode Southern Spooks talk about the Zombie Apocalypse, Favorite scary movies and scary stories. Call in to share your stories.


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    #TRUTALK with #BLKGOP on Ferguson and the Zombie Apocalypse.

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    This episode of #TRUTALK covers a completely different aspect of the Ferguson discussion plus we talk zombies. When/IF the zombie apocalypse happens will the #TRUTALK Team be ready to survive? We go in depth on both subjects with the vast majority of the hosts on TRU RADIO Network. 

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    Apocalypse Nana

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     Is Barry Manilow really in Pittsburgh this week?  Yes he is!!!  And is Barry in the Apocalypse Nana bunker during our show? Not quite, but we can only wish for a miracle.  

              Now that the superstar singer with those adorable plastic cheeks and bright-white dentures is completing his last year of touring, we want to ask the questions: Will and how can Barry Manilow survive the dreaded and life-taking apocalypse? We all know he can't smile without us and he can "Copacabana" just fine ... but let's look and see if he can make it as a survivalist. Does Barry have the gumption to live during the end of the world, singing "Looks Like We Made It," while he battles zombies or survives the plague, or will he go down singing, "Somewhere in the Night," lost and confused, and bunkerless?

              Enjoy a fun-filled and informative hour with Jacqueline "Mandy" Druga, the Apocalypse Nana herself, and her delicious sidekick, the "Bandstand Boogie" guy himself, R. W. Clinger, when they discuss celebrities at the end of the world?  Who's strong enough to survive ? And who will plummet to their deaths while signing "Let's Hold On"?

              This Thursday evening, enjoy our comments and tales of a weekend in New England chasing after Barry in the late eighties, and how we believed the world was going to end, preparing for the worst nuclear disaster during the Reagan years. And also play the popular Flash Fame Game with us that every bunkmate and prepper-listener enjoys.


  • Apocalypse New Year

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    This week, it's time to the bring in the new year with a bang! The Apocalypse Nana Show presents, "The List: 2015",  discussion about all possible world-ending scenarios in the coming year! Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they talk about the possibilities of the world coming to an end in 2015, and what you can do to prepare yourself for the worst! This week's special year-end show will be broadcast Tuesday night, at 9 PM EST, so be prepared for an all-out, special edition of the show that's sure to help start your new year on the right foot.

    Nuclear war. A deadly pandemic. An asteroid impact. There are many ways the world as we know it could meet it's end. But what is actually possible to happen in 2015?Our hosts will review and discuss the scenarios, the warning signs, and ways the average person can be prepared should such an event occur. However, there are events nobody could prepare for, and our crack team will not rule these out either! Zombie Apocalypse? They'll talk about that! Alien Invasion? Yep, that too! An army of dragons rising from deep beneath the surface of the earth? 

    Plus, in a special treat to closet out the year, we're proud to announce a partnership with Escuela Preparation Company! Fernando Escuela, President and founder of the company, will be joining our hosts throughout the show to discuss a few services that EPC provides the doomsday prepare! We're very excited to have him on the program and we can't wait to hear what he can for the Apocalyptic Nana listeners! Additionally, this week we'll check back in with Chet Chasterson! Our hosts enjoyed working with Chet during the Nennie Awards and have reached out to Chet to come back! Chet will be providing a live update of his New Year's preparations, and all the glitz and glamour that entails!


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    Coming Apocalypse

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    ISIS takes 150-200 Christians hostage and plan on killing them, if President Obama don't stop the Air Raids that the United States Air Force is dropping on them. Also Susan Rice the National Security Advisor to President Obama says "Netnayahu Speech will be destructive" to the relationship between Israel and America. Also an Avalanche has killed at least 124 people in Afghanistan and many more may be dead. Also extreme weather conditions have brought cold tempertures across America and a 40 car pile-up on I-95 in Maine has left 6 injured. Also a 6.2 earthquake hits Japan. Also a Harvard Student in Boston, Mass at the Logan Airport was naked and fell though the ceiling of the woman's bathroom and then bit off a 84 year old man's ear in a "Zombie Apocalypse" attack. Also the Iran Nuke deal leaks that Sec. of State John F. Kerry was planning on keeping Iran out of the enriched urainium process for 10 years before allowing Iran to have limited Nuclear Weapons. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

  • Apocalypse Nana Show -The Nennie Awards

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    Oh, the glitz! Oh, the glamour! It's.. The Nenny Awards! This Tuesday, join The Apocalypse Nana show for the biggest event of the year! It's time for the award show that turns the post-apocalyptic world upside down! Jackie, Dom, and Rob will be your hosts as they take you on a magical journey of suspense, love, heartbreak, and redemption, as they hand out the coveted Nenny Awards! Our host will shine the spotlight on some of the show's best moments, guests, and fans! They'll also recognize some of the crazy moments that have occurred in the past year, and recognize those who have truly helped make the end of the world a better place to live. It's the podcasting world's most awesome live, call-in awards show based on an apocalyptic podcast, so make sure you and your whole crew tune in for all the fun and festivities!

    The Apocalypse Nana Show's Nenny Award is one of the most respected awards in post-apocalyptic society, and this year's awards are no exception! Our illustrious panel of hosts will recognize achievements across the board, including such categories as Guest of the Year, Embarrassing Moment of the Year, and much, much more! Plus, we'll be calling some of our winners, live, on the air! Jackie and the gang will get their live reactions and acceptance speeches, and we may even hear from a few nominees who didn't win! Will their grapes be sour? Find out, and be a part of the fun by calling in or joining us in the live chat room!

    Plus, The Apocalypse Nana will have a live red carpet event before, during, and after the show, where Jackie, Rob, and Dom will be joined by noted red-carpet aficionado Chet Chasterson! Chet will be checking in throughout the show with play-by-play updates from all the stars, glitz, and festivities from the red carpet! You and your closest friends can join in on the year's most spectacular event, t! 

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    Good morrow Stew Crew!! This week JT and your Main Ingredients will be talking about the (impending?) Zombie Apocalypse! They will each be constructing their ULTIMATE Zombie Apocalypse Response Teams using characters from movies and TV, and they'll also be revealing their top 5 amenities for their ideal zombie apocalypse strong hold! What could POSSIBLY go wrong? TUNE IN!!! Tell your friends to do the same!

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    President Obama calls Russian President Vladimir Putin and discusses Ukraine ahead of the peace summitt set for today. Obama threatens to send weapons to help the Ukrainians, and Putin warns USA not to dare arm Ukraine or pay a price. Max will read Ezekiel 38 & 39 on the battle of Gog and Magog. Also a "Wicked Wind" blows over Israel today as an "Extreme Wind Storm" blows in Dust, Sand, and Pollution. Also the Storm in Washington over President Obama angry about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu coming to speak before Congress on March3, 2015 to defend Israel's plea to not allow Iran to aquire Nukes in the 6 country Nuke Deal. Also 100 car pile-up in South Korea leaves 2 dead and 68 injured. Also a North Carolina man shoots and kills 3 Muslim Students in Chapel Hill. Also the Sun "Super Solar Filament" is over 1 million Miles long and poses a threat to planet earth. Also a woman "Like a Zombie" with a big knife was shot dead by police in Sydney, Australia. These and much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley 

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    Zombie Apocalypse episode

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    We will be discussing what the signs of the Zombie Apocalypse are and what types of effects it would take on the world and your life personally.  We want to hear your thoughts and reactions.  What are the things that you would grab, who would you call, where would you go.  Call in and share your thoughts and opinions with us

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    Apocalypse Nana Mini

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    Little show with Junior Apocalypse Expert Violet

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    I know I'm not the only person that thinks about the zombie apocalypse every now and then...or always! Especially when something is going on in the world currently! I tend to have these vivid dreams where it's the end of the world! 

    Ebola is out and about! But seriously, who didn't see these cases coming more frequently now?! I know I called it the moment they talked about bringing people to the U.S. for treatment...-_- NOT THE FIRST BAD IDEA!

    Anywhore, my friend saw something about this dude in Africa rising from the dead. Google "African rises from the dead ebola zombie" It could be fake, but something is going to happen...


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