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    The Zoe Moon Astrology Show-SOLAR ECLIPSE and MERCURY RETROGRADE

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    A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is about eclipsing out certain aspects of your work, health, pet, paperwork, co-worker, hired help, organizing, or clean-up side of life and getting one of the most powerful boosts into new territory or the next level with these themes. It begins late Saturday night Pacific time/early Sunday morning Eastern so between the 12th-13th we head into this next chapter. In the meantime, Mercury, which rules Virgo, has stopped in the sky and by 2:09pm eastern on Thursday the 17th is going to start a 3 plus week Retrograde in relationship Libra. So part of this major boost forward means going back over past issues, opportunities, situations, and ideas involving partners, agents, clients, competitors, attorneys, specialists, opponents, advocates, or other key players. There is something here to rethink, rewrite, rework, release, or reconnect with so that you can move ahead. You'll hit your second big challenge with this by the 25th so you want to dive in and get busy. I will cover how these 2 events will play out for each sign, tune in and hear about it for you and please share it since I'm trying to get this information out to those who couldn't hear it on Thursday night! Thanks, Zoe x

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    Saturn moves into Sagittarius, the sign of legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, wedding, religious, and political themes, to test us to master some new level here between now and Dec. 20, 2017. We get 2 years and 3 months to make some serious endings, deal with limits, no's, responsibilities, and get ambitious, grow up, and take the lead to move towards a next level here. Every sign will have different areas in play and I discuss this on tonight's show. Jupiter is opposing Neptune this week as well, a major background turning point of a Karmic nature that is about the direction we wish to go with or without someone so that we might grow and prosper. Tune in 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific and see what the stars have in store for you!

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    Behind the Mic with Dr. Zoe

    in Lifestyle

    Behind the Mic with Dr. Zoe

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    Zoe Niclaus: Psychic Medium Takes Your Calls!

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    This is a 60 minute (1 hour) broadcast.

    Zoe Niclaus joins the show tonight to take your calls!

    Zoe is a life long medium and transformational healer.  With over 20 years in the healing arts, Zoe specilizies in clairvoyance, psychometry, astral traveling, psychic mediumshipand more.

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question!

    Visit Zoe's website to book a private session today by clicking here!

    You can also contact Zoe directly at:
    Email:     zoe.niclaus@gmail.com
    Contact: 310 651-1545
    Zoe on Facebook:  Click here!

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    The Zoe Moon Astrology LUCKIEST DAY Show

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    The Sun enters Virgo where Jupiter is now touring and kicks off 30 days of added personal and physical involvement in Virgo themes. It will give us more momentum with the lucky things Jupiter promises here and as if to highlight this, the Sun embraces Jupiter in the week ahead, a day of the year many astrologers consider to bet the luckiest for putting your needs forward or showing up and starting something that has potential to grow. Tune in to hear how your sign will be affected!

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    The Zoe Moon Astrology PISCES FULL MOON Show

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    We are building emotionally to a Full Moon in Pisces that peaks on Saturnday the 29th and this will give weight to our daily activities since this part of the sky tends to have a hand in things we don't see about ourselves, the hidden agendas of others, our muse and inspiration with art, film, music, and poetry, our spiritual processes, the magic in life, our psychic abilities, any healing, addictions or hospital needs, and the research and development that calls us to act. So something is coming to a head here and we are feeling it. We might be marking endings or celebrating achevements but it's big. At the same tim we have Mercury moving into new territory on the 27th so our thoughts have turned to relationship. We will want to talk, meet and make important decisions involving partners, representatives, clients, competitors, and specialists, over the weeks ahead and it seems to me there is one very special moment above all others that this is going to kick in. TUNE IN to hear about this and more and how it all plays out for each sign.

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    The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW Venus goes Direct!

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    Venus Retrograde ends on the 6th and we can finally figure out what we want or what they want when it comes to love, income, women, or beauty. It is officially moving forward again with or without them. Mars is active as well stirring up the action, bringing the passion and engaging the masculine in some exciting ways as we near the middle of next week. Tune in to the Zoe Moon Astrology Show to hear how your sign can expect to be influenced and what you can proactively put forward to make the most of these energies.

  • The Zoe Moon Astrology NEW MOON Show

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    A New Moon in Leo offers fresh starts and open doors in love, with creative ventures, kids, and fun. It helps us to take the initiative with the backing of cosmic energy to move things forward into new opportunities or to take current situations to the next chapter. We will have 2 weeks to set things in motion or seed them so they grow over the months ahead. Each sign is influenced in a different way so tune in to hear what it means for you and the ones you love!

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    Yes, it's that time again, Mercury Retrogrades on the 18th and we all head back into the past again, mechanical and electronic devices go haywire, communications are mixed, and things slow down. The good news is there is great potential to get it right now, to reflect and rethink something so you can move ahead with a better understanding. This Retrograde begins on the same day as the NEW MOON in Taurus so we also have powerful fresh starts in store over the 2 weeks ahead involving income, possessions and purchases. Tune in to hear how the combination can best work for your sign, where the pitfalls await and potential harkens. Zoe looks into this and more!

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    In the week ahead we have a FULL MOON in Aquarius, a time when we wrap things up, mark endings, celebrate achievements, and are recognized. We have Saturn Retrograde ending and the LAST PUSH through Scorpio for another 29 years, asking us to make long term commitments, mark endings, be responsible, grow up, structure things to support us, and push forward ambitions. We also have Venus taking her Retrograde out of Virgo and into Leo where she will backtrack now for 5 weeks. This is about us reconnecting, releasing or reworking things involving our love life, lovers, kids, creative projects, income, women, or recreational pursuits. So to say this is a big week ahead is an understatement. Tune in to hear how it will play out for your sign!

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