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    Nano-Motors Inside Cell: Complexity; Natural Selection, Mutation cannot Explain

    in Religion

    "Man-made motors are complex designs, because they need many parts working together to function. Although miniaturised motors would be very useful, e.g. for keeping our arteries clear and our blood clean, the number of parts makes it difficult to make them below a certain size. But ingenious scientists are making them smaller all the time.

    However the design in living organisms has far exceeded our most painstaking efforts. Bacteria propel themselves using flagella, filaments propelled by a true rotary motor. This motor is only the size of a virus, thus far smaller than anything man-made. Yet it can rotate at over 1000 times per second.

    But even this impressively tiny motor is not the tiniest in God's creation. Living cells have many molecules that are mini-machines and chemical factories enzymes. One enzyme has been shown to spin 'like a motor' to produce ATP, a chemical which is the 'energy currency' of life. The enzyme, which has nine protein components, is so tiny that 100,000 million million would fill the volume of a pinhead. This motor produces an immense torque (turning force) for its size it rotates a strand of another protein 100 times its own length. Also, when driving a heavy load, it probably changes to a lower gear, as any well-designed motor should."  J.D. Sarfati, 'Design in Living Organisms: Motors'

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    Live with Greg Halvorson -- Zippy Botingles Goes Rogue

    in Politics Conservative



    "What's truly terrifying - and disturbing - is the blind allegiance displayed by liberals who refuse to even question the reality of ObamaCare and the man behind it... To dismiss immediately ANY examination of this president and his policies - despite clear indications of corruption - is pathological... Indeed, it's behaviorally consistent with cults, which throughout history have engendered violence and death."

    ~Greg Halvorson, The Conservative Hammer

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    Live with Greg Halvorson--Zippy Botingles's GAFFE Machine

    in Politics Conservative

    57 states...  Navy "corpseman" ...  Hawaii in "Asia" ....  Barack Obama, in reality, gives his braindead running mate a run for his money when it comes to off-the-cuff buffoonery....  During his recent appearance on Leno, the Gaffe Meter MELTED DOWN....  Zippy Botingles off telepropmpter -- always an adventure in IDIOCY.  

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    in Religion

    The JCHC Slam and Dance Show brings you music, news, reviews and interviews of the Christian hard music scene.

    Todays show features an interview I had with punk rocker J-SON INFIRMITIE formely of KINGS KIDS and now lead singer of INFIRMITIES. Take a listen!

    Bands you can hear on todays show: False Idle, Cleophus, The Deadlines, Zippy Josh, Infirmities, King's Kids, Outlaw County, The Rekoning, Sons of Rachel, Unisef, Upon This Rock, Defyd, Sweet Crystal, Value Pac, The Way, Spyker, Over Mortal, Ruby Joe

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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Halloween special

    in Entertainment

    Host Robert Winfree welcomes back Sean Comer to talk about personal favorite, and much disliked, films, books, and bad guys from the Halloween season.

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    Long Road to Ruin: Hellraiser Pt. 1

    in Movies

    Robert Winfree guest hosts for Mark Radulich to start a look at the epic horror franchise Hellraiser with Sean Comer.  Up this week, the good films of the franchise, specifically Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, and Hellraiser: Inferno.

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    horror classic vs horror remakes

    in Movies

    what can i say but it getting out of hand with these remakes that are giving the classic horror movie a bad name. just to name a few like texas chainsaw,halloween,fright night,friday the 13th. when i frist saw the remake of friday the 13th to me it look like the tv show supernatural but with no cass or dean just sam looking for lost girl on the camp grounds. the monster he got face is jason but to me that what it was. now hollywood said there going remake pinhead,chucky,the howling and many others it like no leave the classics alone. what we had for horror movies when i was growing up was awesome. movie like nightmare on elm street and they live and also v. but the horror movie the blew me away when i was a kid was christine. don't mess with a car that has satan behind the wheel. i did like rob zombie halloween movies. he gave it a new twist to it which was good. but the other remakes like chainsaw and norman bates remake. they just copy the old ones but add few new stuff but copy the old story. it like we seen this already. but what really getting to me is there saying we want remake the crow. um i say no the crow that came out in 93 with brandon lee is a cult classic movie u can't out do on what he did. u can't. but with all these reamkes coming out it getting out of hand they need to stop and come out with something new. but gives us a call and tell us what u think they should do. cause i just saw the fright night remake omg it was so freaking boring i stop watching it after 45 min of the show. the 1985 verison of fright night was alot better then this crappy remake.

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    Building Unity: Tue: 1/8/13: 8PM EST

    in Religion

    United we stand, divided we fall, however we are each vulnerable to the passions that stir disunity. Vickie Kimani  and  Zippy Wambui Elikanah will give us tips on  relying on  God’s grace, and unfailing love for one another, to maintain that unity in the Spirit that marks Christ’s sacrificial love.
    Listen live: 619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseshow.com.

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    Becoming A goal oriented woman

    in Religion

    Are you a goal oriented woman?Our guest Zippy Wambui Elikanah will give us tips on becoming a goal oriented woman.Listen live:619-393-2852/www.pinnacleofpraiseradio.com
    Thank you for choosing Pinnacle of Praise Show. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Nerd Herders Radio Ep. 17 w/ Rob Dimension

    in Hobbies

    In this episode of Nerd Herders, Foxy Foxxy & Damian Dragon discuss the next villain for the TV Series ‘Arrow’, the recently released trailer for the third season of ‘Game of Thrones’, the much anticipated release of Lego Marvel Super-heroes the video game coming in Fall 2013 and the Deadpool Web-series that just debuted on you tube from past guest Chris R. Notarile of Blinky Productions in which Damian Dragon plays the character of Deadpool.
    This night they interviewed their featured guest Rob Dimension, writer/actor/co-director of horror short film ‘No Clowning Around’ which is receiving rave reviews by horror fans & fellow filmmakers alike. The trailer for the short film can be see here:
    They also did a fan poll of the night, which continued into conversation before and after the interview was over: Out of the five following slashers/horror movie icons, which on creeped you out the most, ot scared you but creeped you out: Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13), Michael Meyers (Halloween), Chucky (Child’s Play) or Pinhead (Hellraiser)?

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