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    The Legend Of Zelda: The Turquoise Talks Retrospective

    in Video Games

    For the second Turquoise Talk, I talk with Zelda Fanatic Ben Zink about his perspective of the entire Zelda franchise. Beyond Zelda we also discuss Worm Lights and Shaq Fu. We get deep in our feelings and I say "aesthetic" about 20 times. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

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    The Story Of Zelda Hayes

    in Women

    So who is this woman they call LadyZee? from where does she get the audacity to teach anyone anything?  Well let me tell you my story and you be the judge.  How's that?

    Also more about me can be found at:   www.squidmarkmedia.com/zelda

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    Video game tips how to get the horse in Zelda Ocarina of Time

    in Entertainment

    Today i will be telling you the secret to getting the horse in the game Zelda Ocarina of time for the n64, also sold in the Wii Shop.

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    Fantastic Four! and the practicality of a Zelda live action TV show.

    in Entertainment

    This past week Josh Trank and Fox realsed the first teaser trailer for their new iteration into the Fantastic Four cinematic history. The trailer, however, did more to upset waiting fans that it did to quiet doubters. Josh Trank along Simon Kinberg gave an hour long interview discussing the film, the process of making it and the decision to be extremely silent about the film. 

    we'll discuss all this, plus: The internet went bat shit when IGN and a bugh of other news sites reported a rumor as fact. That rumor being that Netflix is working on live action series based upon The Legend of Zelda. we'll talk about all the latest news on this story but don't worry, the latest news on could fill that space between your teeth where corn gets stuck and it's equally annoying.   

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    Don't Drink the Koolaid: Robin and Zelda Williams and Trolls

    in Entertainment

    Two days ago we lost a great performer and artist, Mr Robin Williams.Mr. Williams, who suffered from bipolar depression, killed himself in his Tiberon home. Since then the media and fans have gone nuts over this situation. There have been positive reactions and negative reaction. We are going to talk about the negative reactions, oh yes we are! Robin's daughter, Zelda Williams has been harassed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The trolls are on the loose and Eric Morse is going to bring the hatchet down. Phone lines will be open for those who want to also bring the hatchet down on these assholes!

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    Zelda Talk

    in Video Games

    Today, I go away from movies and decide to talk about The Legend of Zelda video games.

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    How To Make Better Choices

    in Lifestyle

    You ever wonder why your outcomes come out half baked?  Perhaps it's because your making choices with the wrong thoughts.  Not so much your heart, but you didn't ask the right questions.


    Todays show we will discuss a more productive way to make choices, be it in your relationships or career.


    Why,  Purpose, Disadvantages vs Benefits, Conclusion and last a mind provoking assingment for you to take with you.



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    in Entertainment

    The passionate love affair between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald has been one of the tragic and storied romances of our time. Broken by mental illness, alcoholism, adulterous relationships, and financial ruin, the devoted pair – soul mates and Jazz Age sweethearts – were fiercely loyal to their floundering marriage even to their last rendezvous on Cuban holiday in 1939. The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds takes a look at the iconic Fitzgeralds, Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 3 pm ET with author R. Clifton Spargo, Professor Emeritus of English and Fitzgerald scholar Jackson R. Bryer, and Thomas W. Thompson, Director of the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum, Montgomery, Alabama.

    In poignant, stunning detail, R. Clifton Spargo richly imagines the golden couple’s final goodbye in Beautiful Fools, a novel thrumming with the hope and heartbreak that accompanies second chances and fractured love. R. Clifton Spargo is a Chicago-based novelist and cultural critic who writes “The HI/LO,” a blog for The Huffington Post. An Arts Fellow at the Iowa writer’s Workshop, he has published stories and essays in The Kenyon Review, The Antioch Review, The Yale Review and more.

    Jackson R. Bryer is the co-editor of Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda: The Love Letters of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and of Dear Scott/Dear Max: The Fitzgerald-Perkins Correspondence.

    Thomas W. Thompson is the Director of the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The Fitzgerald Museum is working on its upcoming 25th anniversary, which will be celebrated the first week of May 2014.


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    Water District ... Indie Rock from Los Angeles

    in Indie Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Zack and Hunter from the LA Indie Rock band Water District to the show!


    Emerging out of the Los Angeles music scene, Water District embodies the poise of city life and the allure of the Pacific Coast lifestyle. Water District was formed in 2012, and since then has captured listeners with an edgy brand of indie rock with topics ranging from love, the irony of solitude in California and The Legend of Zelda. 
    In 2014, the band signed with independent record company, Normandie Records. For their debut record under the label, Water District worked with producer/engineer Danny Balistocky (Yellowcard, 3 Doors Down, Metro Station) at Revolution 9 Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. On December 16th, 2014 the band released Water District EP. 

    Direct all Media Inquireies to
    LaFamos PR & Branding

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    Debut Fantasy Author, Geoffrey Storm Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Writing

    Geoffrey Storm was born and raised in Michigan, in an old, suburban neighborhood he calls "his Shire." There are no sidewalks, and no traffic, just endless lawns, ponds, and trees. It's almost another world entirely. And to him, it is. Inspired by the fantastic worlds seen in Star Wars, Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts, Geoffrey created one of his own in his backyard. An escape from reality. A world he now wishes to share with you.

    Geoffrey is a graduate of Michigan State University's English program, with focusses in Creative Writing, Sociology, and Linguistics. Growing up, he never thought he'd be a writer. Maybe an actor, an artist, or even an architect. But now he's put all those dreams, all his knowledge, and all his heart into one idea. One world. One story. Progeny of Gods: Vertuém Destiny

  • 01:39

    OGT UnNerfed Playground ...WOW ..... BEST E3 EVER .... so far ... Fallout 4 tho

    in Entertainment

    Wow...... I mean WOW!!!!!! This has to be the BEST E3 showing of em em em of  ..... GAMES in about 15 years .... 15 years has it been THAT long ?!?!?!?!? We are now in the "NEXT GEN and now its starting to feel like it . After thsi years E3 and the games we saw or hears about ...... Would you agree ort disagree ???  With the Strong showings of Sony (bout fing time ugh) and Microsoft (Xbox one backwards compat why yes I'll take that) along with some of the most exquisit looking games Like For Honor by Ubisoft and Sonys in house "Horzon Zero Dawn" ( i know i know noy out yet) to date and most being Playable at E3 .Oh and AND WOOOOOOOO FALLOUT FUCKING  4  YESSSSSSSSS WITH A FING  PIP BOY THAT REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look whats coming up FF7 remake (just in time for it's 20th brithday) a remastered Gears of War (OMFG) more Star Wars Battlefront (umm wears Space???) Xeonblade CX , Mario Maker and New Zelda shots and WOOOOOOOOO MORE NO MANS SKY (on track and releasing  on PC and PS4 only) Meatel Gear back on and Blizzards new all in one Heros of the Storm our pay checks and trust funds will be run dry this year ..... 3D gaming is HERE now and we LOVE it  with the Oculus Rift and sonys Projeet Morpheus we will "BE" into gaming even more like "IN" the game (pick the red pill .... I did)This Gaming year is shaping up to be the BEST in the last 20years  so Tonight Join in LIVE   .... Call in at (347)884-9299 or just hang out by clicking the link below .... WE ARE THE OGT ...... YOUR TECHNOLOGICAL AND BIOLOGICAL UNQUENESS SHALL BE ADDED TO OUR OWN ALL GAMING KNOWLEDGE WILL BE ASSIMILATED  ..... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!!!!!!!

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