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    This was our last Wednesday call before Christmas, as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve come on the next two Wednesday's.  UNLESS - Zorra can arrange an interview with Santa Claus!  We will let you know.

    Today's call began with the Invocation - Zaraya spoke about "Giving" with regard to his personal gift to us, and that he would do it again because "You are worth it."  

    ZORRA - talks about Santa and his history. - Confirmation of upcoming RV and our need for supportive agreement and patience.  SARYYA (Zorra's other half) speaks of "giving" amd those who have given so much - Sananda. - "Your true Mission is just beginning now."- A brief message from Prime Creator. - Callers speak of gratitude and why -  Will we need trusts? Will they fit into the new governnance? - What about the strong new Masculine/Feminine energies arriving on the 21st? -  Last week's energies were so high and fast! ...What to do?  

    Next call:  Saturday, December 27th

    Possible call with Santa before Christmas? If so, it will be announced.

    Share and enjoy... THE LOVE!


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    And a very Merry Christmas... to All!

    After the Invocation, ZARAYA shared his destination during last Wednesday's call ... he found himself in Zorra's body at Santa's house! Yes, Zorra was visiting Santa at the time he and Zaraya traded bodies!  We remember, last year at Christmas, we learned much about the reality of Santa Claus, and today's call brought more.. We have much to learn about what is really "real" here on our planet! - ZORRA confirmed GCR and debunked the "6 days of darkness NASA hoax."  -  Did Prince William sign the treaty? Zorra hints of a "coming event" when many nations will be freed from the "Commonwealth of Great Britain" as US is still not free from England.  - Can we expect carefree Christmas shopping  yet this Christmas? - How to use pyramid power if unable to build a pyramid home? If living in a long trailer? - Was Santa and his reindeer intercepted by six aircraft? - Can Santa speak this Wednesday and maybe talk to the little ones? - Prime Creator planning great Celebration.  Q & A: Marriage/divorce in Hollow Earth? How long Zorra/Saryya been together? Telepathy brings understanding? - Is there rejection? - British military plane over Reno? - What to do to save their home from auction block? - What she did... and now has a "Joy" - What causes High Blood Pressure? - Is West Coast to have an earthquake and fall into sea? - Help for rheumatoid arthritis? - HEALING PULSE




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    Our planned 1-hour call extended into 2 hours - lots of good news!

    Invocation - ZARAYA explains "everyday magic" in Hollow Earth. - ZORRA: "The floodgates are about to burst open!" Prime Creator sent Emissary in human form to UN - Earth scientists' extraordinary inventions, put on shelf "for good of mankind" will soon be released and used! Examples! - This world belongs to Prime Creator and... US! - Will be pristine after Gathering - and no more reincarnations!  SARYYA: Feel the veils lifting? As RV comes forth, your dreams become reallty.- Russia's Putin also playing a part, as Obama, is a Light worker. - Latest reports from US employee on Mars? Not factual, no conflicts. What are they working on, on Mars? - 3D Copier replaces limbs?? -  Putin's special mission. Our airlines will be replaced with..... ! -  Q & A:- Be prepared for mentors, may receive a message - How to prevent 4-1/2 year old from receiving vaccinations - How to purify water free of charge - He danced with deceased grandmother - Will there be 50% taxes on RV? - They destroyed EVERYTHING on his computer! - Is there any 4D left? - It's a 5D Being trying to take Birth at 25 weeks! - So grateful SOUL cured it! - Has our DNA expanded? - How to activate headband - Coming price of gold? - Should he stop eating all together?












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    Zaraya comments on a just-found shield around Earth, 7200 miles up. Zorra later confirms its construction - Object 3 times size of Saturn? Zaraya confirms: "It is a huge mothership, just arriving." - US continues to block RV; Anne reads plea to Prime Creator - Zorra later confirms Prime Creator's receipt of plea and "will act on  it." -  Is Obama really exiled in China? - Obama's recent 2 Executive Orders? True? - Do Obama and General Ham discuss new government together? - WHERE was Obama's recent White House speech filmed? - Info on General Ham and Galactics - Results of 72-hour UN and White House meetings with Prime Creator?  Disclosure update? What is Sananda doing? New Jerusalem ("Venus") moved to Eastern sky! - Zorra's friends, the Mer people and more visibility -  How captive whales will be released - New listener wants RV info - Mike Quinsey said "city of light" over Sedona soon to be visible? "It is a camaflauged vessel - so is city above Mt Shasta." Will New Jerusalem land in Singapore? - International Soul/Laminine orders can use this US address  http://reship.com/ - What happens to us after Disclosure?  Where are white and blue aero ships from? Our % of consciousness now? What needed for tipping point? Bible questions. Trees communicate worldwide? Don't kill a tree for Christmas!  HEALING PULSE.


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    Even More!  Ramtha, Area 51, Upcoming Changes!  
    Hear, for the first time, Col. Billie Faye Woodard's story of area 51 in his own words.  This continues from the previous message when we learned how Zaraya, of Hollow Earth, was deposited here on the surface to complete Admiral Bryd's Mission.
    Zorra gives insight to coming events, transitional governance, EU news of transition.
    Why would we improve our current way of living, if the Earth will soon upheave and we will all be gone? And... where are we going?
    This call is PACKED with fast information!  Learn how the transition will occur.
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    We welcome you to a continuation of these vists with Zorra, which have been part of our lives for over two years.
    Anne DeHart

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    After our Invocation and a brief intro by Zaraya - Zorra launched "straightaway" into today's news:


    There is a closed 72-hour meeting going on in a private area at the UN with Prime Creator; closed to media.  General Ham is asking multitudes of questions of Prime Creator, not only about the upcoming announcements, but of other issues vital to our planet, such as wars, catastrophies, etc. Those in attendance?  Zorra, General Ham, Ashtar Commanders of starships soon to be decloaking, Lord Ashtar, St Germain.  How did Prime Creator authenticate Herself? - - The G20 and can they steal our money? - The RV currencies are intended for Lightworkers' benevolent use - Zorra warns "those listening, we know you are there"... "You are traveling in areas you know nothing about and your accounts will soon be frozen." - Fukushima waters are pure and clean all the way to Seattle. - Saryya reminds us of our Power and that this life experience is only one of many parrallel experiences - The Healing Pulse and Zorra's personal comments to those he "sees" -  Q/A: Obama is NOT Sananda! -  Baking soda cancer cure -  Q/A re Hollow Earth forms of transportation and Inner Earth high speed tunnels - She confirms the breast lumps from Zorra's pulse, are... gone! - Catherine's fibromyalgia GONE, with Soul! - The Laminine removed the stress and she Ace'd the test! - 3 year old grand daughter becomes a joy on Laminine -  


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    Tonight's call was extremely informative. 

    Opening with Invocation: Violet Flame and Pillar of White Light of Protection. - ZARAYA tells of shape-shifting into Mer body, swimming with cruise ships; saw Ashtar's crew vacuuming ocean of pollution. QUAZAR tells of huge portal just opening. ZORRA: About dark's intrusion into last week's call by four warlocks - What IS a warlock?  A witch? What is Magic? Druids? Merlin? The Titans?  SARYYA: Maganificent things beginning to happen! Portals! Being trained in our sleep. Hollow Earth commonly uses magic as shape-shifting, manifesting; anything is possible. Use of Containment to stop cabal? "Yes, and..." - ANNE: Interim President of New Republic is now in Oval Office?  ZORRA: Coming Announcements: NESARA; No IRS; No DEBTS - Republic Interim President, St Germain, Ashtar, Prime Creator, Ascended Masters all in 48-hour meeting in White House AS WE SPEAK. Area 51 now "owned" by New Republic Militrary. A-51 tunnels reopened to Hollow Earth. Tunnels to surface now opened by forest fires allowing Emergence.. All International borders: check points coming down - people will just walk from couintry to counmtry in US and Europe - A peek at things to come; worldwide changes - On Mars, joint civilization since 50's: : American, Russian, Chinese. Coming Announcement from White House: "Republic is restored." - At end of 48-hour meeting? Prime Creator's Announcement. - HEALING PULSE, joined by Arcturians, mass healings. Releases from prisons, asylums. Captors awaken, aware: "This is wrong!"


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    Where, in ONE call, will you hear about first-hand viewing with Mer Family 20,000 fathoms below the Pacific?  - About nuclear payloads headed to ISS? -  About the ONE thing we can DO NOW and overcome the last of the dark ones? - Well, that's it in a nutshell, folks! A most remarkable call that will go viral! - Here's the road map:  Invocation -  Getting and using Sovereign Drivers' License. - A North Korean war? -  Shape-shifting, or "Magic is quite real." - Prime Creator's Divine Plan still in place? - How deep has our Pacific Ocean pollution gone? - We want to bring you to Galactic Human Era - Can Prime Creator just intervene? - Eliminate the Gift of Free Will? - Obama? - Discussion: how long can the few in power impose hardship on the many? - Can we help? - Work with Quantum Field - Kathryn: "Deceived." - ZORRA'S VISUALIZATION MEDITATION (Edit coming) - Prime Creator will continue HERE until Ascension! - Voting? Just a show - Continual attempts to arm ISS: "They will never give up... they won't quit! They keep repeating! We're stuck!" - But Terra/galaxy,universe still ascending! - WHAT will HAVE to happen for us to overcome "them?" Zorra responds. We have A PLAN! George Burns helps! Bumper sticker: "EXPRESS YOUR LOVE!" Billboards: 'EXPRESS YOUR LOVE!" - Headband specs coming to Anne - Loving Self to Love Others (list) - Rocket that just blew up? "Nuclear pay load." - How overcome "Useless? " CLOSING LOVE PULSE - Zaraya is back from 20,000 fathoms deep with Mer Family. 


    Next show with Zorra?  Saturday!  November 1st!

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    What a delightful and informative call!  We heard first from Zorra's son, Zaraya, living here on the surface with his Beloved, Quazar.  Soon, Zorra occupied Zaraya's body and Saryya, Zorra's Beloved, traded bodies with Quazar, and we had both Zorra and his Beloved, Saryya both  speaking to us and with each other! The call closed with a surprise visit by Adama, the High Priest of Telos ... joining the festivities.  And look what we learned....!!

    Information came on all subjects ...energies not only from the Cosmos, but also from Inner and Hollow Earth supporting our preparation for Disclosure. - The "dominoes are falling... the first domino already hitting the second..." We are now beyond our ego, more of our Higher Self ... bodies changing from carbon to crystalline, DNA changing. -  The media speaks of chaos - we speak of Divine Order. We learn more about Prime Creator.  -- The loving life within Hollow Earth, as all are equal, no ego. All are HeartMind, all KNOW ... no need for monetary system. How it works. The Onenes permeating All. "This is the Earth we meant for you."  Prime Creator: his place.  -- Video allowed by Galactics of Malaysian airliner intercept and... WHO flew the ships? - Zorra's 50-ft body - Zorra's inches-high body. - What happens on the surface while everyone is in healing chambers?  - When you sleep tonight? - 2015, 2016, 2017??!! - Earth's new surface will have many visitors! - Surprise visit by Adama, High Priest of Telos... telling where he hangs out - you may see him!


    Our Website:  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com


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    Peter Olson is our 1st guest followed by Zaraya,Quazar,Zorra

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    Their baaaack, woohoo! IT has been awhile since Peter Olson has been a guest. Peter has gone thru a life change and is here to share that with us in respect to what Zorra, AA Michael and other ascended masters have shared with him. Then Col. Billie Faye Woodard aka Zaraya, Jane aka Quazar and Zorra will be on the show and what a show it will be. As the saga continues, it is comforting to know we have theThree Musketeers and possibly more that will be here to share with us all more good news about our evolution.  If time permits we will take questions.
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    This call  began 90 minutes late!  Technical difficulties!  We finally began at 10:30 AM.


    Zaraya told of his brother and sister in Hollow Earth and what they are doing with their lives. Zorra addressed fear, and how to manage it. Zorra's mate, Saryya joined  (through Quazar) and reminded us of "the call" and how eager we were to come to the only planet with life existing on the outside surface! "What an adventure!"  - The recent video ... showing our "2nd sun."  -  We learned about the Sirian ship, five times larger than our planet, parked (and hiding) in front of the sun. Are there MORE??   -  Zorra told about Nibiru... is it destructive? -  When can we look for Disclosure? -  Listeners were ASKED a question, and had to answer before asking their own question. - We're getting personal mentors?? Where from???  -  How will we know when we are  in the Photon Belt?  - What religions support these teachings? -  Origin of Cherokee race? - How to make a spiritual headband. -  Could we be tired and headachy because our intestines need cleaning???


    Hollow Earth interacts with our space families, parked upstairs, waiting to join us!

    Follow BREAKING NEWS on our website:  www.hollowearthnetwork.com


    Thank you for joining us!



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