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    Zane Carney (Musician)

    in Entertainment

    Zane Carney is one half of the group, Carney, and also the lead guitarist on the Broadway show, Spiderman - Turn Off The Dark.  He writes, records and performs his own music and is working on a solo project.  We will talk to Zane about his career thus far and see what's next!

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    Rob Carney

    in Motivation

    ANT interviews MC Rob Carney. Carney has opened up for acts such as Rakim, Juelz Santana, Cory Gunz, and many other notable artists. Listen in!





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    Interviews with Zane and Maya Anderson

    in Social Networking

    Authors on the Rise will interview Ms. Zane at 8:05pm and Ms. Maya Anderson, a 13yr. old author at 9:20pm.  Join us for an exciting evening.

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    Interview w/ Scott Carney,Stock Market Expert and Founder of HarmonicTrader.com

    in Business


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    Scott Carney has been involved in the stock market for many years and has seen many ups and downs.  Recent market activity has been scary and there are a lot of ideas of why volatility has been increasing and we'll be delving into them.

    The market was incredibly weak during Scott's last appearance, but he predicted an amazing market run to come and he was 100% RIGHT.  With the market still sitting near all-time-high's, what's in stored for the coming weeks and months?

    Should you be invested in the market or should you stay away?

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    Getting To Know Author, Producer and Publisher Zane

    in Entertainment

    New York Times Bestsellling Author Zane, has a new movie, Addicted coming to a theater near you on October 10th. The movie is based on her bestselling book, Addicted .  Addicted displays an extremaly talanted and sexy all star cast. The buzz around this movie is astonishing! This is a movie that you do not want to miss!

    Her latest book, The Other Side Of The Pillow is receiving rave reviews. Zane is a one stop entertainment shop,.She is a force to to reckon with.

    Zane is the New York Times Bestselling Author of ten titles: Dear G Spot: Straight Talk About Sex and Love, Afterburn, Skyscraper, Nervous, The Sisters of APF, Gettin’ Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles 2, The Heat Seekers, Shame on it All, Addicted and The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth. She is also an editor or a contributor to several other titles including: Love is Never Painless, Caramel Flava, Chocolate Flava, Breaking the Cycle, , Best American Erotica 2004, Best Black Women’s Erotica, Brown Sugar 2, Twilight Moods, Dark Dreams, and the essay collection Becoming Myself: Reflections of Growing Up Female edited by Willa Shalit, the producer of the famous Vagina Monologues.

    In addition to writing, Zane is the Publisher of Strebor Books International, an imprint of ATRIA/Simon and Schuster. Under Strebor, Zane is responsible for acquiring dozens of titles per year and currently has nearly fifty authors under her imprint. In December 2005, Strebor Books became the first major publishing house to implement an independent sales representative program. 


  • 00:30

    Zane and Allison Hobbs-Part Two-Sexuality and Empowerment

    in Women

    Zane and Allison Hobbs discuss sexuality and female empowerment.

  • 00:19

    Conversations 47: Zane

    in Film

    On the latest episode of Conversations, best-selling erotic author Zane is our special guest to talk about the adaptation of her book and now major motion picture, Addicted. Her work, which was the basis for the Cinemax programs, Zane's Sex Chronicles.and Zane's The Jump Off, is bringing her sizzling heat to the big screen. Zane will talk about her journey and more on Episode 47 of Conversations.

  • 00:30

    Zane and Allison Hobbs-Part One-On Writing

    in Books

    Zane interviews Allison Hobbs about her dozens of titles and what it takes to make it in the writing industry.

  • 00:58

    Mindy Hall: Author of Leading with Intention - Every Moment is a Choice

    in Business

    Mindy Hall, PhD, is the author of Leading with Intention: Every Moment is a Choice. A great book, one of my favorites, one I'll keep close at hand. She is the President and CEO of Peak Development Consulting, LLC. Since founding the company 1996, she has worked with clients throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia to create sustainable organization and leadership development solutions: helping leaders create solutions for today’s challenges, while also growing their capacity to lead future initiatives from within. Clients include leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, technology, insurance, manufacturing, government, and nonprofit organizations, several of which are among the Fortune 50.

    She began her career as the director of a nonprofit, 24-hour crisis center and has always been surprised how transferable the skills were from crisis center to corporate work.

    On her website at Peak Development, LLC she promises Honest Advice. Practical Solutions. Real Results. I believe her. Empathy strengthens as we grow in our careers while remembering our humble beginnings. Empathy is a key trait for all successful leaders.

    Come listen as we talk about Leading with Intention, making good choices in every moment, and crisis centers and corporate cultures share much in common these days. I'm thinking that if you follow her advice, lead with intention, some of company's daily fire drills can be eliminated while you grow in revenues and profits.


  • 01:06

    Susan Fowler, author of Why Motivating People Doesn't Work ... and What Does

    in Business

     Susan Fowler is the author of Why Motivating People Doesn't Work...and What Doesn't -  one of those pleasant surprises in life, 200 pages of Aha moments and head nods and yes-yes-yes, that's so right answers on motivation: what works and what doesn'; and why, too. It's backed with science and case studies and anecdotes and it's well-organized and well-written and one of my favorite books this year.  I reviewed it here (Wordy, but I was inspired.)

    And Ms. Fowler is not a one-book wonder author. She's been bringing books and solutions and client-successes for over thirty years. She's the lead developer of The Ken Blanchard Companies' Optimal Motivation product line as well as the creator of Situational Self Leadership, the organization's best-of-class self leadership and personal empowerment program. She is the coauthor of six other books, including Situational Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager with Ken Blanchard and Laurie Hawkins, Achieve Leadership Genius with Drea Zigarmi and Dick Lyles, Leading at a Higher Level with Ken Blanchard, The Team Leader’s Idea-a-Day Guide with Drea Zigarmi, Empowerment with Ken Blanchard, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds with Dick Lyles, as well as audio programs on Mentoring—Fostering Your Careers Most Crucial Relationships and Overcoming Procrastination.


  • 01:11

    "Simply Haneef" celebration of motherhood.

    in Lifestyle

    Topic: A celebration of motherhood
    with special guest: Kerri Zane from "Single Mom Expert"

    Kerri is an internationally recognized single mom lifestyle expert, co-parenting authority, speaker, spokesperson, Emmy award winning television executive producer and Amazon best selling author of “It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.” She has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.A. from UCLA.

    Special Guest: Kathryn Orford
    Known as The Confidence Coach, Kathryn Orford has empowered thousands of people to believe in themselves. A nervous breakdown and feeling suicidal in her early thirties was the catalyst for her to learn to love herself. So Kathryn is passionate about sharing the skills she used to transform her life with as many people as possible. Hence why she’s written her book Become your #1 Fan - How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams. 
    Born and raised in Australia, Kathryn spent the last 3 years in Hawaii with her teenage daughter but recently returned to Australia to launch Empower the Youth of the World TV. 
    She is in demand as an International Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Personal and Professional Development Facilitator.



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